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WARNING: Brag Post Inside!

20 Mar 12 13:52
At the start of the year, although I had no concrete plans on how to achieve them, I set myself some poker related goals. My largest cash in an online poker tournament stood at $491 and change so naturally I wanted to try and win a $500+ prize and I managed to do that during the Grand Series of Poker when I finished 50/600 in Event #3, the $100+$8 No Limit Hold'em rebuys and was awarded $521.

Naturally, the next step was to go out and land myself a four-figure score and not only have I managed to do that but I wasn't a million miles for a $5,000 win! You see, on Sunday I finished 11/594 in the Mini-GSOP Grand Slam for a cool $3,566.76, easily my best result ever by a country miles! Bursting the bubble was heart-wrenching, as was the passing up of the $57k first place prize but once that feeling subsided I had a smile on my face that was so wide I got saliva on my earlobes, despite it being 0500 in the morning.

I was in the tournament for 10 hours so I am not going to bore you to death with all of the hands because I would be there forever and a day trying to write them all out because there were tons of  them. If you are interested then head over to the Betfair forum and have a look at some of them because I was attempting to live blog though the frequency of the posts dropped somewhat towards the end due to sheer exhaustion and the fact I was surrounded by players who were way, way above me in terms of skill. At one point I had p0cket00 in my small blind and Chris Brammer in my big blind!

Although this particular event was the first-ever tournament I have played where I actually felt completely out of my depth it was a superb learning process for me, as were all the other GSOP events, and I just know they will stand me in good stead for the future. I noticed a few leaks that I need to plug, picked up some very helpful tips from quality players and learned a lot about myself too. Even without the money I would have considered the GSOP a massive success so having this new bankroll is nothing short of amazing for me.

Whilst I have no plans or desires to be playing $525 buy-in tournaments in the near future I am going to be able to mix in some larger buy-in tournaments into the mix, such as $22 and $33 buy-in games, possible the odd $54 if I play some lower buy-ins too to lower my average buy-in; though $54's will be quite infrequent. I'll also be able to comfortably play in some of the smaller rebuy tournaments, tournaments I have avoided in the past because of my paltry bankroll, though again these will be played in lesser volume than freezeouts because that is the type of game I am more comfortable in playing in.

My poker plans for the next few weeks are to play more on Betfair Poker, as the vast majority of my bankroll is on here now, but not to go silly and start 10 tabling every tournament that pops up in the lobby because a decent win does not suddenly turn me into the next Phil Ivey but it has certainly filled me with confidence, which coupled with the fact I have not had a alcoholic drink since Feb.15 gives me a great chance to actually make some money from this ridiculous game we all love! How much time I will have to play over the next month is uncertain thanks to live reporting gigs but I'll fit some play in when I can that is for sure.

On Sunday I fly to Milan then head to Campione for EPT Campione (fancy that) which is right on the Swiss / Italian border so I am hoping online poker is allowed and works out there then when that has finished I am back home for 10 days before heading to Vienna for three days to help with The Big Game 48-hour cash game, back home for a day then fly to Berlin for a week for EPT Berlin. By the time those gigs are out of the way I will be having a well deserved rest I think! The Big Game is the one I am looking forward to the most because it is not live reporting as such but more colour pieces for PokerNews and the possibility to interview some of the players, though I am bricking it about that last point as I have very little experience in interviewing. All in all it's a very hectic month coming up but I'm on such a high with everything in life right now I couldn't care less, in fact the busier the better!

Until next time, thanks for reading and the best of luck at the tables!

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