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Knowledge and inside information is power
HELLO, good morning and welcome to my latest blog. I hope it reaches you well. As a little aside to my usual tips on darts, snooker and football, here’s the start of an A-Z guide to better punting. It should stand you all, my loyal band of followers, in better stead when you make your punting decisions and overall make you all a little richer in the process.

A is for Advice
Cut out all gambling on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs – you know the ones – there’s usually four in every bookmaker these days, surrounded by people desperate to give you tips on how to win, despite them being less than successful themselves) and their internet equivalents. Virtual roulette, blackjack and so on are called ‘fixed odds’ games because the odds are fixed in the favour of the machine, the manufacturer, the supplier and the website operator. In fact, the odds are fixed in the favour of everyone except the player. These so-called ‘virtual’ forms of betting are very cleverly programmed to bleed your wallet dry, bit by bit. Also, cut out your visits to the casino - ever heard of the term ‘house edge’? That means that the odds are always in favour of the casino, not the player. Only a lucky few players will ever make any money at a casino, even less will make money at a casino on a regular basis.

A is also for Averages
Having accumulated many years of punting expertise, I like to think that I know more than the average tipster, but there are times when even I don’t get the rub of the green. Yes, now and then I fail to land my wood next to the jack when I’m out crown green bowling with my grandfather and his pals.
I digress. Every punter has the odd off-day from time to time and I admit, begrudgingly, that I am included in those ranks. Not that I stay on runs of bad form for any length of time as that of course would make me a mug punter – and a lot poorer for the experience. All the best punters have a grasp of the law of averages – and its sometimes wicked ways. “Surely they can’t lose again?” is a cry oft-heard by fans of underperforming teams, before they foolishly back them to win, despite them being as much use as the Pope’s balls.

You see, the law of averages must be used in the right way, or else you’ll soon become a less than average punter. What a better punter would have done in the case of the aforementioned rubbish team and its abysmal run of form would be to either lay it (i.e. back it to lose or draw) or look at the average score that it was losing by and put together a staking plan based on its previous results, perhaps dutching two or three correct scores. As a real-life example, I did this on the Taylor/Webster Premier League darts match last week and it paid off handsomely (see an earlier blog entitled 'Power-up your profit').

Face it, abysmal runs of form in any sport have a lot more to do with being the worst team/the poorest player rather than simply being unlucky. Exactly the same rule applies to punting. If that terrible team happens to be the one you support, disregard that for the sake of your betting bank. In other words, get the law on your side - the law of averages.

I look forward to talking to you all again soon.

Good luck & happy punting!

Remember: He who laughs last will have the smile wiped off his face eventually
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