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HELLO, good evening and welcome to my latest blog. I hope it reaches you all in rude health. After having banged on about two systems for God knows how long I revved up the ‘back under 3.5/back unquoted’ system last week and the first two came flying in with a steady return of 30 per cent. I’m scouring for more qualifiers at this very moment, but for this weekend I’m going to put the “lay the score in the bookies’ window” system into operation.

It’s every bit as simple as it sounds, working on the principle that ‘special offers’ in bookies’ windows are never quite what they seem. The one in question for tomorrow concerns the England v Switzerland match. A nearby branch of Coral is offering 13.0 about 3-1 to England and it’s my view that this simply won’t happen.

It’s over a year since England won a home match 3-1 (this was against Mexico, fact fans) and, while we beat Switzerland 3-1 away in more recent times, fixtures at this stage of the season are generally dour, sluggish, dislocated affairs given that most of the players have half an eye on their summer holidays.

As always, don’t go mad with your liability. Try laying the score to the tune of your usual minimum bet, whatever this happens to be, as this system is a fun slow burner rather than a deadly serious ‘I’ll make you a millionaire in sixty seconds’ job.

So, to sum up, lay the 3-1 to England at odds you feel to be acceptable. Realistically, the odds on here will be circa 13.5 so it’s akin to backing a circa 1.08 shot.

Fear not, this lay will pay off. A few weeks later when you’ve rolled over your winnings on future tips posted here you’ll soon be getting used to ordering caviar and champers in posh restaurants – an activity I’ve become accustomed to in recent years.

Keep popping in for more system bet recommendations over the next few days, from both new systems.

Good luck and happy punting!

Remember: fortune favours the brave
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