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Poker is a funny old game. Sometimes no matter what you do absolutely nothing goes right for you but on other occasions everything seems to slot into place and you completely crush the games. Nope, I've not been dominating event #15 but Team Betfair completely annihilated it.

GSOP Event #15: $190+$10 No Limit Hold'em 1R1A $250,000 Guaranteed

Event #15 was another event I was looking forward to due to the one rebuy one add-on structure, something I am a big fan of as explained in previous write-ups. Again I planned on playing the $200 buy-in version on one bullet as it had served me right on more than one occasion so why not this time around?

As usual I got off to a slow and steady start but picked up a nice pot during the 25/50 level when I opened to 125 from the hijack with pocket jacks and the big blind called me with what turned out to be pocket nines. Villain check called a 175 bet on the 8c-Ks-7d flop and check-called a 395 bet on the arrival of the 7h on the turn. But  couldn't pull the trigger again when the Ac fell on the river so we both checked and I scooped the pot.

Shortly afterwards I won a big pot by gambling with ace-king. A player opened from early position to 200 at 40/80 and the action folded to the small blind who inexplicably moved all in for 2,332. Something just didn't smell right and I decided to take what I thought would be a flip with some small to medium pair so I shoved for a few hundred more and the original raiser folded. The three-bet shover then turned over KhQh and although he picked up an open-ended straight draw on the 10d-2c-Jd flop, the turn and river bricked off and suddenly I had close to 5,500 chips.

I climbed to 6,700 or so when my ace-queen held against a 10bb shove from Ah7h and then I won a nice pot with 88 after flopped a boat and rivering quads. Unfortunately the board was eight high so it was difficult to extra any value at all really, but for the first time really in the GSOP I was picking up cards when I needed to and was hitting cards; could this be my big win?

I further added to my stack after the rebuy period when the the small blind made it 3,600 to play with blinds just 150/300. He only had 610 behind so I put him all in with my red jacks, which held against his king-ten of hearts then I picked up aces twice in 15 hands and won a total of 10,400 chips and the Mrs was planning on what to spend my winnings on but there was time for me to mess things up.

With the blinds now 400/800/80 and me having 16,317 chips I was in an awkward position stack wise and a stack size that I am not used to playing at all. Three players folded and a shorty moved all in for 1,443 chips. I was next to act and for some reason I opted to make it 3,200 to play. Here I should be folding but if I was to play then I should have been shoving but hey, I'm a low stakes cash game fish! Anyway, two players folded but the button called. The flop came down Qc-Js-Td, I checked and villain checked behind. The turn was the 3s and there is now way villain has AK or 98 here but again I made the mistake of going for the check-raise instead of leading, a mistake because if he is drawing then I am giving him infinite odds to make his hand. Anyway I checked, he bet 2,800 and I check-raised all in for my last 13,117 chips. Villain snapped my hand off before showing me TsTh for a set of tens. Jesus! The river was the 4c and I was left with 5,140 and in need to double again.

A couple of hands later I picked up queen-jack UTG and open shoved for 4,900 and won the blinds then four hands later the action folded to me in the cutoff and I open-shoved 5,300 with 2s2d. Unfortunately for me the button, 61kepn, woke up with AsKs. He flopped a king and I was eliminated in 141/697 with 92 paid. I emailed a few top poker players about the 33 hand and each of them said I should simply have folded. Damn!

Once again my disappointment was turned into joy as Team Betfair demolished the field. A big shout out to 1PLAYNUDE from Finland who could have bought themselves some clothes had they not bubbled the tournament but at least they can console themselves with the fact everyone else who busted out after them picked up $673.11. Five Betfair Poker players won this amount but we also have four players who won between $1442.38 and $2,860.72. This alone would be cause for celebration but waiting until you read this next little bit!

Raidalot, 110100101101, grifsdik, CANCELC and St3kR3 finished first, third, fifth, sixth and seventh respectively! Absolutely unbelievable performances there from our heroes! Their results alone were worth more the $97,500 and I can't describe how amazed I am at those results; breathtaking is somewhere near.

Event #15 in numbers

Total entrants: 697
Total prize pool: $250,000
Total Team Betfair entrants: 117 (16.79% of field)
Total Team Betfair cashes: 16
Total Team Betfair prize money: $110,856.40 (44.34% of prize pool)

Mini-GSOP Event #15: $20+$2 No Limit Hold'em 1R1A $30,000 Guaranteed

Mini-Event #15 saw me not only re-buy quite early on but also add-on at the break as I really had a good feeling about doing well in this one. In total there were 777 players making for some decent prizes and like I say I just had a feeling about it.

My spider sense must be slightly off because for the first 90 minutes I essentially folded, folded and folded some more and I was wondering if the Poker Gods were not pleased about my $40 investment but then all of a sudden I won a few pots in a row. First I three-bet over the top of a late position raiser and took down the pot without contest then I not only picked up pocket rockets but I picked them up and got shoved on, magnificent.

The blinds were 150/300/30a and I picked up AhAc in early position and made it 600 to play. To my direct left was bmf1968 and I cannot really fault him for three-bet shoving 6,715 chips with AdQd at all. Obviously I called and was delighted to see his hand as I was a substantial favourite to be sat with over 14,000 chips in a few moments' time. The 7c-9c-8s flop gave me even more joy as now the diamond flush was impossible and he had around 4% equity. The 10h turn improved that to 14% but surely I'd still win? No, not a chance. The river was the Js which although gave me a straight (playing the board) gifted the bmf1968 a higher one thanks to the queen in his hand. I swear you could not make this up!

I managed to double on the next hand with A8 vs 77 but then shoved with JdTd and ran into AdJc. Neither of us improved and ace-high took the pot. So instead of bragging about another really deep run I had to make do with 336th place. On to the next one!

Just like in the Big GSOP equivalent Team Betfair walked all over this tournament too, with 22 of our players cashing and two of those almost going the full distance before falling down in fifth, sixth and tenth. Step forward, in that order, the guy who all but busted me bmf1968 (at least he put my chips to good use), KkmocrosKK and MookBlaylock. Top bombing guys.

Mini-Event #15 in numbers

Total entrants: 777
Total prize pool: $36,520
Total Team Betfair entrants: 109 (16.72% of field)
Total Team Betfair cashes: 22
Total Team Betfair prize money: $6,106.17 (% of prize pool)

With those amazing results Team Betfair players have won more than half a million dollars this series! GSOP players have cashed 338 times for combined winnings of $549,293.22 whilst the mini-GSOP players have bagged themselves $29,920.08 spread across 373 cashes. Superb results people!

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