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Knowledge and inside information is power
HELLO, good evening and welcome to my latest blog. I’m feeling helpful tonight.

One-oh-ones getting gubbed?

Lurching wildly from multiple to multiple?

Chasing your losses like a lunatic?

Relax. Click out of the ‘deposit’ menu for a moment, take stock of your gambling habit and learn a few new tricks from me, Betfair’s top tipster. This evening’s enlightenment takes you through the letter ‘M’. Get involved, enjoy the read and start clawing back that money. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

M is for the Mind of the Better Punter
A better punter has a better, more focused mind than a mug punter. Only by staying focussed and putting your mind to the task ahead, i.e. making lots more money than you earn at present by skilful, educated punting, will you actually start to reap the financial rewards that all better betters enjoy.

Example 1
Manchester United are playing Oldham Athletic at home on Saturday. United haven’t beaten Oldham at home for 16 years. What is your first thought? Back Oldham? Back United? Back the draw? A better punter wouldn’t think any of those thoughts before he had a lot more facts at his disposal, besides the last time United actually played Oldham at home was 16 years ago.

Example 2
There’s a midweek match coming up between Bolton and Blackburn Rovers and for the life of them the bookies cannot separate the two teams. Bolton are slightly shorter priced due to their home advantage. Who do you back? The simple answer from a better better would be to swerve the match altogether as there will be much easier matches to correctly assess the outcome.

Example 3
The yellows are up against the blues. The yellows are top of the league and the blues are bottom. Who do you back? Try taking a look at the table first. If the season is only one match old, there could be nothing between the sides and the blues could be far the better side. Alternatively, the yellows may have already clinched the title and the blues might need just one point to stay up. The yellows may be top of the Conference and the blues bottom of the Premiership. The point to all three examples is that to make a winning selection, several aspects of the fixture need to be taken into consideration before you click that ‘bet’ button.

M is also for Mug punter
A mug punter is someone who bets on anything without knowing the true market facts and believes consistent winners are lucky rather than skilful. They’re easy to identify. These are the people you see visiting bookmakers day in, day out. Betting is a private matter and a pastime to be taken seriously, not done on a whim among a gaggle of noisy, nefarious misfits.

M is also for my ex-boss
I loved those days before my licence to kill was revoked. You should have seen the birds, the cars, the gadgets, the parties, the scrapes, the casinos, the guns, the whole effing lot & a little bit more.

I digress. That’s it for now, followers. Current system scores stand at 5/7, 2/3 and 2/2 for the tennis. More handy advice & hopefully a system bet or two soon.

Good luck & happy punting.

Remember: Being skint is no-one’s fault but your own.
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