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28 Jun 13 09:23
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this is what i emailed betfair a little while ago

username - leanardo22

table - 754718131
hand - 4916775674


Basically was in a hand earlier everything was fine till the turn card and my opponent bet at me next thing I know I was autofolded instantly after his bet. It was not a miclick as my mouse pointer was in the middle of the screen  and my connection was fine as I was still logged into the software . Has anyone reported this bug before ?

After all the troubles I had with ongame using betfair I now seem to be having glitches with ipoker now and Is putting me off playing on ipoker again and probably betfair for good especially if it is going to be autofolding me during cash hands for no apparent reason lol which is crazy as I play on many sites and have never experienced that happen before.

I have previously complained about being disconnected from a tourney when I was chipleader and not being allowed back in even though there was no connection problem my end and was actually talking to one of your staff on the phone at the time and she said there was nothing she could do so this does not fill me with any confidence that if there is software errors on playtechs side I basically have to except my money is lost as betfair do not take responsibility.

Also I have had weird clitches too with sitting out of hands when I haven't requested in both tournies and cash and this is the main reason why I haven't really deposited anything big on betfair as I do not feel secure and as safe as I did when you was independent network a few years back in the good old days.

This is not a rant btw as I have been a betfair customer for many years now and use to see you as my number 1 for poker and nowadays I just have no confidence in the networks you use or the software or how you deal with poker queries generally as my last email I sent support took 4 days or so to get a reply.

Just wanted to give you my thoughts as a long term customer losing his faith with your poker software and providers.

leanardo22 :-(
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Report chipfire227 June 28, 2013 4:05 PM BST
I had major disconnection issues like many others immediately after the switch so stopped playing on the site.

I got a phonecall about a month ago saying the problems were fixed and would I like to come back.

Theres a 5k freeroll for Elite Level players on Sunday that I want to play as it will only have a few runners so I have been trying to get the site working this last week playing a few low stakes SNG's. I still get horrific lag and disconnected every 10 minutes or so, even only playing one table.

I also get periods where the game just seems to jump so I will be waiting to act and suddenly find my cards folded even though at no point does it tell me Im disconnected or sat out, nor do I have to take any action to " sit back in " to the game.

I get numerous random error messages popping up with various urls, these are scripting and java messages too numerous to mention. I also sporadically got an error message after logging out stating the playtech poker client is incompatible with my PC. This message tells me I am missing flash.ocx which is no longer compatible with my version of windows.

I have unistalled and reinstalled  the poker and flash player, I have also downloaded the Adobe Flash plug in to resolve the missing ocx.

Nothing works and the issues remain. Judging by the number of disconnects in the games from other players at the tables its clearly still a problem.

Im still gonna try and play this Freeroll on Sunday but other than that Ive withdrawn all funds from my BF account and wont be using either the poker or exchange at any point in the near future.

As you say their refusal to even acknowledge there is a problem to longstanding and loyal customers speaks volumes.
Report Sven Vath June 28, 2013 4:25 PM BST
Posted on the other thread, but basically I have had the same problems on ipoker as both of you. 

It has to the worst software betfair has used yet, which is saying something! I quite liked the others by the time they got rid of it.
Report rakemonkey June 28, 2013 5:28 PM BST
So I guess I am not the only one then :-(

I do not think it is just betfair but in general I look at all the major sites on poker scout and none of them fill me with confidence for various reasons. Maybe I am just turning bitter towards online poker and maybe the urge to grind for me is not there no more.

Pokerstars - civil penalties imposed in response to the allegations that PokerStars lied to US banks about the nature of its business in order to operate online poker in the country.
Corporate fraud and money laundering basically.

Full Tilt - Well we all know about the Ponzi scheme that took place previously here and are now owned by Pokerstars. great !!!! pokerstars have a monopoly now

Ipoker - Be lucky to sit down at a cash table without half of them being bots. Not to mention strange disconnections deep into tourneys without any explanation.

888 Poker - Possibly the most irritating poker room on the internet. Silly graphics and irritating themes and there rake is laughable

Party Poker - Software so annoying to multitable on and now have split their rooms to protect the fish and hurt the grinders.
Report chipfire227 June 28, 2013 8:07 PM BST
Keeping things on one thread I think there is a fundamental lack of understanding within BF Poker of what players actually want from a network. As Sven says on the other thread, you need to be able to multitable whether its cash or SNG, and you need stability on the platform,because particularly with turbo or super turbo SNG, even a disconnection of a few minutes can cripple you, especially in games like D2N where players will simply blind you out as quick as they possibly can.

The other thing you absolutely have to have is traffic.

All the other stuff, customer service, variety of games, your promos, leaderboards, fancy avatars, 3D graphics, r@keback, are cherries on the cake. Before you do ANY of that you have to have stability, and traffic. And without stability you wont get traffic.

BF seem to do things arse about t1t, they seem to think as long as they run promotions people will play, even if they are getting constantly disconnected. They seem to switch networks without asking the basic question before launch-does it actually work ?

The constant pop ups on I-poker are a nightmare, and agree about 888 becoming irritating, wtf is all this stuff with people chucking eggs and tomatoes at each other ? Lunacy and presumably aimed at the twice a week for an hour punters, but driving the regulars nuts.

Anyway on the off chance anyone from BF Poker reads these threads heres tonights chipfire Ipoker experience, done purely for the purpose of this thread

19:01 load up the BF Ipoker

19:06 after 5 minutes eventually get through login to the lobby and look for  Freerolls.

19:08 loading the freeroll lobby disconnects me. I  also get my first error message stating Unresponsive Plugin : Shockwave Flash may be busy or it may have stopped working. When reconnected I register for a freeroll at 19:30

19:14 disconnected again despite not actually playing anything

19:16 after briefly re-connecting I get thrown out of the poker client altogether. Log back in which takes about 2 minutes.

19:29 disconnected

19:31 I join my table, I have 99 and as we only have 100 chips I press all in. Nothing happens for 10 seconds and then I disconnect with no idea whether my chips are in the pot or not. Another shockwave error message.

19:32 I log out.

I was using task manager to check my CPU usage and there were times it was jumping to 100% even when I wasnt playing and had nothing else open on my laptop other than the lobby.
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