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06 Feb 13 04:35
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Friend dragged me along to the Big Slick Purley.  This has to be the lowest form of Poker Club on earth . Full of chavs attempting chip tricks talking utter bol#### about poker like the holding pen for the J Kyle show vile.

The air stank of weed , if this toilet is open in a year I will eat my hat .

Opening table guy next to me stinks like a vat of piss his suit must of cost 2 quid telling me how he kills it online calls me down I have QQ 30 k stack on a board 5 6 Q A 9  I push all in in a 30 k freeze out , goes into the tank talking boll##### and says I have to call wont believe it 64  Oh my god. Though you were bluffing .

Any stinking innit chavs reading great place your gunna fit in great have fun
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Report The Leopard February 6, 2013 9:57 AM GMT
Maybe that is your average poker just can't smell them online....Laugh
Report page-413 February 6, 2013 10:42 AM GMT
very good point ! when you see EPT abroad it looks so classy though.
Report fedddddddd uppppppppp February 6, 2013 4:24 PM GMT
yea watched EPT last night... slightly less smelly chav players, but they still call with S*ITE hands,

standard of play is woeful

Annette bust out just before bubble... and yes she is woeful


Report page-413 February 7, 2013 12:58 PM GMT
Agree the standard of play I have seen live is dreadful compared to high stakes online.

This visit was only a £40 freeze out but some of the plays you couldn't make up !!

Guys calling all the way to the river with ace high ... couldn't put any ace down .

I know this is the toilet end of poker but the high end MTT must be so much fun in classy casinos

Its all the bollocks that goes with it as well . There where some decent intelligent guys there just kept their mouths shut ..

Packs of chavs disecting every hand and being totally and utterly wrong about everything  "Had to call innit bruv odds where in favour innit " Vile chav next top me sodden in urine then starts " yes bruv innit you good player innit bruv.  Hell just go and relive this a hell hole
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