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08 Jan 12 08:27
Date Joined: 19 Feb 06
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Just googled "fiat money". I find that China was into it the AD900 and summats. If anywhere can come up with some big new commercial idea. I would not bet against China.

I think that the potential of China is vastly underatted and the idea that the Yanks have a God given right to rule the the roost is a ticking bomb.

Are China playing the long game? Even if they are short termist like everyone else I bet their short term is a lot longer that our 5 years beauty contest method of planning.
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Report Menelaus January 8, 2012 8:52 AM GMT
I love melv's "thinking out loud" posts. I don't know whether he is looking for feedback, starting a debate, or just simply didn't have anything better to do and put the post up for the hell of it. Confused

China is not immune to this, they are going down like everyone else.

Are you aware whose central bank has printed the most, melv? (Hint: it's not the FED)

Are you aware of the massive malinvestment to keep up the charade of double digit growth?

Are you aware of who this quote is attributed to “It’s undeniable that the lack of supervision and management of local government financing vehicles have created some hidden risks.” (Hint: Liu Mingkang, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission)

The "China is playing the long game" myth will be exposed soon enough. And yes, as long as the "Yanks" have a military power that dwarfs the rest of the world combined, they have the "God given" right to rule the roost.

(SUGGESTION: start reading Michael Pettis is you really want to form an informed opinion about China -
Report Muqbil January 9, 2012 6:11 PM GMT
I believe the financial collapse in China will be bigger than their Beijing firework spectacular. In their favour the people of China have been used to living on loose change for many years and will quickly re-adapt whilst the West wallows in self pity.
Report melv January 11, 2012 6:47 PM GMT
I don't know whether he is looking for feedback, starting a debate, or just simply didn't have anything better to do and put the post up for the hell of it.

And the Answer is all 3. Well done 3 out of 4. Pass.

And number 4 is trying to learn about stuff that IMO is important.
Report melv January 17, 2012 8:44 AM GMT
Chinese workers get about £100 a month, they get 3 weeks holiday ( often the only time they spend with their families) and when they get a bank holiday they are expected to work a nearby weekend. These are the urban workers the agricultural workers would kill for these jobs. The poorest of the poor in the uk are rich beyond the dreams of avarice compared with Chinese peasants.

Yet  we have gone round wwith the begging bowl. Shameless. I bet the human rights violating rulers of China are laughing their smocks off. We are pleased as punch that we may be able to borrow some money from China. They of course are insisting we spend it on infrastructure and not fritter it way. BTW this is not free money is still borrowed.

Chinese funds would help to update the west’s infrastructure – starting with Britain – in exchange for stable and sound financial returns.

Code for; we will soon be answering to China for how we manage our economy. I do not think they will be agianst the pay cuts.
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