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12 Sep 12 13:56
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Menelaus 28 Aug 12 13:53 

Then, he'll monetize all sovereign european debt despite the fake protestations (yes, fake) from the Germans and their satellites. Ireland, Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal ALL printed already with the ECB's permission with nary a word from the "hard money, inflation conscious" Germans.

He'll print because he has no other choice and PRINT IS WHAT THEY DO.

Trade accordingly.

I didn't have to wait until Sep. 12 to find out.

Merkel/Schaeuble support the Draghi backdoor monetization plan and the German high court rolls over. Fekter and Katainen join in praising the Draghi plan and the German court's decision.

Who knew? Laugh

Weren't these players supposed to be fearful of inflation and proponents of hard money?

Fake. They always were. Paralyzed by fear of what would happen to their banks and pension funds if the euro falls apart. Rajoy hasn't clued in, neither has Monti. Young Tsipras is the only one who has and he'd be squeezing them by the balls if he got in, and that's why he didn't get in and he is public EU enemy number one.

The printing that never really stop continues. Why don't we all photocopy our money and go pay our bills. It's the same thing.........
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Report RAPS September 12, 2012 2:48 PM BST
If the German public gets a whiff of inflation they will panic like all fluc.
They all remember the bad old days of the 20`s but more prosaically most are now resigned to the fact that their state pension will be sh!tfully small and are saving €€.
Less than half own their own homes & a tiny % have shares.

Are you saying that Schauble & Merkel are just masochists ?
Report Menelaus September 12, 2012 3:46 PM BST
No mate, all I'm saying is that their actions are totally predictable DESPITE the views they spew for public consumption which are more often than not totally opposite from what they end up doing. You see, they are owned by the same banking cartel that owns our politicians here in the UK. No different. Teuton independence, superiority and adherence to constitutional law is a myth. 

The point that often gets missed with the public is that the banks haven't been nationalized, the government has been privatized.
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