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Knowledge and inside information is power
HELLO, good morning and welcome to my latest blog. Last night's darts was about the worst I've ever done, with only a 50 per cent strike rate, but as The Power has never let me down before, his victory over Wade was made all the more sweet as I didn't pile in until he'd gone 1-0 behind. To get on Taylor at 1.46 in a first to eight match is manna from heaven. I digress. Here's the latest instalment in my best-selling A-Z of Better Punting. I hope you enjoy it. My new system that I'm currently paper trading is looking like a corker, so keep your eyes peeled for further details later.

G is for Gambling
Yup, there are no certain things in life, apart from the fact that if you don’t research your bets thoroughly before you place them then you’re bound to lose. And the bookie gets a slightly better house/car/yacht. If the thought of putting your money where your mouth is fills you with dread then you’re not a winner and this blog isn’t for you. If you like the excitement of a punt, however, and love getting your hunch/theory/assertion right then read on.

Successful betters aren’t by definition gamblers. They are experts in their chosen field who win more than they lose. Gamblers are people who take a punt on things that are either completely out of their control, such as roulette, card games, fruit machines, the next Reality TV evictee and so on. These are otherwise known as mug punters, whose money burns a hole in their pocket quicker than you can say: “Pass the fire extinguisher.”

A better punter doesn’t gamble - he simply experiences more winning bets than losing ones, thus making a big, fat profit along the way. It’s hardly a gamble if you’ve used your knowledge, skill and inside information to make a profit.

G is also for Gear
Wear the right gear – aka your betting clothes. I’m not talking about ‘lucky underpants’ or anything like that, but would a top class professional footballer be any use if he walked onto the pitch wearing a deep sea diving suit and a pair of flippers? Successful sportspeople and business people all have a uniform of sorts and wearing their uniform not only makes them recognised for what they are but puts them at ease and prepares them to do their job well. A fireman wouldn’t tackle a blaze without his full uniform, hat and hose, now would he?

Suggested betting clothes would be something comfortable and cool, fairly loose-fitting, with short sleeves. Long sleeves can potentially lead to the wrong key being pressed or the masking of vital information on your computer screen. Betting while naked is undesirable as you’ll attract unwanted attention. Even if you’re at home alone, something could go horrendously wrong if part of your body gets tangled in your mouse cable.

Good luck & happy punting!
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