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On The Road Again

26 Mar 12 07:46
Playing poker has taken somewhat of a back seat this past week as I just haven't really had the urge to log ona nd splash some chips around on the virtual felt and this week I probably won't get the chance either because I am on the road again, reporting on the Campione leg of the European Poker Tour.

Over the last seven days I have played no tournaments at all and only around 200 hands of cash games, as I say I just haven't felt like it. One of the reasons is because I have too much choice in what I can play now and that is something pretty new to me. Usually I only have a small bankroll online and that itself dictates what I can play but after my big win the other week a whole new range of games have become available to me and I guess I am a little spoiled for choice.

That said I am actually in a tournament as I type this blog post up, the APAT Online League. It is a $11 buy-in tournament that attracts between 300-500 runners and is a good laugh to play in. As you would expect from a game pitched at amateur players the standard of play is quite laughable but they're a friendly bunch and love poker; what more can you ask for. I've managed to cash in the first two weeks so hopefully I'll make a hat-trick of cashes tonight from my Swiss-based hotel.

What have I been up to since my last update? Hmmm. Well, I still have not had an alcoholic drink which I think is pretty immense and this has lead to me losing just shy of seven pounds in weight thought that is likely to be put back on as I have just polished off a 200g packet of chocolate peanuts! Ever since I gave up beer I have developed a sweet tooth, it's real;y strange because it happened to my mate Lee Davy too when he stopped. There must be something in beer that stops you wanting sweets or something.

I've also treated myself to a new iPad with my winnings and early indications say it's pretty awesome. I've hardly put it through its paces yet but I have tried to blog with it and it works and I have a nifty writing app that cost just £0.69 hat works like a dream and I am planning on using it at some point on this trip for some live reporting. It would be pretty cool to not have to leave the tournament floor in order to write up hands and get chips counts etc. OK, it wouldn't be cool at all, it'd be completely geeky and nerdy but whatever, that's cool in my book! I've got a remote desktop app installed that will allow me to play Betfair Poker from my new toy but come on Betfair get a dedicated app built please than I can basically do away with my laptop!

Actually that's a lie because I'd need my trusty workhorse to run Football Manager 12! Before I headed off to the airport I started a new season with lowly Grimsby Town, why I am not sure but I have nonetheless. I have no money to spend, hardly any decent players and naff all to spend on wages but hopefully my tactical genius will help the Mariners no end and I can get them back into League football again. Have you heard me? Jesus.

In fact I think on that note I will leave it there and maybe the poker gods will reward me with some playable hands in this APAT game. Probably not but here's hoping!

As always, thanks for reading and best of luck on the pitch, sorry at the felt!
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