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07 Apr 11 15:02
HELLO, good afternoon and welcome to my blog. I hope it reaches you well. After last week’s three out of four success (and the advice to sit back and relax once the first three had been safely landed) I’m aiming to capitalise on my fine run of form and maximise the income for you, my loyal and ever-growing band of followers.

With the risk of repeating myself repeating myself repeating myself and s-s-s-sounding like a stuck r-r-r-record, statistically speaking this season’s Premier League has produced far fewer draws than it should have done, particularly given that seven of the eight competitors are so evenly matched. The exception is, of course, The Power, whose ‘A’ game is simply eons ahead of the rest.

Tonight’s match-ups see Anderson play Jenkins, Lewis take on Wade, Webster go head to head with Taylor and Barney face Whitlock. As ever, I have strong views on each of these fixtures.

Anderson v Jenkins and Lewis v Wade will be the closest of the bunch and if neither of these finish level – or 8-6 – I’ll slink off back to my castle in southern Spain and ponder the error of my ways. In both, try dutching 8-6 either way and the 7-7. In other words, cover 8-6/6-8 and 7-7. If any of the three results come in you’re laughing as the odds are more than favourable.

In the Barney/Wizard fixture, I fancy the bearded one to triumph in a reversal of fortunes from their match in the first rotation of fixtures. Expect a high quality game here with over 7.5 180s.

I’ve left my NAP selection until last. Put simply, Taylor will maul Webster.
Dutch Taylor to win 8-0, 8-1 and 8-2 for overall odds of approximately 3.4 (12/5). If you want less risk, simply back The Power to win for what is virtually free money. His odds, while short at 1.22, make for a better return than ‘investing’ with a bank or building society.

Good luck and happy punting!

Remember: always look to trade when the market swings your way.

(For reference, Dutching is when you want to bet on more than one outcome in any given event, in order to win the same amount, regardless of which selection is successful. There are several Dutching Calculators online for you to tinker around with for free)
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