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Hi Everyone,

We were just beaten yesterday with our Dutch bet, very nearly a nice 29% win.

Today I'm hitting back with a Dutch Multiple, although you can do these as individual single Dutch bets and return approximately the same amount if we find the winner from each race.

My approach to this bet after running it for some time now is that we need many more selections, with a higher daily potential return.  Otherwise it could be a year down the line and only looking at a 10% return on overall investment.  Which is not a journey I think any of us want to take, so a bit more risk for a lot more reward seems logical.

Today we're looking at 4 races, and as stated these can placed as singles or using the multiples section as a fourfold.  The potential returns today if we find the winning horse in each race will be somewhere around 70%.

1    Goodwood 22nd Aug - 17:40 Backing: Silver Ranger OR Best Of Times OR Dartmouth OR Dutch Portrait OR Le Torrent @ SP
2    Newcastle 22nd Aug - 16:50 Backing: Exotic Guest OR Angels Calling OR Black Douglas OR Bonnie Charlie OR De Lesseps OR Tadalavil @ SP
3    Newcastle 22nd Aug - 18:55 Backing: Jay Kay OR Dansili Dutch OR Tanawar OR Joyful Sound OR Grace Hull @ SP
4    Newcastle 22nd Aug - 20:00 Backing: Abbotsfield OR Aphrilis OR Cash is King @ SP

Thanks and good luck

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