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The death of a friend

06 Dec 10 16:23
Since my last entry there has been quite a bit of poker, some reflection of my recent Barcelona trip and some horrible news from someone who I count as a friend but have never met in person. The poker and reflection can wait until another entry as I think my friend deserves a post to themselves.

When I first got into poker I found a forum called Texas Holdem Forums, joined up and asked the most ridonkulous questions known to man. Over a period of time I managed to improve at the games and was a good part of the community and was asked to become a moderator. At the same time a guy called Jim, known as Starlight Coast, also become a mod and we became online friends through MSN and the like.

Jim has always had a dream of becoming a professional poker player, mainly because he loves the game and the lifestyle would suit him in his duties as a carer for his beloved wife, Becci, who has had plenty of severe health problems. Jim and Becci have been married for 12 years and it is very obvious they still adore each other as much as when they first met and both shared Jim's dream of becoming a poker pro.

Reading between the lines, Jim and Becci have to make each penny count and I remember Jim having at least two jobs on the go at one point, working every hour he could to support his wife. He really is one of those guys who you want to go all the way because he's been down on his luck, never moans about his situation and is one of the last remaining real good guys. Over the past 12 months his luck has really sucked, I remember his car breaking down, him busting his bankroll, Becci having a serious accident in the home and then the online sites he played on shutting their doors to players in his state, basically cutting off the man's balls.

But yesterday all of this failed to matter any more as Jim updated his friends on family, through Facebook, that his darling wife had passed away suddenly at 0230 in the morning either from a heart attack or blood clot in the lung. Understandably, Jim is devastated after being Becci's carer for as long as I can remember, she was the focus point for everything and the reason he got up on a morning. Jim even ended his status update, "I wish I died with her. There's nothing left for me to go on."

Whilst I have never lost someone so close to me, I must urge you Jim, as I know you read my blog, that you have everything to live for. Although I have never met either you or Becci I count you as my friends and I feel awful that I can't physically help you through your time of need. Knowing what I do about you guys, Becci would expect you to mourn her but would also expect you to grab life by the horns, get back on the horse and get back on track for chasing your dreams. Imagine how proud she will be of you when you are finally able to say you are a professional poker player, something you strived to become to improve both of your lives. You have my contact details if you want to bend the ear of your friend across the pond.

I think I'll end it there for now as there is not much more I can say is there? Rest In Peace Becci Irving, rest in peace the friend I never met.
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