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17 Nov 12 20:41
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Report JoKeR373 November 17, 2012 8:51 PM GMT
i will explain firstly in 2 buck sat
so should expect

layers in round: 8 (10)
Seat 1: dellos1986 (9185)
Seat 2: vandamme46 (17015)
Seat 3: Kardaani500 (10040)
Seat 4: ori36three (10605)
Seat 5: scoob147 (5340)
Seat 8: bobby1408 (9430)
Seat 9: KATERINA963 (2890)
Seat 10: JoKeR373x (7495)
JoKeR373x posts ante 25
dellos1986 posts ante 25
vandamme46 posts ante 25
Kardaani500 posts ante 25
ori36three posts ante 25
scoob147 posts ante 25
bobby1408 posts ante 25
KATERINA963 posts ante 25
JoKeR373x posts small blind (125)
dellos1986 posts big blind (250)
Dealing pocket cards
Dealing to JoKeR373x: [9c, 9h]
vandamme46 folds
Kardaani500 raises 500 to 500
ori36three folds
scoob147 folds
bobby1408 folds
KATERINA963 folds
JoKeR373x raises 1825 to 1950
dellos1986 folds
Kardaani500 calls 1450
--- Dealing flop [8s, 2c, Js]
JoKeR373x bets 5520 [all in]
Kardaani500 calls 5520
--- Dealing turn [As]
--- Dealing river [8d]
Main pot: 15390 won by Kardaani500 (15390)
Rake taken: $0
Seat 1: dellos1986 (8910), net: -275
Seat 2: vandamme46 (16990), net: -25
Seat 3: Kardaani500 (17935), net: +7895, [8h, 7c] (THREE_OF_A_KIND EIGHT)
Seat 4: ori36three (10580), net: -25
Seat 5: scoob147 (5315), net: -25
Seat 8: bobby1408 (9405), net: -25
Seat 9: KATERINA963 (2865), net: -25
Seat 10: JoKeR373x (0), net: -7495, [9c, 9h] (TWO_PAIR NINE, EIGHT)
***** End of hand T5-287978155-110 *
Report JoKeR373 November 17, 2012 8:55 PM GMT
if i am wrong on how bad the hand is and played please tell
i wanted to rail and cus him for at least 5 mins
so want 5 or 10 min rail time
thnk thats what made the prevois forum
increased rail time
point of thread
Report JoKeR373 November 17, 2012 8:57 PM GMT
forgot to mention 8 players left 6 places paid
Report Ovalman. November 18, 2012 1:31 PM GMT
I read The Poker Mindset during the week and have been keeping quiet at the tables. It really serves no purpose abusing the fish. You really don't want to point out their mistakes as they will either improve or leave the game completely.

I ran that hand through Pokerstove, you're 85% favourite pre and 82% when the chips went in so you done no wrong but look at it from your opponents perspective. Top pair is usually good on that flop and beats a wide range of your possible holdings. It's a dry board, suits his hand well and in his blinkered vision he hasn't considered what you could be holding. It is $2 as you say so you can't expect the majority of the field to be any good. It hurts but it's players like this that drive the industry. You don't want to be playing good players, you want the fish like this even if they do occasionally bad beat you.

Don't dis your opponent, just take notes and move on.
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