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09 Sep 14 18:11
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For me it looks like the money makers have got away with it. There hasn't been social unrest or even much protest in the UK. Maybe problems have been kicked down the road. or maybe the Banker's have just decided to forgive each other their debts and print money. Ok there has been a bit of blood letting and a few sacrificial lambs; Greece and Ireland?. This is a warning from the financiers to show what they can do to anyone who does not play the game.

So we wait for signs that the powers that be are not eternal and infinitely powerful. Meanwhile there is nothing much to say. Everything's Ok as long as you are not a young wage slave burdened with debt, paying a fortune in rent with no hope of things going back to the good old days when you could buy a house.
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Report J2BLUE. September 9, 2014 11:59 PM BST
'Maybe problems have been kicked down the road'

They have. That tidal wave is still coming.
Report Money Tree cost me thousands!! September 12, 2014 3:13 PM BST
It's not.
Report scissors September 18, 2014 5:55 PM BST
To answer your question ( header)
-- because  I don't post here Wink Grin Grin
Report melv October 16, 2014 2:49 PM BST
Even now its so dead that my post is right near the top. What does it take to shake perception and confidence. More than Ebola and more global down turn. It'll be all right in a bit? Will it? Who knows? I mean that; who does know.

Well I'll answer my own question; nobody knows. I appreciate this is probably a bit of a blip. A bit of a down turn for a few months would be good if there is time before the election for a bounce. So the Tories can go all Churchhillian about keeping their heads when all are losing theirs; weathering the storm, firm hands at the helm. Its all fantasy and wishful thinking isn't it? nobody will admit the truth Capitalism is fkd unless you are rich and preferably very rich. What Jo public sees as the normality of 50 years ago  was a one off. Rebuilding and a population boom after 2 world wars. A freak of economics . Not normality. Not good old days that we can fantasize back with a bit of wishful thinking and the mythological Yankee God; "Can Do".

No. Its the emperor's new clothes. Its not just that some entities are to big to fail. The fact is that the truth is too dangerous to admit.

And that  why this forum is so dead. We know we are sleep walking back to feudalism.
Report melv November 17, 2014 9:07 AM GMT
Jesus this boring post it still near the top. Why? Because nobody has anything to say. Here’s why. Again.

Last week the headlines were We are all getting a pay rise. Yippee!!!! happy days. Ever more house price inflation round the corner. Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to normality soon.

(I doubt that pay rise includes the biggest employer in the country the NHS).

The governor of the bank of England said the UK was witnessing "The start of real pay growth".

"We are seeing encouraging signs with respect of pay... we expect this pick-up to accelerate," he told reporters.

Today its “Oh dear major worries about a third recession”.

This forum is so dead because we are anesthetized by all this nonsense. All we can do is stick our heads in the sand and hope for the best. Nobody knows anything; nobody can do anything. This is what the end of liberal democratic Capitalism will look like. Denial by everyone and the poorer getting ever poorer and the rich richer than ever.  Legal slavery rampant. The rest of us lobotomized by constant insane nonsense of propanganda from the rich and powerful.

The pay  rise stuff was smoke and mirrors it was spin based on fears of a fall in inflation. The powers that be don’t really want  low inflation. The money makers want at least 2% inflation. Deflation equals stagnation equals everything getting worse; not better.

Read my lips the NHS is will never get a 2.5% increase again. They are the vanguard for the impoverishment of the low paid. Thats most of us. Bully for you if you are not one of them. You  are one of the few.  Well done. Please don’t blame nurses for their own poverty though. You will need em one day.

Read my lips the NHS is will never get a 2.5% increase again; unless there is a major systemic political change; to the left.

Also note Cameron shouting lets all boo Europe . Lets all blame Europe every chance he gets. Its Europe that causing fears of a third recession. Its all Europe’s fault really. In a bit we are going to get really Churchillian on them. Nuke Merkel. Beat UKIP at their own game and win the forthcoming election. Fear; xenophobic fear mongering to show he is on the same side as UKIP.

This is not the fault of Europe. We would not be “Alright if only we were out of Europe.” Its the systemic global failure of world capitalism. And its going to get worse.

Worse for the poor and weak that is. For the rich and powerful its fun and games as usual. There is no sign of anyone having a clue what to do about this. So its carry on bllshtting and hope for the best. We all know it.  That  is why this forum is dead.

Wake up. Build a new world based on a better system. Or do we admit  human brain is to fik to do it. And just stay as dead as this forum.
Report melv November 18, 2014 9:17 AM GMT
And now a economics professor said on radio that Cameron needs to be more nuanced in his speeches on the economy.

Nuanced means subtle shades of meaning.

Yeah that's what we need. More shades to go with the smoke, mirrors and bllsht. Mr Proffessor.
Report PierreLaRogue November 23, 2014 1:17 AM GMT
Mellyburger put me off posting on here and the rise of the stock market that has sent dowjones to nearly 18000, the financial markets are such a joke i just think most people are jaded, all it takes is one word from some bankster and the market goes up or down 10%, all stocks look overvalued to me, maybe there are still some gems out there but they're very difficult to find. I read most hedgefunds this year are on average -1% down and these are meant to be the best and the brightest.

I'm still expecting and hoping for a total collapse because how things are right now is just twilight zone territory, I'd like some reality for once.
Report Dr Crippen November 23, 2014 1:46 PM GMT
all it takes is one word from some bankster and the market goes up or down 10%,

I disagree.

For the market to move significantly in any direction there has to be a major shift in stock ownership from weak holders to strong holders or vice versa.

The news is merely used by charlatans to explain away the movements of the stock market which they do not to understand.

It's true that a major news item will see the market move sharply up or down temporality, but unless the transfer of stock I mentioned has taken place it will soon regain it's original direction. 

It's ludicrous to think that fund managers, bankers and all the other professionals who deal in stocks, sit there waiting for the news to guide them into buying one day on good news. Then the very next day sell on bad news.

I'd give them more credit than to operate like that.

Of course individual stocks behave differently.
They are sensitive to the news because it doesn't take much effort in buying or selling to move them.
Report melv August 24, 2015 6:22 PM BST
Dead as a dodo. The world is falling apart as it has been threatening to do for years. Its possibly not the big one but its a warning shot.

And this forum is dead as a Dodo. Weird.
Report sageform September 23, 2015 8:23 AM BST
Surprised that nobody has posted the VW scandal on here. Is there a thread somewhere else? Potentially the biggest comnpany crash ever.
Report treetop October 21, 2015 9:21 PM BST
Ironic that the car makers will have been among the most smug,blaming the fraudster bankers for causing a recession and now the focus may be on car manufacturers ?
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