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The last of the "normal" Grand Series of Poker (GSOP) events before the Grand Finals saw the focus switch back to rebuys, a $54 and $5.50 version of them. They both kicked off 90-minutes after Event #17 and I only managed to last a total of 60 hands between both events. I am so awesome!

GSOP Event #18: $50+$4 No Limit Hold'em Turbo w/Rebuys $75,000 Guaranteed

Sticking with my tried and tested plan of accumulate a big stack without the need to rebuy seemed to be going quite well because after the fifth hand I had three-times my starting stack! Three players folded and the fourth moved all in for 10, that's ten, chips. Next to act then made it 150 to play, to their left called, I called with pocket jacks on the button and the small blind called too! Family pot! The 4c-2c-3d flop was greeted with a 400 bet from the small blind, a raise all in for 1,300 from the intial raiser and a call from me. The SB also called so we had a three way all in where I was up against 77 and 99! I held though 60 chips went to the nano-stack who had actually flopped a set of deuces!

Due to the turbo blind structure it wasn't long before I was, just like a woman in labour, wanting to push. I decided that the best way to play AhQc with a 4,065 stack and blinds of 300/600/60a was to move all in UTG+1 but unfortunately for me the cutoff came along for the ride with 9h9c and the big blind held a dominating AcKs. The board ran out 10c-7d-6c-Kc-Qs and my one bullet shot of glory ended 373/684.

Meanwhile the 129 Betfair Poker players who started the tournament were gradually being whittled down to just a select few, 22 to be exact, who made it to the money places. Commiserations to PapAmericano who busted in 95th place with 90 spots paid, he has had an amazing series. But once again one man's disappointment paved the way for greater things for his fellow Betfair players because we had no fewer than seven players on th final two tables and two on the very last tabel of the tournament. HenrikX_ came sixth for $3,227.16 whilst his fellow Swede St3k4R3 came agonisingly close to wining before busting out in second spot for a cool $11,093.36.

Event #18 in numbers

Total entrants: 684
Total prize pool: $90,650
Total Team Betfair entrants: 129 (18.86% of field)
Total Team Betfair cashes: 22
Total Team Betfair prize money: $22,771.66

Mini-GSOP Event #18: $5+$0.50 No Limit Hold'em Turbo Rebuys $12,500 Guaranteed

I should have known that mini-Event #18 was going to be a short one after I had to rebuy after 10 hands. I managed to get my chip in with AsAc against both 8c8s and AsKh only for the board to run out 2d-5d-7s-8d-Jd. LOL! Donkaments. After reloading I last a further 13 hands before I moved all in with AhJh for just shy of 6BB and was called by AdJd, 9d9c and QcQd! Really! The board ran out 6d-6h-5d-3c-10c and I busted out in 725/839.

There was no point rebuying at that stage because doing so would have only given me 7.5BB and a double rebuy 15 so I'd rather keep the $10 in my pocket ta.

Thankfully some of the Team Betfair players sailed through into the money places, 17 of them in total and of those 17 three of them made it all the way to the final table. NestyaBalUA of the Ukraine came seventh. I - a88a - I from Latvia was sixth whilst PapAmericano of Poland was fifth. Super dooper pooper scooper!

Mini-event #18 in numbers

Total entrants: 839
Total prize pool: $12,870
Total Team Betfair entrants: 133 (15.85% of field)
Total Team Betfair cashes: 17
Total Team Betfair prize money: $1,956,43 (15.20% of prize pool)

So with just the Grand Final's to go Team Betfair players have cashed 382 times for prize money of $640,274.28 and the mini-GSOP players reached the money 469 times for total winnings of $54,501.54! Overall that adds up to $694,775.82 from 851 cashes, which is quite frankly amazing!

The Grand Finals are on Sunday night and once they are completed we will have some in-depth analysis of the series as a whole but you can see here it has been a resounding success!
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