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HELLO, good evening and welcome to my latest blog. I'm going to go snooker loopy again tomorrow (if I have time - I must admit I never thought it would take this long to count all the change I've accumulated down the back of my settee). For the time being, please enjoy my latest A-Z of Better Punting contribution for your collection.

C is for calculations
No offence to the innumerate (i.e. the millions of chumps who spunk their money on the National Lottery week in, week out), but if you can’t calculate the odds of winning then you shouldn’t be reading this. For the record, the average odds of winning the National Lottery are 14,000,000/1. That’s fourteen million to one. Yup. You’ve got two chances – slim and none, and slim’s out of town (I nicked that one from Don King - it soumds better when he says it). Put it this way, would you put a pound on a horse, a greyhound or a football team quoted at 14,000,000/1? Er… no, you wouldn’t. Unless you’re completely stupid and have more money than sense, in which case you shouldn’t be reading this.

C is also for Cash – real cash
Before you get used to gambling online successfully, the ‘real cash’ test is something you should subject yourself to every time you fancy a punt. Like all sound advice that’s ever been given on anything, what you’re about to read is incredibly simple and helpful, yet only a few people ever heed it. If you haven’t reached the point where you’re confident that your selection will actually prove successful, add the following to the process you go through when you place a bet online. Have a think about how much cash you want to commit to the bet and before clicking that ‘confirm’ or ‘place bet’ button, get that amount of cash out of your wallet, take a look, give it a feel if you like and assess honestly whether you’d be prepared to hand over that exact amount of money to a bookmaker. You’d be surprised how much this affects your decision. If you haven’t got the requisite amount of cash in your pocket, ask yourself - is this because you’re skint? And if you are skint, why are you? It’s not because you’ve gambled it all away is it by any chance? Better punters not only know their limits but they can judge instinctively what amount to risk on any bet.

Good luck & happy punting!

Remember: Money can't buy you love, but it can buy you stuff.
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