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12 Apr 20 19:16
Date Joined: 02 Jun 11
| Topic/replies: 2,222 | Blogger: Nonaynever's blog
I realise this forum is as good as dead but with more people than ever playing poker while being stuck in I thought I'd give it a go to get at least 1 thread going about a game I love. Maybe I'll end up talking to myself but that's ok, I've been doing a bit of that lately anyway.

I've been an I poker reg for about 8 or 9 years on 2 or 3 diff accounts and mainly play micro and low stakes MTT's. One thing that's cropped up in the last few days is Betfair discontinuing it's VPP scheme and allowing the player to redeem his/her points when they want. Now they'll automatically get redeemed when tyou reach the minimum threshold. I much preferred the old scheme and redeemed £231.11 last month in about 3 chunks that felt like it was worth it, now I'll just get 8 pound odd every 2 or 3 days. Also my first lot of points weren't credited when I reached the threshold and I had to contact Betfair who apologised and said they'd been having problems, has anybody else had issues like this?

I'm gonna make sure I put at least one post a day on this thread with anything cards related that's on my mind, feel free to join in, if not I'll just have a nice conversation with myself.
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Report casemoney April 12, 2020 9:16 PM BST
Back on Stars Small stake STT , couple of group Tourneys I play in as well
Report Nonaynever April 12, 2020 9:30 PM BST
I tried Stars a couple of years back but the fields are just too big in MTT's for me. I found myself playing for 5 hours and min cashing for 3 quid or somat stupid. You can't win the really big money on I poker but winning consistently at small stakes is more realistic I feel.

Anyway good luck in your Tourneys Casemoney, let me know how you get on.

Whats your thoughts about this thread and getting peoples thoughts about the game again? I'm sure there's loads on here that could teach me tons about the game.
Report cherrypicker April 12, 2020 11:41 PM BST
Hi guys,

I've set up over the last week, daily small buy-ins please take a look.

Report casemoney April 13, 2020 6:48 PM BST
Ill have a look, Been dreadfully card dead  , Get a hand everyone has folded

Bubbled in a Multi after being lucky to get that far , Then we have the free star

Spin and go Shyte  Which I played next I kid you not AA  AJ  KK TT  first 4 hands Laugh

Spin a goes Are 3 handed How can you

Possibly be dealt that in them games and sit for hours Card dead in other Games

They give u Free casino Spins  1p spins  You never lose with mega wins of 1.20 Laugh  Etc Thankfully

I have never  been involved in on line Slots , I find it all very suspicious  TBH ...

I packed the Game up Due  more being card dead for Days on end , than anything Else

Its the old Scenario you have to push with shyte  Even if your ahead you are heading out the

door Laugh And you know it when you put your chips in .. I wont be back long  When you are

Sitting for hours and your only possibility to see a flop is in the BB If no raise  Its all

pointless ...  In one game I had seen 8% of flops they were all in the BB Laugh I am not an ultra tight player LaughI treat the

game as a bit of Fun and pastime these Days TBH it is neither ..

The home games are a different matter Played 3 cash in one , but its different play going on and

you seem to get a few hands .... Anyway its not for me , I played for years for hours on end

I will never return to that status .. Happy G luck at the tables
Report Nonaynever April 13, 2020 7:10 PM BST
I know it's hard to take at times but the fact is that cards is a short term game of luck and a long term game of skill. I've had 8 months of run bad but still managed to win small, if well below my expected EV (I've kept a spread sheet for the last 2 1/2 years so I know to the penny how I'm doing).

It's hard not to tilt and I'd be lying if I said I'm not tilty at the moment but the fact is cards is a maths game and if you play the game to the fundamentals, you'll be a long term winner for sure. Downswings are a killer, made worse by the human emotions which can put you on tilt, be it short term in a tourney, or longer term tilt which I'm having at the moment.

