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£100 to £1000 in 2014

12 Oct 13 20:26
I've been on Betfair for about 3 years now, generally experimenting with the platform on and off. I'm going to spend 2014 taking a more organised approached to Betfair, and invest £100 to make £1000 or more in 2014, can it be done? My main interests are, Football, Tennis, Sit & Go Poker, I'm generally going to stick to making bets on the website than using platforms like BetAngel, etc. as I think I still need to understand what I'm doing when I take my strategies forward, sitting down with good old pen and paper didn't hurt anyone.

Also in the process, I will be experimenting with bots, but at this stage only for analysis purposes with the view to simulate strategies.

So far I've given myself a head start, I'm £5.12 up : - )

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