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18 Nov 11 01:33
Date Joined: 25 Oct 03
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Melly melly melly, what a dreadful week for you. Your total lack of knowledge of markets was soundly exposed this week.Your  ridicule of me and all I  post now reads as the most idiotic call of all time.

Melly you have been beaten up so badly I doubt if can ever recover.Your credibilty, already south of the antartic must now be somewhere west of alpha centauriTongue Out
No poster has less credibilty than you.

Lets review the weekLove

1. BOE came out and pencilled in inflation of 1.7% for 2013. Your hyperinflation gibberish now counts  for blot. Less than blot.

2. Your ridicule of my 2 year trade thread blown away as the AUD slips under parity- predicted  and traded heavily by ME, ridiculed by YOU.Who was right?

3. Your baby- gold- fell out of bed being down mmmmmmmmmm what was it 50$ on thursday? Again you ridiculed ME but YOU were again WRONG and I was AGAIN RIGHT.

  Everything you stand for FAILED this week, in spectacular fashion.YOU are a FAILURE MELLY,  A HUGE FAILURE.

Then you are absent from the forum because you lack the courage to face up to it. AGAIN.

i have taken your crap thread after thread and now I am vindicated. I am king and you are the court peasant.

Now be a man and create a post admitting to your moronic state and MY superiority.

Or don't be absent and admit you are a beaten man.Either way  I WIN. again.
Pause Switch to Standard View Mellys week from hell- could he be...
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Report Dotchinite November 18, 2011 12:12 PM GMT
Good luck with following forecasts from the BOE.
Report Menelaus November 18, 2011 1:30 PM GMT
Not to worry mate, he doesn't know what the BoE or it's function is, and he certainly doesn't know how to use any forecasts, good or bad. It's just something that he came across reading the tabloids that morning and he thought it would be a good chance to post on here and feign some knowledge.

I've had more lunches with Spencer Dale than this buffoon has had dates with a girl and he comes on here spewing rubbish about what the BoE said. You couldn't make this stuff up Laugh
Report FINE AS FROG HAIR November 18, 2011 2:12 PM GMT
How is Spencer these days ?
Lovely chap.
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