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15 Jul 12 11:38
Date Joined: 03 Feb 05
| Topic/replies: 6,745 | Blogger: Menelaus's blog
Since you (both) are very new, let me explain how things work around here. You first have to shout "I'm a clueless mug" from the top of your lungs repeatedly and progressively louder until everyone hears, then I answer your question.

You've done your part, It's time to answer your question.

Here's the tsunami of inflation.

And here


And all this *despite* the slowest money velocity since the end of the last great war. When the money starts churning, and it will because they'll continue to print more of it (there's no Plan B), and because they can't pull it in since they can't raise interest rates, the word "tsunami" will not be the right descriptor any more. And just in case your bird brain is starting to sweat right about now, don't jump to the conclusion I'm describing hyperinflation here, I'm not. What I'm describing is a monetary event whereas hyperinflation is not.

Just because all an ostrich sees when he buries his head is sand, that doesn't mean the world is made of sand. Just because  a clueless mug like you believes what they tell him without questioning it and without understanding how the measure of inflation can be twisted almost at will to suit a purpose, and without cluing in that the cat food you love so much to eat, although still in the same can with the attractive label and at the same price, now weighs 25pc less, that doesn't mean there's no inflation. Or that when the pain on your wallet becomes unbearable, and you switch to a lower quality cheaper brand of cat food, you are unknowingly contributing to your government efforts to lie about inflation.

If you were responsible for your own sustenance and that of your family's, refused to put them on a diabetes diet to offset the rising cost of a healthy diet, paid for taxes, fees, medical, education and an assortment of other expenses, owned your own home and paid property taxes, insurance, energy costs and maintenance, owned your own car and paid for fuel, insurance, licensing fees, parking fees, traffic violation fees, repair and maintenance, if you have a decent job and are not sucking at the tit of the nanny state and paid taxes, then you'd know where the tsunami of inflation is without me having to show you charts. Economies are "inflation free" if you are an idiot who sits in the corner in the dark and without heating or cooling, stares at the walls all day starving, and then takes an hour off every day to drop turds on this forum. Other than that, not so much.

You are a clueless mug, all fluff and no substance. That was plain for all to see, except to benny the clown who can't see anything. The rest of the halfwit cartel had a choice to make, hypocrisy or scorn. They chose hypocrisy. I'll take your complete transformation into a pathetic clueless mug as a personal accomplishment.

I hope you are at least learning something while being humiliated.
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Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 1:04 PM BST
When the money starts churning is all that is relevant.

Why didn't it churn in the time frame which you predicted of 3-6 months nearly two years ago?

When will it churn? 2 years? 5 years? 20 years? Sometime?
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 1:10 PM BST
You see what you see and it is what you want to see. You are constantly looking in one place and so not seeing anything else around you. So you are defining me as a clueless mug and all fluff and no substance when I am repeatedly bringing you back to the salient issues.

I am not denying the reality of money creation on an epic scale. I am asking you to explain why you keep calling it wrong regarding it washing us away?

They have put off the day of reckoning. It is quite possible that they will continue to do so irrespective of whether you think that is right or fair or logical or even possible. It has happened thus far and continues to happen. Allow me to familiarise you with reality. Go on touch it.
Report Menelaus July 15, 2012 1:32 PM BST
Learn how to reason, then start using big boy words.......oh wait....let me put this in terms that you are familiar with and you can finally understand: you are starting to look like Amir Khan right after Garcia got done with him.
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 1:41 PM BST
Very impressive. Now if you wouldn't mind answering the pertinent issue then I can continue to do you.
Report Menelaus July 15, 2012 1:47 PM BST
The pertinent issue, if there is one, is that although I have repeatedly answered your stupid troll questions on here, the explanations keep going right over your head.

I have an obligation to answer, I have no obligation to achieve the impossible and teach dumb fecks like you to think.

You are all fluff and no substance. Everything else is eyewash, whether you post it as EO or carlos makes no difference. It just makes you look all the more pathetic.
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 2:15 PM BST
You made a cardinal error. You came out from your ivory tower and you made a firm prediction which could actually for once be quantified and you were found badly wanting. That is what bit you. In fact it was less of a bite and more of a scorching. Stick to airy fairy nonsense in future because you couldn't find your arse with both hands.


