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HELLO, good morning and welcome to my blog. Once again I’m banging the drum for the draw, or certainly trading on it, and with the Barney/Anderson clash being the closest match-up tonight my recommendation is to trade on the draw in this fixture. Here’s how you should go about it.

Start off by backing the draw before the off at around 5.3 – if it drops to below 5, forget it as that’s poor value based on what’s happened over the last few weeks.

Imagine you stuck £10 on the draw at 5.3 – you immediately stand to win £43 – or lose £10. What you need to do now is put in a lay on the draw of £26 at 2.0. This way, if it’s a draw you’re guaranteed £17 & if either of the players win you get £16. It’s a risk-free bet – as soon as the £26 draw lay is matched at 2.0 of course.
Obviously, depending on the size of your wallet you need to pro rata up or down accordingly.

If your original stake on the draw was £2, your lay stake would need to be £5.20, which would cover you in exactly the same proportions (£3.40 or £3.20 guaranteed).

Conversely, if you put £20 on the draw you’d have to then lay off at 2.0 with £52. Your winnings would then of course be doubled as per the first example.

NOTE: make sure you click the At In-Play ‘Keep’ button so you don’t have to panic once the match is in progress.

As for the other three fixtures, expect some one-sided encounters as Whitlock beats Webster, Lewis beats Jenkins and Taylor beats Wade. In terms of trading, Lewis v Jenkins might be the one as I’d expect Lewis to start sluggishly before getting into the groove. Try a lay of Lewis to kick off with, then backing him in-running to ensure a free bet or a win regardless of the outcome.

Remember: If your lay stake is the same as your back stake, you’ll ‘trade out’ for a free bet, whereas if your lay stake is slightly higher than your back stake, you’ll get a guaranteed win, providing of course Lewis drifts after the first two or three legs.

NOTE: Back to lay if you think the original price is too high and will contract in-running, but lay to back if you think the original price is too low and will expand or ‘go out’ in-running.

Good luck and happy trading!

Remember: Always try and protect your investment by correctly predicting the way the market will move in-running.
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