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23 Jul 12 00:29
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SB 1k BB 2k.... 9 handed MTT.... mid tourny...

UTG (66K) raises 2.95 x BB.

i (48k) am third to act with JJ. I just call.

Player 7 (36K) calls, everyone else folds

flop Jd 8c 2d.

UTG bets 1/3 pot. I call, player 7 calls.

Turn = Ts...board = Jd, 8c, 2d, ts

I bet half pot (about 18k)

Player 7 folds.

UTG is all in for another 15k or so. I call

UTG turns over Q9 (off) for a straight.

My question is. Did I do anything wrong slow playing here? Hard to put UTG on a draw here raising in early position. Should I have played this differently?
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Report The Klup July 23, 2012 8:34 AM BST
Sometimes its just down to bad luck

Potentially you are giving people cheap cards on the flop with a flush and straight draws out there, but when you flop a monster you want to get paid and its a risk that usually pays off.
Report chipfire227 July 23, 2012 6:40 PM BST
His flop bet is virtually screaming " I am on a draw " imho.

As for it being hard to put him on a draw, Ad Kd, or even Ad Qd, spring to mind.

I think if he has an overpair he makes a stronger bet. Same if he's bluffing.

You have to re-raise on the flop.If I've read it right theres around 24k in the middle after his bet on the flop. Thats enough for me to stick the lot in.

If they fold then its very unlikely you were going to get paid on the turn anyway unless an ace comes.
Report page-413 July 23, 2012 7:39 PM BST
not sure anyone cares ?
Report Dooberama July 23, 2012 9:23 PM BST
You have 24 bigs, you haven't got the odds to set mine.

Pre flop, if UTG is aggro, raise and call all in.

What were you thinking when you called pre?  If you are calling pre because you thought he was a nit, then you should raise the flop. 

The turn makes no sense, as utg hasn't acted
Report Helmuthian Folds July 23, 2012 10:16 PM BST
You have to reraise preflop.

Once you haven't you have to shove the flop.

On the turn you have to call but the errors are already made.
Report doantwin2easy July 24, 2012 1:28 AM BST
thanks, some good advise. Looks like I should have raised pre (was hoping to see a low flop before committing my stack) and certainly raised the UTG aggressor when he bet small on the flop especially with someone to act behind.

Seems like a pretty bad error now as has been pointed out. Hopefully I will hit the time button next time.

Page-413 maybe it's what a forum is for? and people obviously do care enough to answer a genuine question.
Report chipfire227 July 24, 2012 11:53 AM BST
Being honest and seeking advice on hands you think you played wrong is a great way to improve your  game. It actually takes a lot of guts to post something and open yourself up to ( constructive ) criticism.

JJ is a hand a lot of people struggle to get right. A lot will depend on what info you hold on the original raiser and how he's  been playing. It sounds like you weren't in love with the hand,  feared a re-raise pre flop may have induced a shove from UTG and left you with a tough decision. You call his shove, he flips over AA, and you look daft.

However you also didnt feel you could fold so took the easy option, and just went along with things.

If you elect to see a flop here with JJ, you have to be prepared to make tough decisions.You will very rarely get a brilliant flop such as this, and as Doobs rightly says you dont have the stack size to be set mining.

Ultimately it probably comes down to how you read UTG. Has he been playing lots of hands, has he been playing super tight ? There are still plenty of players out there who wont be raising UTG with anything other than a premium hand. At the same time there are also plenty of players who will be using that 66k stack at this point of the game to pick up the blinds.

Assuming there are antes in play each orbit is costing you around 5k, so in this instance I think you need to be going for the jugular pre flop against anyone playing a lot of hands when holding JJ, and if your oppo has been playing super tight, you may want to fold.Unfortunately calling pre and post flop is rarely right, and deffo wasn't here.
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