The point is that explanations are only of any use if you preface a prediction with them. But then that would smack of a lack of conviction wouldn't it? Rushing out with the excuses when your prediction goes mammaries up smacks of desperation and neediness and that is better for you than having doubts isn't it?

Have you got a Hitler moustache by any chance?

You do understand don't you?
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 2:18 PM BST
By the way didn't Gormless Clown used to make similar pronouncements about people relating to their lack of substance?

Whatever happened to "No More Boom And Bust"?

The problem isn't lack of substance. It is the kind of substance you come out with old sausage.
Report Menelaus July 15, 2012 2:31 PM BST
The key word was "despite", not "when it keeps churning". Either your simple mind truly thought it was the latter, or your trolling is getting more desperate.

You're in way over your head.

And I will leave you in your humiliation and shame while you continue to post nonsensical gibberish on here as cover to ponder over this:

Keynes was wrong, in the short run we're all dead.
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 2:47 PM BST
And in the even shorter run you were and remain hopelessly deluded.
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 2:48 PM BST
But thanks for dancing. You are improving. Slowly.
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 2:50 PM BST
But if you wish to discuss the despite issue further I would be happy to. The money velocity issue is what I have consistently been referring to in our discussion in relation to some of the counter weights to the QE which you have been ignoring up until now.
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 2:51 PM BST
You see you do take some things in. You are a bit of a scambooga for then claiming them as your own of course.
Report Menelaus July 15, 2012 4:00 PM BST
It's your job to chase shadows on here, not mine. What's next from you, what's the meaning of the word "is"?

There's no point in getting into technical debate with you, as usual it would go right over your head and it would be a waste of time, not to mention I'd have to scroll through numerous nonsensical posts trying to cover your ignorance.

This isn't abstract Kierkegaardian philosophy or the tiresome use of your english, this is economics and economics is governed, first and foremost, by the simple laws of mathematics.

Even by the government's own distorted numbers, core PPI is up 2.6pc Y/Y and the second derivative (thats the rate of change just in case your bird brain started sweating again) is higher than a year ago. This in a contracting GDP. I don't expect you to understand any of that, you clearly demonstrated you don't know what PPI really is and how it's measured in the first place. Sometimes not answering a question *is* answering the question. Without that, understanding the implications is impossible.

Stop regurgitating flawed articles you read in some magazine, while hoping for the impossible to be sustained or at worse waiting for something to happen in "some future" date, just not now, when it's unfolding right in front of your blind eyes right here and now. The 5th class uneducated passengers on the Titanic clued in the ship was sinking when finally the bow dived into the abyss. The designer of the ship knew it was doomed the minute he found out the hull was breached. He also knew that very second a lot of people would die including himself. Not enough lifeboats.

This is about preparing a raft to survive the inevitable. If you feel this is all hocus pocus, don't let me change your mind. Stupidity is any man's prerogative. I would strongly suggest however that instead of wasting your time on here getting humiliated, you better start working on how to explain to your family why they have to start looking for food in trash bins in case you are wrong.

P.S. I hope you realize the expression "ivory tower" and the image it conjures is something I planted in your mind. It was so easy.....
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR July 15, 2012 5:23 PM BST
"--- you better start working on how to explain to your family why they have to start looking for food in trash bins in case you are wrong ".
Please. And not even one mainstream opposition political party anywhere in the Western world even sees this " near term " disaster scenario as an opportunity currently to try to get re-elected ?. And not one mainstream media source is even hinting at this inevitable disater looming ?.
He is barking mad.
Totally off his rocker.
He also keeps saying that economics is governed, first and foremost, by the simple laws of mathematics.
So simple, that apparently there is no universal agreement on anything in the subject ?.
I repeat the oft worn statement that, economics is not even science, rocket or otherwise.
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 5:28 PM BST
I have two points for you:

As I have previously explained to you economics is far more a deductive and analytical endeavour rather than about simple mathematics. Which is why you are constantly scratching your head when real life tells you one thing and your economic models tell you that something else should be happening. Of course you choose to believe your models over reality.