Not wishing to give away any secrets but sometimes I'll have donk days where I purposely play that way, maybe more than 1 day because a poor table image can be great ESPECIALLY against the poor players in micro stakes. I also let my Girlfriend play the account at times just to get an even worse image if you know what I mean!!

Everyone has their own style and I'd say mine is pretty unique but it works for me and if it didn't I wouldn't play. The fact remains, if you base your own style around the fundamental maths of the game and don't become too predicable then you're a guaranteed winner long term in smaller stakes. On I poker at least (I realise the standard is a bit higher on stars), you're basically playing against mostly people who thinks that the game is as simple as their two cards and matching them with the ones that come out in the middle - that's as complicated as it is to them. Stack sizes, position at the table, their image, opponents image, Chip EV etc etc mean nothing to them.

I'm only a small winner but I think you can sum the game up with this - Cards is the best game in the world when you're runnning well and winning and the WORST game in the world when you're not. Keep grinding and good luck (unless you're in a hand with me)!!!
Report Nonaynever April 14, 2020 6:19 PM BST
I thought today I'd try to get peoples opinions on which style of play is most effective and whether they feel that style should be adjusted dependent on the standard of the game you're playing. I'll give my take on it and i'd appreciate comments from anyone who feel different and areas where I could improve.

Like most players when I first started I was a pretty passive tight player, play your big hands fold the rest, get AA UTG and flat call hoping to trap etc, basically all the bad habits of a poor player. As I played more and improved I took on a TAG style which, if you listen to most top pro's is looked upon as the most profitable style. For the last 18 months or so though I've been experimenting with a LAG style and actually feel that, certainly in the micro stakes MTT's, this is a more profitable style.

I've watched a lot of Doug Polk videos on Youtube and think he's very knowledgeable and talks an awful lot of sense but one area I take issue with him is his view that you should play the same style of poker i.e your style, no matter what level you're playing at. For example if i'm playing a micro MTT and get AA UTG in a rebuy period or late on in a tourney, it's getting shoved (even for 30/40 BB) for the reason I'm still likely to get one, two or even more callers and probably still would if I actually told the other players I had Aces. As you go up in stakes and ability, if you stick with this style you're just gonna waste a premium hand unless you're lucky enough that someone has QQ KK or maybe AK.

Like I say I've just been experimenting with this despite it being about 18 months and I've come to the conclusion (and my stats back it up) that if you play a LAG style at Micro it's probably the most profitable style but if you carry that over to small stakes even (£5 and £10 euro buy ins), it's not nearly as effective and for this reason I'll be changing my style to suite the buy in's I'm in.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this and any parts you particularly disagree with? Any feedback would be appreciated.
Report macarony April 15, 2020 2:10 PM BST
I have had a couple of games of badugi on stars
Report Nonaynever April 15, 2020 7:55 PM BST
Talking to myself it is then!

Today I'd like to get peoples take on how straight or otherwise online poker is. This always seems to evoke emotion so maybe We'll get 20 bad beat responses. Again I'll give my view and would entertain any views (fine chance) from anyone - or just tell me if I'm talking bollox - owt to get a bit of card discussion going at long last.

The two biggest worries or debatable areas of online poker for me are 1) Is the RNG truly random 2) How rife are BOTS, super users or collusion at the tables.

As far as the RNG goes, as I've said I've been playing on line for about 8 or 9 years, mostly on I poker but I have tried Stars and 888 and I cannot help but feel that the totally random way the cards are supposed to be dealt is at least questionable. You can read loads of threads on line about whether poker is **** and the people who say no usually label everyone else as poor losing players that simply don't understand the game. Well I'm not a loser and do ok from the game but I have serious doubts about how "random" it is. By this I don't mean to infer the whole game is **** and certainly not in anyone's favour, but I do feel that a percentage of the time cards are dealt dependent on the hole cards of the players in the hand. Now if this is the case 5% 10% or 50% of hands, it doesn't really matter, it basically means that the deal is not random and if it is in anyway influenced by people's hole cards then that's not poker. There are only 52 cards in the deck, not 520, strange run outs, bad beats, monster v monster etc are gonna be regular occurrences, I'm aware of that but I still believe that there is something in the argument that the "randomness" is variable.

