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Double Or Nothing

02 Dec 10 15:00
Hi folks, Pud here, fully recovered from my exploits in Barcelona and ready and raring to go once again. I say fully recovered, which is a little lie, but I'm guessing you're not too bothered about what is going on with my bowel movements so we'll leave that well alone.

Since getting back on very cold home soil, I've not played much poker at all. This is mainly down to either being extremely tired or deciding to watch a film with the other half. That said, I have been playing some Double Or Nothing SNG on Betfair Poker so I guess I have not been playing any poker at all then!

Why am I playing these mind-numbing, reg-fests I hear you ask. Well the answer is I am being a Valueback **** for the next couple of weeks, a valueback **** as I am not allowed to call it rakeback. Damn, there I've said it, they'll go club a kitten to death now. Basically, I get 30% something-back from my old Betfair account and coupled with a bonus they sent me through, I am getting 92.5% cakeback until I have cleared the $250 on offer. With the travelling abroad, Christmas and the fact I still haven't put any money away for my tax bill yet, I am well and truly skint so Double Or Nothing SNG seem to be the answer.

I've got a few quid, not much, on Betfair at present so I thought I'd enter the bonus code, try run up some monies and use that as a bankroll or to pay for a few things in the coming weeks. I've played around 30 of them so far and I'm slightly in front, quite nicely in front when I take into consideration the bakeback I will be receiving. The games are horrifically boring, full of regulars and I keep deviating from the optimal strategy of folding everything that is not aces or the stone cold nuts just for kicks! There's one dude who plays for literally 15 hours a day! Everytime I log on or contemplate logging on, he's there! The dude's hidden his Sharkscope stats for some reason so I am assuming he's winning but Jesus, who boring must your life be if you're grinding $11 DON games 15 hours a day? That is unless he lives somewhere uber cheap and playing so many games allows him to be a balla, then fair play to him.

The good thing about them though is I can have one or two of them fired up as I am working so I'm increasing my life hourly rate too! Saying that I have only played four of them today but the plan is to always have one open when I am working and then play 16-32 each night (16 is the amount needed to release $10 of my bonus) and then re-evaluate when it is completely cleared. Guess I must be as sad, if not sadder than the 15 hours a day grinder!

Right, I'm going to leave it there for now as I want a wazz and a cup of coffee before I brave the elements and go pick up Step Pud from nursery. Until then, thanks for reading and best of luck at the tables!
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