Don't worry about me. I am well enough prepared if things head south and won't be reduced to looking in bins.
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR July 15, 2012 5:38 PM BST
Oh I know the answer, or at least a variation of it.
Mainstream = bought off or owned by the banking cartel.
Which cartel also will benefit no ends by the majority of the world population starting to starve to death and rioting in the streets and trashing the hard assets everywhere, including most particularly those of the elite classes.
A real win win situation for the " secret" powers in control.
I mean mere common sense when you think about it.
Nothing like ruling over a totally destroyed world. All GDPs shot to hell, masses of lost souls wandering the streets with starving families, no jobs, no homes, nada.
Remember Menelaus is predicting the hyperinflation downfall of the whole Western world, not just one country in it.
Is this some sort of film screenplay he is trying out on us ? A comeback role for Mel Gibson perhaps ?
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 5:44 PM BST

Is science even scientific in the sense that scientists would have you believe? There is hardly ever one finalised answer to anything in science. Scientific theory is almost constantly being updated and refined and what was previously generally accepted scientific fact can soon become obsolete. But wasn't it once established fact? At its highest economics could be said to be deductive science in my view but anybody as wedded to charts, tables and numbers as Melly will surely end up like him.

And let us not forget that he is as you so eloquently put it totally off his rocker. Which rather begs the question why he is so hypnotic. He is like the Hannibal Lector of this forum.
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR July 15, 2012 6:20 PM BST
His lectures must be exciting events.
I wonder if he hands out food growing tips at the end ?
Or whether he sells franchises in armor plating cars ( Porsches being a speciality), or making guns out of household utensils ?.
Maybe he has a nice line of monogrammed gold jewellry available for purchase on the way out ?
Does he even have groupies following him home afterwords ?
Is he in fact a real star in economic circles, known and respected and admired by his peers as one tells it like it is ?
He can't really though be an insider in the world of the rich and powerful can he, as he seems essentially blaming them for all our ills and is trying desperately to expose them all for the rapers and pillagers they are. ( No argument there though by me).
And let's just really sum up here.
The imminent inevitable total collapse of the whole world economy is just essentially the result of a few misguided quants designing a flawed type of new credit derivative to expand sub-prime mortgages in the USA.
Who would have thought that would or could happen in just the space of 10 years or so ? Amazing, truly amazing.
Hundreds of years of economic growth and wealth creation and innovation and scientific advances all brought to a total destructive end by a flawed formulae to predict statistical correlations of defaults on home mortgages.
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR July 15, 2012 6:21 PM BST
" -- as one who tells it like it is ".
Report Menelaus July 15, 2012 6:35 PM BST
I suppose that by stating economics is deductive gives any financially illiterate mug like you the right to claim they understand it. This way the definition of "is" can be anything you want it to be..........LOZ.

You keep saying you are "prepared" yet you are a proponent of the Keynes "long run" nonsense, not realizing his "long run" is now a "short run". Makes about as much sense as a mug from the Boxing forum understanding economics............deductively of course........LOZ.

You also mentioned that you are "hedged" but the only thing heard when I asked you how was crickets chirping. You know the words, it's front page news, everyone knows the words by now, but regretably you fall way short in knowing their meaning.

All fluff and no substance. Look me up when you feel like humiliating yourself again, or send carlos for cover, you know where to find me.
Report Whippet July 15, 2012 7:53 PM BST
15 Jul 12 11:38 Joined: 03 Feb 05 | Topic/replies: 2,183 | Blogger: Menelaus's blog
Since you (both) are very new, let me explain how things work around here.

Oh dear. Laugh did he really just say that?
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 8:10 PM BST

I told you a while back how I was hedged. Clearly you weren't paying attention.
Report Eeternaloptimist July 15, 2012 8:12 PM BST
Does he even have groupies following him home afterwords ?


I wonder if he can even see the lecturn for all the knickers?
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR July 15, 2012 10:10 PM BST
If he ever decides to take his lectures out of London and into the wider country, then perhaps he should arrive at each new destination in a hot air balloon ?
Maybe even a hyper-inflated one.
Report Whippet July 15, 2012 10:26 PM BST
I was thinking self-inflated. Laugh
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR July 15, 2012 10:50 PM BST
Much better Whippet.
Report Eeternaloptimist July 16, 2012 12:14 AM BST
No need for that. His adoring public will line the route and he will be passed overhead on a magic carpet of willing hands.
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR July 16, 2012 12:40 AM BST
That is if those hands are not taking their knickers off to throw at his feet.
Report Eeternaloptimist July 16, 2012 11:54 AM BST
His feet?

They don't call him The Gusset Nuzzler for nothing.
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