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Are You Watching Amateurs ?

What's it all about?

13 Nov 10 00:25
Hello punters... welcome to my blog!

I'm Big Nick and every week I'll be previewing the upcoming Premiership fixtures and recommending value bets for each game. 

Unless, like Wayne Rooney, you have more money than sense betting is all about making a profit and that means finding the value or the silly odds as I tend to call them.  Obvious really. 

Fortunately, for the serious punter at least, most people are muppets.  Controversial maybe but more importantly, true.  If there were no muppets we'd have a major shortage of linesmen and McDonalds would be self-service.  Also, the odds available would be about right and there would be no dosh to be made. 
All bets suggested will be on a points basis, because bankroll management is as vital as locking wheelnuts when parking in Liverpool.  1pt = 1% of your bankroll up to a maximum of 5pts or 5%. 

A wise punter will understand that a good bet doesn't always win and a bad bet doesn't always lose.  A cretin, on the other hand, will shove their whole bank on a single result and wonder why they win f*** all. 

Record keeping is also a handy if under-rated exercise so this blog is as much for my benefit as it is for any motherf***ers who might be reading this.  Howlers do happen so it's good to look back and figure out what went wrong in order to learn from it. 

Right, well thanks for being such a bunch of nosey c***s and feel free to share any comments and abuse.  Hope you like the blog as much as Sol Campbell likes to take it up the arse! 

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