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A little under a week ago a total of 477 players started the Madrid Main Event of the European Poker Tour and they were all outlasted by one man, Denmark's Frederik Jensen, the newest EPT champion.

This is Jensen's first major title of his career and it finally kicks the proverbial monkey off his shoulder as until this tournament he had a number of near misses in major events. In 2010 he came second in the Aussie Millions Main Event, third in a €5,000 side event at the EPT Grand Final , sixth in the EPT Vilamoura Main Event and fifth in a €5,000 six max side event at EPT Barcelona. Now he has his first outright win and let's not forget about the €495,000 winner's prize.

The eight-handed final table lasted 11-hours, including breaks, and was the home of a number of talented poker players. It took almost two full 75-minute levels for the table to lose its first player, Jason Duval moving all in with 7h-7c and losing out to the Ah-Kd of Andrei Stoenescu when the latter flopped a pair of aces.

Next to go was EPT regular Nicolas Levi and his trademark Trilby hat. This was Frenchman Levi's third EPT fial table appearance but he is going to have to make a fourth if he wants an EPT title. He started as the short-stack and just could not dig his way out of that particular hole and his misery was ended when he shoved with KsQd bit could not pair either of his holecards to beat the pocket sevens of rapper Bruno “Kool Shen” Lopes. Shortly afterwards Ilan Boujenah's hopes of taking the title back to Israel were ended when he committed his stack with As-Js on an Ac-Jd-10h-5d-5h board only to discover Lopes was sat there with Kh-Qh all the time for the nut straight.

In the EPT's eight long seasons there is yet to be a Spanish winner and that record will last until at least EPT Campione in a week's time because Ricardo Ibanez busted out in fifth place when he open-shoved from the small blind with ace-deuce but did not count on Stoenescu waking up in the big blind with a pair of ladies, which held, to send the last standing Spaniard to the rail much to the disappointment of the Spaniards in the crowd.

Cash-game specialist Stoenescu then found queens again to send Lopes home in fourth spot. Macintyre had opened the betting with a standard raise and Lopes three-bet all-in over the top with what turned out to be Ad-10d. Unfortunately for him Stoenescu found the queens again and reshoved over the top, forcing Macintyre to fold. The board ran out 7h-4d-2s-3d-6s and then there were just three players remaining.

The surviving trio then struck a deal that saw Macintyre lock up €290,000, Stoenescu €330,000 and Jensen €385,000 with the remainder of the prizepool going to whoever eventually won the title. That turned out not to be Stoenescu as his Kd-8h lost to Jensen's 7s-6s after the pair got it on on a 10d-8s-5s flop. The Ks turn gave the Romanian some hope but the Qc river was not what he needed and the tournament entered the heads-up phase.

Jensen entered the one-on-one battle with a 2:1 chip advantage and it only took 15-minutes for him to press this advantage home. Macintyre was all in with As-9d against the Ac-10h of Jensen and when the board ran out Js-8d-4d-Qh-Qs it was game over for the Scot and Jensen had won his first major title.

The EPT now heads to Campione on the Swiss / Italian border. I'll be there in a reporting capacity and I'm sure Jensen will be too. The last two EPT titles have been one by Danes, will Campione be the third on the spin? We will find out in a week or so's time.

EPT Madrid final table results

1st: Frederik Jensen - €495,000
2nd: Fraser Macintyre - €290,000
3rd: Andrei Stoenescu - €330,000
4th: Bruno Lopes - €140,000
5th: Ricardo Ibanez - €115,000
6th: Ilan Boujenah - €92,000
7th: Nicolas Levi - €69,450
8th: Jason Duval - €48,000

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