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Betfair saved my life

18 Apr 13 19:00
Well there it is i've said it. Betfair saved my life: or more accurately it didn't really. But it sent my life in directions which previously were closed to poor people.
But at what cost did i stop and think of the consequences of my actions, do any of us consider the consequences of what we do when we're in the eye of the storm? I don't mean the misery and suffering of other people losing their hard earned money to you, I can live with that. I mean, what other parts of your life suffer due to the ups and downs of gambling, the stress and the strain not forgetting the time consuming aspect working during otherwise social periods eg weekends and evenings. And what emotions are left at the end of such prolonged squeaky bumming.

1/ Pro gamblers are loud charismatic devious individuals correct?

Not at all, alot of gamblers are more likely an introvert, someone who's content tapping away on his little keyboard alone for hours and hours.

2/ Surely pro gamblers are flash spenders with an easy come easy go attitude if not to life then to money?

Again absolutely not i believe the opposite to be true, whilst i could gamble £200,000 in an hour I am the type of individual who'd struggle to shop at Waitrose as i'd know Sainsburys was a bit cheaper!

3/ 10 years betting Am i an emotionally drained?

Absolutely, but a couple of months of little betting + a caribbean holiday and i'm fighting fit again.
Beware the daily grind, when your head hits the pillow all you think about is your days betting p&l do that for 4000 days in a row and not be stressed and i'll be impressed.

4/ Worst aspect of betting?

For me stress stress stress, the unjust nature of betting, the almost comical way you lose when you're on a losing streak, the ability to lose in ways you never dreamt possible. But when relaxing you realise its just natures way of showing you you won too much at other times and in the end it'll all balances out.
Also when your edge dries up, but when one story ends another begins.(i hope)

5/ What other parts of your life have suffered?

Financially my life is better, but everything else apart from close family has been firmly ignored. Friends were pretty sparse anyway but think a few got p1ssed off with my new cars, house, whilst not going to work much, where as they worked all the time and were still in debt. So i've not gone out a whole lot i would pass an invitation in favour of betting and invariably i'd win a few hundred and think to myself its good to stay in and bet rather than go out.
Also my personality whilst being polite, kind, generous, helpful, considerate, funny, modest, i'm probably a bit quiet sometimes and happy to stay in with my dog...  and wife + family.

6/ What was you inspiration to work so hard for so long?

When i started BF i had over 10 years working in betting shops as my background, this gave me no assistance in terms of betting skills by the way, so i'd had over 10 years of vile customers and bosses who treat you worse than a dog, incompetent colleagues who snooze at the counter selfish to the core, so when you spend so much of your life in this environment if you get a glimmer of a different life as i did when i joined BF then you have to give it 110% as a divvy footballer would say.

7/ Fascinating stuff, i'm sure your 4 readers will enjoy this update

Fk em, sorry no pics on this update i know we all like a little pic to keep the post interesting.
The £200k mentioned above is the t/o i'd bet in a period, at no time was i risking £200k to lose the lot, i would cross trade at all times across multiple markets as my initial title said 10yrs £1 million so risking £200k would be silly.

8/ Who interviewed you?

Myself, i'm not crazy you gotta believe me.

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A player that despite scoring the goal for my favourite bet still irritates me due to his goal celebration...Always liked Shearers classic celebration but then his punditry is annoying so i guess theres no pleasing some.

Well here it is my favourite bet of all time:

So a meaningless friendly Holland v Rep of Ire: for some reason 0-1 was trading about 69/1 to 129/1 so took what was on offer about £70 at average 99/1 a (all approx it was along time ago) so £7k profit topped up with wins on other markets. The more i write the more i realise this isn't especially interesting as a great bet is a bit personal so really only interesting to me and maybe the plonker offering 69/1 to 129/1 on the bet.

So what about me, where do i see my future is it bots is it carry on the same for the next ten years, well simply no and no. I have had enough of betfair, do i blame the hierarchy, do I blame PC, do i blame cheating courtsiders, do I blame insider cheats, do i blame anyone or anything?  No. I blame my lack of drive and intellect to compete. I prayed daily for another year of success every year from 2004 onwards and to be honest I lasted longer and made more money than I ever dreamt I would. Using my small sports knowledge and modest education I achieved unbelievable success. I started with no help from anyone. I worked full time, betting during lunchbreaks, evenings and days off. I never quit work just reduced my hours. All this from a naturally lazy man! I bet every day, have t/o of £100 million on the exchange which is chicken feed to some users, but sounds quite alot to me! especially all manually done.

But how did I do it? I'll leave that for the next post.
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31 Oct 12 22:16
Evening gents, trust you're all well, no sh1tting tonight, straight on with what you want.

Number 2 in my all time list of favourite bets


Following my previous bet at number 3 where i won £10k whilst having a meal in a restaurant, this bet i won £11k while playing a cricket match! taking a few wickets; hitting a few runs, with regular updates from umpires as to how Harrington who had drifted to 70/1 to win The Open. He drifted yet i won on him any ideas why that would be the case?

So couple of beers after the match got home logged on just in time to see my American golf bet for the night was trading about 1.11 going on to win me another £5k bringing the daily total to a not too shabby £16k plus a winning cricket match (who gives a fk lol)


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20 Sep 12 11:38
Ever woken up the night after getting drunk with regret?
Imagine my shame upon waking realising i was blogging vegetable recipes the night before.
That was a pretty wild night...

Still no harm done i suppose, only my online persona which i care about deeply!
No1 rat fan Bruce did request tips as well.

