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Horse racing.

20 Nov 10 17:30
The great world of horse-racing and blogging have become meshed of late with everyone who knows everything about horse-racing and gifted with the ability to write words simply proffering their ideas so others can read with interest what they should be doing so as to be chic.
You have to be on faceyB, tweeting, and God knows what else so as to be with it!
I'm not a big punter by any means, 10, 20 or 50 maximum but if its good info from a reliable source then I sometimes go to 200.
I have plenty of knowledge about horse-racing most of it bad, some not so bad and other bits that make me look and feel like a pro' punter but maybe that is the dangerous combination that keeps us all looking at the racing or football every day or weekend. Well that's where I find myself now!
The great result of writing things down is that it makes you think about what you are doing and it also gives you reference for hindsight and thus letting you decide if you have made mistakes in your judgement or missed something that could have made a difference to you forming your opinions. Technology has moved so quickly in recent years that it is easy to get left behind but that is part and parcel of all aspects of life. The cost to somebody unable to get access to Betfair prices or trading software is impossible to ignore. It is a personal opinion that there is no future in backing or laying markets without an edge of sorts and the age of the traditional punter who earns his wage goes to the betting office does his bet and watches the race is nigh on gone.
I hope these simple words I write have put you in the picture, so far!
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