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GFY October!

01 Nov 10 15:51
Thank God that October is now behind us and I can look forward to November and hopefully get back to winning ways. Last month I played the most poker since I learned the game and it also coincided with me having the most frustrating time at the tables ever!

Net result of around 47 hours worth of playing time was 22,355 hands and a 1.7 buy-in loss, sucks to be me I guess. Adjusted EV says I should have actually won around half a buy-in but that only tells half the story anyway and doesn't really show the times I was way ahead in the hand and the last pittance went in as my retarded opponents sucked out on me time after time! I actually lost six stacks playing short-handed No Limit Hold'em but won a full stack at PLO25 and also 1.8 buy-ins at full ring, otherwise it could have been pretty disastrous!

Last night was the worst, after I managed to lose a 400 big blind pot with QQ vs AA, I ran KK into AA twice, both as a result of me stealing and the small blind waking up with bullets and then some complete donkey moving all in with black tens on a board reading 2h-7d-7h-9h whilst I held AhKh and the river comes a frigging seven. SMD! GFY! Etc etc

Before going through some of the hand histories I was pretty disappointed not to have finished October in profit (though with bonus etc I did come out in front) but upon reflection I am pretty happy that I didn't lose more and that I stuck to my guns and carried on playing despite variance trying its best to get me to quit every time I sat down. It would have been nice to have booked a substantial win for my efforts but I guess the experience of running bad, continuing to play whilst running bad and learning how to deal with this is worth more than what I should have won at these stakes.

I am hoping to play at least 30,000 hands in November, though I am secretly aiming for closer to 40,000! I am playing six table now and getting around 500 hands per hour so it is doable. The only thing that will really throw a spanner in the works is working at EPT Barcelona between November 21-28 but I'm hardly going to moan about that now am I? Mrs P is full of some sort of cold/flu bug at the minute so it is likely she'll be off to the land of nod pretty early for the next couple of days, leaving me to get a head start on my target!

As always, thanks for reading and best of luck at the tables!
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