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04 Mar 13 02:41
Date Joined: 29 Sep 10
| Topic/replies: 9 | Blogger: zwieback's blog
goodbye betfair, that was it, i really tried to play on your new software but for the following reasons i say goodbye after many years:

- the Ipoker network is bot infested as hell and nobody does anything against it, no they are even welcome because they generate more rake. I advice anyone whos interested to search for this there are so many threads and evidences about. On top bots are capable of playing together/collude...

- the **** software itself is such a joke. Betfair went from good to bad (ongame) to worst (ipoker). Haha and what tilts me to no end is when ur in a game and the software disconnects it immediately logs you out... and if that isnt enough it says, you can just continue playing in OFFLINE mode... Are you kidding me???

- The SNG Rake. I mean the rake is just ridiculous especially in micro sngs you pay 20% for 6max hyper turbos??? Nobody can ever beat this its just a big joke. You should support recreational and micro players instead of ripping them off...

- The structure of hypers are also **** as hell... I mean even if the blinds go up every minute, they are no real hypers because of the 1500chips you get in the beginning. It just results in a big lottery when the blinds are high, because everybody plays tight in the beginning with such a big chip stack. I dont understand why theyre not following the succesful structure of all other sites with 500chips?

I know that Betfair does not have impact on all things ive listed, but i blame betfair for joining this network, which is by far the worst network out there.Why not join party poker/bwin, no it has to be ipoker?? I know Betfair gives good promotions and i wouldve really liked to use them but it is just impossible.

I really hope Betfair see their mistake and joins as soon as possible a POKER NETWORK. For all others who still playing (which cannot be that much, maybe some tourney players), whish u best of luck with the pokerbots, crappy software and crappy structures. A really disappointed costumer!!!

/rant off
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