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Fifty-four players returned to the Fontana Lounge at the luxurious Bellagio for Day 4 of the WPT Doyle Brunson Five Star Diamond World Poker Classic, each guaranteed $13,725 in prize money. Ten hours later all but 15 players had been eliminated and the minimum they will all walk away with now is $42,231. Antonio Esfandiari started the day as chip leader and ended the day in the same vein, extending his lead from 300,000 to almost 800,000 chips.

The first elimination only took a few minutes and when the dust had settled it was Michael Kucinski who was the first player to head for the rail. With blinds at 2,500/5,000/500a, Kucinski opened the betting from middle position to 13,500 and when the action folded to Andrew Robl in the small blind he raised to 100,000. This was enough to put the big blind and Kucinski all in. he big blind folded but Kucinski made the call before turning over AcKc, which was up against the JcJd of Robl. The final board ran out 9s-8s-4s-4c-Js and Robl increased his stack to 345,000.

A large number of notable players were eliminated over the next few hours, including celebrated author David Sklansky, Dan Shak, Allen Kessler and Jonathan Little. Though it was the man who busted out in 18th place that was arguably the biggest name of all. With blinds now 6,000/12,000/2,000a Vanessa Rousso bet 40,000 from the cutoff, Doyle Brunson then moved all in for 245,000. Kia Mohajeri called in the big blind, forcing Rousso to muck her hand face up, 7d6d. Esfandiari wished Brunson good luck and as he turned over AcJs it was obvious he needed plenty as Mohajeri held AdKc. The 9h-6s-6c flop failed to alter anything, neither did the 5h on the turn and when the 4s fell on the river it was game over for the 10-time WSOP bracelet winner and the tournament's namesake. As he left the tournament area to pick up the $33,785 awarded for 18th place, Brunson received a rapturous round of applause.

At around quarter past ten Las Vegas time, the tournament directors signalled that play would end for the day, with the 15 surviving players returning to the Bellagio at 1200 to play down to the final table of six. The title hopefuls will be playing in the Bellagio poker room as the television crews are building the final table set in the Fontana Lounge.

Leading the way is Esfandiari who now has 2,680,000 chips in front of him, followed in second place by November Nine member John Racener on 1,900,000. Andrew Robl's 1,750,000 stack is enough for third place, whilst Kia Mohajeri finds himself in fourth place with 1,694,000 chips remaining. The table draws have not been officially made yet but the chip counts of the remaining players are as follows:

1.) Antonio Esfandiari: 2,680,000
2.) John Racener: 1,900,000
3.) Andrew Robl: 1,750,000
4.) Kia Mohajeri: 1,694,000
5.) Kirk Morrison: 1,545,000
6.) Luis Velador: 1,423,000
7.) Sorel Mizzi: 1,380,000
8.) Ray Dehkharghani: 1,148,000
9.) Andrew “Lucky Chewy” Lichtenberger: 915,000
10.) Vanessa Rousso: 888,000
11.) Chris DeMaci: 801,000
12.) Amit “amak16” Makhija: 756,000
13.) Ted Lawson: 400,000
14.) Danny Fuhs: 247,000
15.) Charles Caris: 125,000
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