I'm far more certain about the second worry being a big problem. On I poker I have people colour coded Green are the absolute worst of the worst Black are ok Blue are winners on Sharkscope rated 70+ Red are big winners on Sharkscope rated 80+ and then there are the purple who are the ones I want to talk about. These accounts have all the following in common - they all have their stats blocked on Sharkscope and Playerscope, they all have the EXACT same playing style right down to re buy and add on strategies, they ALL run like absolute gods and always seem to either have it or hit it, you'll never hear a peep out of them and they never get involved in big pots against each other. On I poker I've got about 25 coded this way and the i'd be 100% sure that most of these, if not all fall into 1 of the 3 categories I mentioned. My fav would be colluded accounts or same user accounts or BOTS but I wouldn't rule out super users either. I started a thread on the racing forum a few months ago where i actually named a few of these accounts and I have no problem naming any again on here. With all this said I've been accused of being a BOT a few times, mostly off the "lol" "really" gobby oddballs, and I'm sure it's not as rife as some would have you believe but I'm also sure there is a problem that needs looking at.

Anyone any views on any of this - I'll be holding my breath Cry
Report casemoney April 15, 2020 9:18 PM BST
Took A break for a couple days  Think I ran AK into a Massive A4 ,usual result,  I then Logged out < I have downed stakes for a while

STT and MTT see how it goes Happy

Regarding Bots I came across a Player who had played 46000 Games Av Stake $7  An profit $0.63 profit He knocked a friend out a Tourney , Late stages  , With a rediculous call for 60 % of his stack Shocked

Player was  showing a total profit of 28 k .... Plain
Report casemoney April 15, 2020 9:22 PM BST
That av profit per game .63
Report casemoney April 15, 2020 9:30 PM BST
Yep u get the Blinder A rag on the FT after somehow getting there with nothing , And you Push ,  yep the AA is sitting two chairs down Laugh
Report Nonaynever April 15, 2020 9:35 PM BST
Being a big and consistent winner isn't proof of anything dodgy. You can go on Sharkscope now and check a couple like BoneyM82 and Kelly0, both massive winners but nowt dodgy about them (on the flip side check 3dog3 - ouch!). The dodgy accounts all have their stats blocked (that's not to say that all blocked stats accounts are dodgy) and I bet there are some seriously good stats among those.
Report casemoney April 15, 2020 9:37 PM BST
9 seater tables How many times are there At least 2 Aces ?? Never mind 9 how many times 6 seated Laugh

As for the Flops there has to a percentage where they are dealt from a short deck 10 and up Laugh

I think I am being dealt from the fooking Remnants preflop Grin
Report casemoney April 15, 2020 10:00 PM BST
That maybe so Non but he is not getting to 28 K with the call he made in that particular game I cant find the screen shot of the hand my mate sent me ,its just silly Happy
Report casemoney April 16, 2020 2:19 AM BST
Stars completely Crashed the whole site Frozen PMSL
Report casemoney April 16, 2020 6:03 PM BST
Oh well Was lying 3rd in a 6 stt Got $ 18 refund Grin
Report Nonaynever April 16, 2020 6:27 PM BST
Looks like it's just you and me Case!

Today I want to talk about tilt and HOPEFULLY get peoples input on how it effects them and any methods they have to overcome it.

As I touched on above, I'm on "long term" tilt at the moment, that is I've been running bad for so long that I almost feel I'm "due" a change of luck. When I'm running well or even just ok, I can get a few bad beats in a day or a few days and it doesn't tilt me. At the moment however the bad run has gone on for so long that 1 or 2 bad beats and I'm back on it, even if I start the session with what I think is a clear mindset. For this reason I believe long term tilt is the biggest killer. Everyone has lost a big pot or two in a tourney to someone that's maybe been gobbing off and you end up spunking all your chips off, but what I'm experiencing at the moment is different and it's deffo effected my play and my results.

