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The eighth edition of the Grand Series of Poker (GSOP) came to a thrilling conclusion over the weekend with the both the GSOP and mini-GSOP Grand Slam events taking place and although we are disappointed such an amazing online festival has drawn to a close we are absolutely delighted to say Team Betfair players completely destroyed both events and won a combined $462,639.66 from the final two tournaments!

GSOP Grand Slam: $4,900+$100 $500,000 Guaranteed

Although I have been somewhat of a luckbox in during the GSOP I was unable to bag or blag myself a $5,000 GSOP Grand Slam seat, which is probably a good thing because I would probably have had some sort of seizure during it through stress!

In total 154 players ponied up the necessary $5,000 creating a monster prize pool of $754,600 in the process. Amongst the 154 runners were a total of 48 players, going some distance to show that Betfair Poker provides some of the best players on the Ongame Network.

One by one the big name players fell by the wayside including Mathew “get thereeee” Frankland (49th), Chris “NigDawG” Brammer (43rd) and our very own John”kunku wap” Tabatabai (30th). However disappointed they felt came nowhere near the disappointment endured by 666MManson, a Betfair Poker player who finished in 28th place when only 27 were paid. Ouch!

666MManson's demise meant everyone who still had chips to play with had locked up at least $7,319.46, and seven of the last 27 were from Betfair! Raidalot2 (26th), XvasikaX (24th), IAMCEOBITCH (22nd) and Hentschit_ (20th) all deserve mentions for making into the money place but there are four more players who not only cashed but made it all the way to the ten-handed final table.

Iklonkyou of Sweden was the first of our heroes to bust out, his eighth place finish netting them $23,715.06 and he was followed to the rail a couple of eliminations later by RaiseyDaisy01 of Germany whose fifth place was worth a massive $48,169.38! Another bust out later and the last three players, two of whom were from Betfair Poker, were battling it out for ridiculously large prizes. Mike “MikeMcDonal” McDonald, better known as Timex, was the third place finisher. The young Canadian now has an extra $84,539.79 in his Betfair Poker account but his huge score was blown out of the water by Danish pro Simon “123jalla” Ravnsbaek who defeated the online poker legend that is ch0ppy heads-up to get his hands on the $171,612.12 first place prize! That's correct, a Team Betfair player took down the GSOP Grand Slam! Ship it, etc and whatever the cool kids say nowadays!

Ravnsbaek is not just a fantastic online player but he is also a very talented live player indeed and one who has more than $600,000 in live tournament winnings. His two largest live scores came in 2011 when he came third in the WPT Vienna Main Event for €169,690 and he won the Danish Championships for the equivalent of $83,872. Then earlier this year he reached another WPT final table in the Venice Grand Prix for a €52,565 addition to his bankroll. This will not be the last time you hear the Dane's name that is for sure.

An absolutely phenomenal set of performances from Betfair Poker player who between the eight who cashed won $358,778.08! We've run out of superlatives so we'll move onto more demolition of tournaments in the Mini-GSOP Grand Slam!

Mini-GSOP Grand Slam: $500+$25 $100,000 Guaranteed

The Mini-GSOP Grand Slam commanded a $525 entry fee but for that $100,000 in prize money was guaranteed. But any fears of the guarantee not being met were soon dashed when 594 players bought in and created a prize pool of $297,000.

My fishy little self played in this tournament and without going through all of the hands played, because I was in for 10 hours, I made it all the way to 11th place, a finish that earned me my biggest win of my career at $3,566.76. Although I burst the final table bubble I was, and still am, delighted with how the tournament went and I simply cannot wait until the next GSOP.

Of the 594 players Betfair Poker players made up 121 of them, again showing Betfair is one of the most popular sites on the Ongame Network for high stakes online poker, probably due to the fact funds are 100% safe on here! From these 121 players we managed to get 21 into the cash though Chris “NigDawG” Brammer only just made it as he finished 79th with 82 paid!

Cigar71 was the first player to take home four figures, his 50th place finish worth $1,025.07 and this steadily increased until yours truly came 11th for $3,566.76. This set the 10-handed final table where we had four Team Betfair players! Unreal! RE_WIRED of the UK busted in ninth for $5,649.86 whilst captainmilo of Hungary was stacked to finish one place ahead in eighth for $7,253.40. Seventh, six, fifth and fourth places were decided before ZayaZaya of Russia was knocked out in third place for a cool $28,324.25. Great effort. We almost had double Grand Slam wins but GoLionsGoEh could not quite get the job done and finished a very commendable second for just shy of $40,000!

In total the 21 players who cashed in the Mini-GSOP Grand Slam managed to earn $103,861.58 another breathtaking set of results put up by our boys and girls, amazing.

These results mean that Team Betfair players won an unbelievable $1,185,000.83 during GSOP 8 in in the coming days we will have plenty of facts and figures including the country with the most cashes and most prize money. It may not be who you expect it to be!

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