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Knowledge and inside information is power
HELLO, good evening and welcome to my latest blog. Having trialled a system for quite some time now it's almost ready to be shared. In fact, for a bit more excitement I shall post all my 'system' bets on here from now on and keep a running bank total. As an added bonus for everyone I will attempt to run two systems concurrently. They're both pretty straightforward and simple to follow but each involves an element of risk. For tonight, however, it's some more general common sense advice about how to make plenty of money through punting with the latest instalment of my A-Z OF BETTER PUNTING.

J is for Joy – the joy of Betfair to be precise     
No blog on betting could ever be complete without at least an honourable mention to Betfair. Betfair, as most of you should know by now, is a betting exchange which means that all single bets are placed against other punters, rather than a bookie. If you want to place a multiple bet on Betfair, however, you’re betting against Betfair itself. In a nutshell, not only can you bet against other punters on Betfair, but you can become the bookie yourself, and without necessarily racking up huge liabilities. For example, in a horse race you could simply choose to lay one horse as you have sufficient knowledge about that horse’s ability, form, weight, handicap, jockey etc as opposed to the other horses. In a football match you could, for example, lay the away team which means you’re effectively backing both the home team and the draw. In many cases, you can actually back and lay in-running, guaranteeing a return on your investment regardless of the outcome. You will find more on this elsewhere in the blog.

Betfair, in the main, is great, offering absolutely thousands of backing and laying opportunities seven days a week. Always bear in mind, however, that Betfair takes five per cent of your winnings, so before you place a bet or attempt to lay an event, make sure that the odds compare favourably to other websites. You’ll find that in the main they will, but it’s always worth checking. There’s no sense in diddling yourself out of money just because you couldn’t be bothered visiting a site such as, which gives you a handy run-down of the current odds offered by the main bookmakers.

Good luck & happy punting. Both new systems to follow very soon.
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