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Knowledge and inside information is power
HELLO, good evening and welcome to the latest instalment in the A-Z of Better Punting. I hope it reaches you well. Heed the advice below, couple it with some of the hints and tips I've offered earlier and watch that wallet expand.

H is for Honesty
Be honest with yourself – and those around you - about your betting. Your betting career is primarily your concern, but if you’re consistently losing money this will affect your life and the life of those around you. If you feel like your betting is getting out of control, pack it in for a while and look at what went wrong. This, however, cannot possibly happen if you keep an accurate, up to date spreadsheet of all your bets, regardless of their outcome. You’ll soon sort yourself out. If you’re lacking the willpower to wait for the right betting opportunity then give it up altogether and take up something else. Seriously. Losing money time and again making daft, ill-informed bets using money you can’t afford is just plain stupid. Don’t be a mug punter.

H is also for Horse racing
If you were looking for a blog on how to be a successful better on horse racing, I would politely suggest that you look elsewhere. This blog is primarily about football betting, tennis, golf, darts, snooker and greyhounds. The reason why this blog isn’t about betting on horse racing is simply because I don't bet on horse racing. Anyway, to come up with a formula or a system in order to win consistently on the horses is far too complicated, and difficult, to cover here.

It’s tough enough being an expert in one field, let alone several. In a nutshell, there are far too many factors to take into consideration when betting on a horse race – form, conditions, jockeys, stables, trainers, distance, weather, weights, handicaps, the horses themselves and so on and so on. For a start, many horse races have 20 or more horses competing! It’s no surprise that the bookies make millions of pounds taking cash placed on horse races by mug punter.

I have less than a handful of sporting specialities, but despite being a confident punter who wins more money than most people I know, I have picked up plenty of grains of knowledge from half a dozen other pros who know their stuff about sports betting (other than horse racing, that is) and will, in the right circumstances, place the odd bet on sports other than my specialist areas, in the knowledge that the odds are stacked in my favour.

This elite group of betting superheroes all compete against each other to make the biggest profits. This keeps them all on their toes – all six of them are constantly looking to gain more knowledge about their chosen fields in order to improve their systems, techniques and – most importantly - profits. They all agree on one thing, however, there’s only one type of person who consistently makes money from horse racing betting – the bookie.

H is also for Hunch betting
As Notre Dame cathedral’s local bookmaker once said: “Never bet on a hunch.” Next time you have a hunch that a certain event is going to happen and you fancy a little flutter on it, paper trade it. The time after that, paper trade it again, then again. If all three would have won, then the next time you have a hunch put your money on it. You can guarantee that for every hunch bet you win, you’ll lose at least two. Hunch betting is strictly for mug punters only. In the same way as “sequence” bets never come in, hunch bets are best avoided. Keep your money for when you’ve studied the form properly.

Good luck & happy punting - remember, if you've got a hunch, see a doctor.
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