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Event #16 of the Grand Series of Poker (GSOP) went back to the favourite tournament type for the majority of players, a good old fashioned freezeout. The bigger event boasted a $162 buy-in and a $100,000 guarantee whilst it's mini equivalent was a $22 $15,000 guaranteed event. How did I and my fellow Team Betfair players get on? Pretty damned well actually.

Event #16: $150+$12 No Limit Hold'em $100,000 Guaranteed

Having not felt outclassed in any of the Hold'em tournaments at any stage and the fact that if it was not for a couple of errors on my part and not being able to get big hands to hold up I would have won quite a lot of money then it is safe to say I was in confident mood going into the 16th event.

If you have a flick through, virtually of course, the recaps of each event you will notice that in almost every single GSOP I have played I have not got off to a good start, but this one was an entirely different beast. Just four hands into proceedings I picked up pocket tens under the gun and raised to 90. To my direct left was larseda. and they called as did Solimto in the big blind. The three of us shared a flop reading Jd-10h-As and when Solimto checked to me I fired a continuation bet of 175 into the 285 pot and to my surprise both of my opponents made the call. The 2d on the turn was greeted by three checks (I know I should be betting here) and when the 5d peeled off on the river I bet 570 when it was checked to me and only Solimto called, but they mucked when I showed my set. Up to 6,100 early door, nice swan!

Not much happened until the 80/160 when I won two decent pots in three hands. The first saw me me pick up a 3,300 pot when I stole with QhJc and was called on the flop and turn by an open-ended straight draw (I paierd my queen on the turn) the I won a 7,720 pot with pocket tens against a pair of eights, the latter moving all in on a 4d-7d-3s-2c board and suddenly I had 11,495 chips and was looking in good shape.

Lady Luck robbed me of the chance to be sat with more than 21,000 chips in a pretty standard hand. The blinds were 125/250/25a and a shorty moved all in for 3,305 chips with what turned out to be Th8h and his shove may have gotten through had the small blind not woken up with AcQc. He re-shoved but unfortunately for him I found KcKh in the hole and called the all-in! The board ran out 2s-4h-8s-10c-6s and although I lost the main pot I won the side pot so gained a couple of thousand chips.

From there I just could not get anything going at all and with the money bubble looming I was expecting to be the one to burst it. I kept my stack as lively as I could by three-betting all in a couple of times but I would need something extra because at 1,000/2,000/200a I was down to 6,161 chips. These went in the middle with Ah5d from middle position and when I was called in two spots, both all in, I was not very hopeful. The first guy showed 4d4h and the other AsJd which was a pretty bad spot to be in. The 6c-2d-Qs flop was nothing to write home about but the 5h turn gave me the lead and some hope because all I had to do was dodge a three, four or jack and I was home and dry. The river was the 6h and I was back to the dizzy heights of 10.5 big blinds!

The bubble burst locking up more than $220 which is always nice but I wanted more! I picked up aces and three-bet all in but found no callers despite my short-stack; then came a hand to highlight how I have been running. When I saw AhJc staring back at me with blinds at 1,250/2,500/250a and me only having 17,883 chips so I obviously shoved but ONOPER123 to my left found AdAs, nice. To make matters worse romeosensini called off his stack in the big blind with 9s9c so I had less than 8% equity I believe. A queen-high board saw ONTOPER123 climb to 57,665 whilst I bowed out 89/875 for a welcome addition to the bankroll of $270.36.

I was the third Betfair Poker player to cash and we were joined in the winner's circle by seven others, the best placed being RiblStrike of Russia who almost went all the way but eventually busted ion third place for a cool $11,156.90. You may remember the name RiblStrike from an earlier article because the Russian finished third in the mini-GSOP #6 out of a field of 1,562 for a score of $1,709. The GSOP has certainly treated him right!

Event #16 in numbers

Total entrants: 875
Total prize pool: $131,250
Total Team Betfair entrants: 148 (16.91% of field)
Total Team Betfair cashes: 10
Total Team Betfair prize money: $14,982.11 (11.41% of prize pool)

Mini-GSOP Event #16: $20+$2 No Limit Hold'em $15,000 Guaranteed

Mini event #16 attracted a bumper of 1,009 players but despite its huge size I still managed to make it into the money pace and the top 10% of the field. Go me!

There were no real hands of note for the first hour I'd say unless you like to read about raising then players folding to c-bets but in the 80/160 level some luck came my way and my stack swelled to sizes only my belly can compare to. UTG+1 min-raised to 320 and after one player folded bufik88 made the call. I was sat on his left and had been dealt AcKs so popped it up to 1,450. This folded out everyone except bufik88 who moved all in for for 5,060 in total. Getting almost 2:1 and only in trouble against KK and AA I called and was shown pocket jacks. I missed the flop but picked up the gutshot but I didn't need that as an ace turned to win me the hand and the 10,680 chips in the middle of the virtual felt.

I folded for what seemed like an absolute age then a strange hand came up at the 150/300/30a level. The action folded around to larseda. who we mentioned in the big GSOP, and they open-shoved from the button for 10,919. I called with AsKc, flopped a king, turned a third and that was more than enough to smash the red threes I was up against; another reprieve.

More folding ensued before I lost a crucial pot against a 10bb stack to leave me with 12bb. The action folded to fwllo Team Betfair player RR-T0T0Nr1 in the small blind and he shoved for 8,651. I called in the big blind with AdQh and was shown a dominating AsKd. He didn't need to but he picked up a king on the river and I was left needing some help. At least my chips helped him out as he went on to finish in 85th place, inside the money.

Shortly afterwards the blinds went up to 1,000/2,000/200a and shortly after that I was on my way out of the tournament. Everyone folded to me on the button and I moved in for 9,117 with Qd6h. Prthal11 re-shoved from the small blind with what turned out to be AcJh and although the 2d-10h-5s-4s board teased me with an unlikely straight a second ten on the river busted me out in 100/1,009 player but I was happy with how I played.

In total 33 Team Betfair players made it into the money with seven of those making it into the top 50 payout places. The best placed of us was ZyZH from Switzerland who finished in 11th place for a $199.82 return.

More superb results from Betfair players and I am sure we are performing the best out of all the sites on the Ongame network. Our players have now cashed 348 times in the GSOP events for prize money of $564,275.33 whilst our mini-event player have made it into the money 410 times for money worth $31,523.32.

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