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HELLO, good morning and welcome to my blog. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get,” said Forrest Gump, who is my third favourite film character after Ralph ‘Papa’ Thorson and Nigel Tufnel. To be fair to Gump, he was only paraphrasing his mother and he was a credit to himself, his family and his country.

We could all learn a lot from him.

Betting, however, is nothing like a box of chocolates. You either win, in which case you can eat what you like, or you lose, in which case it’s back on the salad cream sandwiches. I don’t know about you, my followers, but I’ve never had a salad cream-flavoured truffle. It’s doubtful even a certain Mr W Wonka would create such an abomination.

I digress. Tonight’s darts offers some incredible money-making opportunities. This evening, I have a four-fold for the brave, a single for the value merchants and a tip top trade for the more experienced punters who like nothing better than to protect their investment.   

My brief assessment of each match is as follows...

I can’t remember Wade being in such a bad run of form for quite some time and his body language over the last three weeks suggests he wants to be anywhere other than stepping up to an oche in front of thousands of inebriated fans. Anderson, while underachieving in the last fortnight, will have been practising like crazy to put this right and I believe he’ll have enough to prevail over a disinterested Wade.

I simply think Whitlock has more desire to win than most these days and has enough in his locker (alongside possibly a can of Fosters, a few shrimps and a worn-out beard trimmer) to shade it past Jenkins. The league table, and the previous result between the pair, backs up this assertion.

While there have been some classics between Taylor and Van Barneveld over the years and the Dutchman has returned to his relaxed, composed ways of late, Taylor is back in cruise control after his week one aberration against Lewis and I expect The Power to add another victory to his amazing career record.

My most controversial selection of the night is Webster to beat Lewis. Both players have hit the heights and plumbed the depths during the course of the 2011 Premier League which makes this match a tough one to call – and a fine one to trade on. Home advantage counted for nothing the other week for Anderson, but I have a strong feeling Webster will rise to the occasion in Cardiff and spring a surprise.

In summary, if you’re not available to sit and watch the darts, try an ante-post fourfold (to be found in the ‘acca’ menu) on Anderson, Whitlock, Taylor and Webster – but only if the odds are 15.0 or better  as this reflects their individual prices. Otherwise, back each one separately with a proportion of your winnings from the previous fixture – this way you don’t necessarily have to go ‘all in’. Furthermore, you could still trade in-running if you reckon the markets might not go your way.

If you’re more of a singles man, then your money should be on Simon Whitlock, as he provides the best value. Value isn’t as nebulous a concept as you may think. I’d take Whitlock to win five out of every six versus Jenkins, so by this logic his odds of around 1.8 are favourable.

Try laying Lewis to back in-running. He’s odds-on to win, which is fair enough as he’s the World Champion, but I can see Webster coming out of the traps like a greyhound with amphetamines in his Chum tonight. Lewis could feasibly provide a stirring performance after the break to snatch a draw or a win, as he has done before, but I expect his price to drift in the first few legs as Webster takes a stranglehold on the game early doors. Having said all that, this is the last match of the night and with the first three tips safely landed, it might be just as well to cash out, relax and enjoy the champers.

Good luck & happy punting!

Remember: Always look to protect your stake by judicious trading.
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