So what to do? Take time off? Go down in stakes? Blast your way through it? Move sites? I've heard all the suggestions and I've tried most of them but there doesn't seem to be anything that cures it. A change in running and fortune would but that's out of my hands - or is it?? I had a decent win in a bounty MTT last week and hoped that would be a turning point, the next day I couldn't win a hand again and every run out was killing me. Not moaning because I understand variance in poker and it appears I'm going through a prolonged downswing that I know will end IF i can control the tilt.

Anyone anything to say on this subject - breath held again!
Report casemoney April 17, 2020 2:48 PM BST
Dreadful Non , I wont go into the Hands , to add to it I was leading a 36 seater only a small tourney  , when I suddenly disconnected it was about the same Time it had happened the night
before, Believing everyone was the same I wasn't bothered , Until after about 20 mins I realised
I had disconnected ,the last time my internet had disconnected must be 6 months ago Laugh

Time I got back in I had dropped from 1st to 6th on the FT ,I honestly give up .. LOL
Report casemoney April 17, 2020 2:58 PM BST
As for my Juiced theory again on a 6 seater table 4 aces have appeared on the turn , I had

A3 which i folded to a Raise  flop Axx T A ,fella next to me then went all in was a couple suited

showing , other guy folded

Bloke said he had AJ when I asked , no reason not to believe him ...

4 bullets 16 cards  , I honestly have no Idea what cards people are playing any more

and spend half the time imagining weird and wonderful pockets people may have called with

Even to a Stiff pre flop raise ... Taking a break for a day or so ,Before I crack Laugh

G luck non ..
Report Nonaynever April 17, 2020 7:12 PM BST
Bad running streaks are a sad fact when it comes to cards, there's no avoiding them and in many ways it mirrors life, when you're struggling and really need a break, you tend to get kicked in the bollox. When you're flying and hitting every flop and river, life's great, unfortunately I'm in the bollock kicking period at the moment!

Is there anyone on here playing on I poker and experienced what I have lately? Since the latest update two things have happened, one is just an inconvenience but the other is costing me money and is very annoying. The auto fold selection isn't working (or only working a percentage of the time), i'll get 27 off, click auto fold so I can nip for a quick p1ss and then you return to find you've been timed out and all your time bank has gone. Like I say it's only a minor inconvenience but its still annoying.

The second glitch is a bigger problem. Last night after getting knocked out of the my 10th MTT without 1 cash, I decided to play a 10 euro twister. I entered and got 1 20 euro prize fund so I thought I'll enter another and while it was loading the second table the whole thing froze. This is a regular occurrence and the only thing you can do is restart your computer, the big problem being that since the latest upgrade, when you log back in it doesn't automatically re open any games you're in. In MTT's this isn't a big problem, you just find the tourney, open you're table and you're away, but in twisters and STT's there's no option do do so (unless anyone know's anything different). So that was 19 quid spunked away and no way (or point) to complain. It's not the first time this has happened lately and it's costing me money, has anyone else come across this and if so is there any solution?
Report Ldee April 18, 2020 8:50 PM BST
Poker Stars is a complete fish fest at the lower stakes at the moment. I've been a regular in the 10NL Zoom pool and 16/25NL regular cash games. Over the last few weeks the games have gone mental, it's like before black Friday. If your half decent you can turn a profit playing several tables with just a basic TAG style. Just mark the fish and target them and bet for Value. Stay away from Betfair/ipoker it's complete bot collusion, if you have to play any game there just stick to the Speed poker were collusion is harder.
Report casemoney April 18, 2020 10:49 PM BST
I cannot have it anymore  was Just on a 6 stt  And I am not complaining about a bad  Beat at all

3 left Im dealt AQ raise 3 x bb  called by the other 2  Flop XQX  2 diamonds Im all in

Player A calls Shows  KK  Player B  Calls Shows AA Laugh Please God you would have more

Chance of winning the lottery than pulling them 6 from a deck  Laugh  I

I cannot have it  I feel sorry for the poor fooker with KK Grin

had few very small games on here sadly not enough players but at least it reps a real game Happy
Report Richie_Burnett April 22, 2020 5:07 PM BST
I always pegged BoneyM for a bot, then I saw this thread on a Russian forum which confirms it.

