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27 Jul 16 17:14
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I started playing online at the beginning of the online poker birth with Poker Room and Party Poker .... it was fair and fun. Then it boomed and the unscrupulous operators moved in who were comfortable in the grey areas of law, then it skyrocketed in popularity and every bookie wanted to get on the bandwagon of profit without risk. Then the greed kicked in and software was manipulated to increase profit by increase rake returns, as well as using their own players in the games for even more profit.

Bookies are happy to outsource the running of the software to companies which proclaim to be legit, through clever lawyers or seemingly honest maths gurus to produce statements of apparent randomness which fit within the law, but not necessarily actually true to the facts.

It is so profitable, the bookies just conveniently ignore the fix - maybe they want to appease shareholders, or the greed blinds them from investigating it too closely, or dont want the cost and responsibility of running the servers and looking for bots and collusion, not that the present sites do much of that as they are already involved in their own fraud.

Either way, Betfair has built up a very good reputation and business practice in all its other revenue streams, yet sold out to i-poker and has been in decline ever since and continues to be .... so the question is why continue to run it like this and harm the reputation of its company, when they could just stop being in denial and reboot their whole poker site. They could pay programmers from a top academic university or other trusted source to design software based on a new construct, which was not corrupted and manipulated by its operator. Then the word would soon get around the WWW and poker players would flock there to play ... and they could monopolize the UK market !

In fact, anyone with the time, money and inclination could do this, but obviously staying on the gravy train and claiming innocence  ( or is that ignorance ) is easier than standing up and leading the way, and who wants to risk their job and income in the poker management team to suggest this ?

C'mon Betfair .... you are better than this !
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Report rakemonkey September 10, 2019 9:36 PM BST
In my opinion mate it's a no risk strategy for the major bookies to use poker servers like ipoker and others who have there servers situated on a banana island somewhere cos when any foul play is found (which rarely never is as say for example the government of Curacao is not gonna clamp down on shady goings on, financial irregularities or cheating ect from a poker server situated there or shady owners doing dodgy stuff as having the servers situated there probably adds loads to that local economy for a small offshore island

So when things like black friday happen English bookies will not take the blame and can distance themselves and there brand from all the carnage
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