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19 Sep 12 22:42
Boiled carrots are dull.

Instead, for a large carrot slice into 4 pieces, season with salt and sugar... cook in a pan with butter for 30 mins over a low to medium heat. yum.

Asparagus, choose nice wide asparagus no skinny little ones!  peel, snap, cook for 5 mins in butter (not margarine peasants), yum...

Appreciate good ingredients not just salty sh1t ratfans.

Can this blog get any better, i think not...

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09 Sep 12 10:31
As my ratfans are acutely aware there is 3 days until i've been on BF for 10 whole long years...

So in honour of myself here's number 3 in my all time favourite bets.

The reason this bet stands out is, it reflects a period (too short) of my life/betting (is there a differenceScared) when everything i touched won.
The lead up to the bet was: been winning for 4 years with new cars holidays and now upgrade to the 4 bed detached mock tudor crib. Move in, the following month 2006 world cup starts netting £50k, followed by £30k the next month and £30k the following month. So in the space of 3 months i fully repaid a 25 year £100,000 mortgage on me crib, not all gamblers are reckless some can be sensible.

This bet is symbolic of that period and was my best match from the 06 world cup
Put up a few £k of bets on Mexico v Argentina and went out with the new neighbours for a welcome meal at a restaurant. Not knowing what bets were matched, turns out i was matched on all but the bets that eventually won, cannot be more specific but returned home at midnight logged on to check and saw a profit of £10k for my nights work of sitting drinking/eating in a restaurant...  Nothing is sweeter than £10k cash for 10 mins work.

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feedback at last

18 Jul 12 10:57
17 Jul 12 21:44 Joined: 27 Jul 10 | Topic/replies: 3,641 | Blogger: BruceWillis's blog

Nice blog you deluded cant

We'll appears i have my first fan, thankyou Bruce.
Think his punctuation is missing:

Nice blog, you deluded? can't.......

If you get round to finishing the sentence pm me. still encouraging to know you like my blog.
Secondly i would like to apologise personally to Bruce as my first and number 1 fan and all my other readers for not updating lately but i expected  50,000 hits in the first week and when it hit 20 after 3 months i must admit i became disillusioned however a few encouraging words from Bruce and i'm revved up and ready to blog watch this space...

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bunting hell

09 Jun 12 12:27
12 views, looks like my blog has gone viral..

Ok fans, will keep the suspense surrounding my top 3 for another post.

I'm too busy searching for buntingCry for a jubilee street party, the pound shop has sold out (the life of the top 500 super PC brigade is not all beer and skittles).

Like most successful traders on BF i started with a small initial deposit of only £50 i quickly won and raised my deposit to £500, i immediately started winning, no mucking around with new and different methods, as soon as i had a look at BF and how it worked, in a split second/ instant/ no delay, thought if i do this and people did that then i could win so i did this and people did that, then i won so i repeated it again and again and again and again etc etc etc..

Like curley said in the classic film city slickers when asked about the secret of life he answered;
"One thing"
"What is that one thing" they asked.
"That's for you to find out"

Well for me, the secret of life for BF anyway was one thing and to repeat that one thing millions of timesConfused

Well back to my bunting search wish me luck, if i don't succeed my neighbours will be beyond upset and will severely limit my cucumber sandwich intake.

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10 views already, awesome

23 May 12 19:48
The Betfair community holding it's breath for another update...
A stampede of 10 views already (not sure if those 10 are me checking to see if anyones checked) and still awaiting my first follower nudge nudge wink wink!

I've spent my forum career moaning about the vulgarity of posting large winnings and here i am telling a bunch of weirdos(only joking, perfectly normal to be checking someone called ronaldinhorat's profile) about my winnings, but hopefully i put my winnings into a bit of context making it interesting. Thats my target.

Anyway here it is the big moment my 4th favourite win:

Anyone recognise him, answers on a postcard to...

Now there's a couple of golfers on my top 5 list, despite golf winnings accounting for only 5% of total profits (over 90% football), the reason being; there's more time to turnover a lot of money hence bigger profits or losses.

Anyway the golfer is Kenneth Ferrie and he won the European Open, i thought it was the irish open but googled it and apparently it wasn't! 
There's not much of a story to accompany this one, but a top 5 had to have the biggest win ever in it somewhere, so a £14k win back in 2005.

This was a bit of a thrill as my annual wage in 2005 was about £19k so about £15k after deductions, so pretty much my annual wage on 1 bet and still my biggest win on one event (not day) secures a place in my top 5...Cool

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testing testing

28 May 12 21:35
Hello rat fans...

I will boast about my previous 10 years, i'll explain my five favourite bets of all time and reasons why. Also i'll give a couple of my most upsetting near misses.

Aside from that i fear my blog will stop!

So at number 5 in the list of all time favourite bets was the England world cup final victory in 2003.

The reason this is selected is not for the gross win, about £3k, although that was a decent win in 2003 just a year into my BF career, but one of my favourites because:

I was playing the markets and the markets swung.... with all the money for England leaving me green on Australia! now having been a England fan for many years and punch drunk from constant failure i had the position of; winning £3k and England lose, or lose £2k and England win both options i hated!

Well the match finished a draw (quite rare in rugby for my asian fans) and Jonny Wilkinson ensures England win the world cup and i win £3k...a perfect ending, oh joy and that's only number 5!! i bet you're excited for number 4 eh.Tongue Out

When i next almost lose the will to live i'll post up number 4 in my list....

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