He was there all night, every night. Playing games from 50c - €100. Makes no sense whatsoever.
Report casemoney April 23, 2020 2:40 AM BST
EMERGENCY SERVER RESTART ON STARS  all Tourneys will be cancelled Laugh wot a site

Much rather play on here but so few players STT its not good  ... 

Richie the amount of russians on there mate,anything could be going down ..And that is nothing to with politics Grin
Report casemoney April 23, 2020 2:48 AM BST
Strangely the Spin And Go games were under maintenance prior to all the Multis /STT being cancelled

In order to get the spin and Gos back online they have quite obviously had to reboot the whole shebang

and that my friends is what you are Dealing with on there Grin  I am telling you the Site is a money spinning wrong un ...
Report casemoney April 23, 2020 2:51 AM BST
Cash games still running and Flooded with Players Waiting to get on Laugh
Report Richie_Burnett April 23, 2020 11:04 AM BST
I heard stars are having problems with disconnects. Seems like it's happening to everyone. I don't play there cos of the field sizes, better players and no rake back.
Report Nonaynever April 25, 2020 12:29 AM BST
Richie I read the (Russian) thread that you posted and it's certainly got me thinking. First I'd say that having used google translate so I could read it, I'm not sure how accurate the translation is in parts so it was a bit hard to follow, it was like broken English. There are 2 or 3 names mentioned on there that I've got tagged as dodgy accounts and it's strange how a lot of these seem to have gone missing lately. Pest1c1de and Fa5tnloud where two accounts I was certain where dodgy and now I don't see them, GeneralCbet is another that's gone missing but I didn't have him tagged, nor BoneyM82, who again seems to have disappeared.

Regardless of names, as I've mentioned I'm having a prolonged downswing and when this sort of thing happens you start to question everything, even whether you are playing on a level field and maybe I've been very naive in thinking for the most part that I am. I've just come off another terrible session where I can barely win a hand never mind a tourney and it seems whatever cards someone has to have or hit, they will. In isolation this can be easily forgotten but when you have a prolonged spell like I'm having it can tilt you terribly, which obviously contributes to your downswing even more.

This is not sour grapes, I'm up around 12 grand on SScope on the 3 accounts I've played on, so I'm not a loser but I do feel that the site is not as straight as I believed it to be. As I said in above post I wouldn't even rule out the odd super user amongst these dodgy accounts and it's seriously affected my faith in the site and it's very difficult to win at cards if you don't trust the site or the players you're up against.

I suppose this has come about because I'm on a downswing and looking for answers but I certainly feel that I poker and indeed all on line poker sites have a serious problem with the bots/colluders and worse.
Report Richie_Burnett June 5, 2020 6:31 AM BST
Sorry, I totally forgot about this. I hardly ever check this part.

The reason for a lot of bans is possibly a change in T+Cs - I got banned from here too, it was just because I excluded myself from the casino about >10 years ago and now you can't play poker if you're banned from the casino. Fkn toxic cos I lost all my notes/colour tags and they can clearly see that I am gambling responsibly. Luckily, Grosvenor has moved back to ipoker this month so I'm gonna start up there. I was downswinging pretty hard on here too throughout 2018/2019. I was winning at close to 30bb/100, adjusted - but busting games quicker than I could regLaugh

Play mostly on GG now. Super fun site imo.
Report Scrappy Doo June 26, 2020 10:30 PM BST
arty is soft , back to winning ways stakes 11 to 33  mtts    lots of overlays also
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