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PGA Golf-Weekend Match Bets.
Recently I have had some success with a stats based system that I have been using for weekend match bets on the PGA tour. There are only three outcomes here but you can (if you so wish) back selections at most high street bookmakers-without the tie-at reduced odds. Thus giving only two outcomes.
Altenatively you may wish to lay the unfancied player to get the tie on your side.
Personally I back my selections with the tie as a possibility.
Ratings are given out of ten according to the strength of selection.

Wells Fargo selections on Sunday...

Sabbatini  TB  Peterson  8/10  EVS.

Fowler TB  Gates  7/10  1.62   No bet for me given the price.

Moore  TB  Van Pelt  6/10  EVS

Na TB  Romero  5/10  1.91

Cejka  TB  Garrigus  5/10  2.05

High street prices quoted. Prices may be better here.

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