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12 months of xmas

the daily grind

16 May 18 23:36
starting my own blog just for me to see if blogging does genuinely help people keep plugging away at trying not to blow bank after bank

the main purpose of the blog is to try and become a more sensible betfair member and learn to pick my fights and realise that there are always more markets on the way tomorrow and the next day and so on rather than keep hitting the self destruct button and caving in to the red mist when somethings not gone how i had expected which proceeds the cash from my BF account finding its way into someones else's account

my first target has been achieved as i funded my account tonight and the goal was simply to still have a funded account by the end of the day i made a nice little profit on the day and will continue to withdraw the lion share of the profit if there is any until i have withdrew the amount i deposited  and then after that i will with withdraw half my profit everyday to let my tiny little starting bank grow or if normal service resumes simply do the lot on something i had no big opinion on

the 2nd goal is to take part in football and horse racing markets as and when working life allows and just to keep the existing bank for 7 days and the 3rd and final goal is to keep the existing bank for a full month from now until june 16th this goal will be the hardest to achieve its been 16- 20 years since i had funded my account and the money lasted at least one month the purpose of this blog is not to make money its mainly to turn the tide and stem the flow of endless stupid decisions and  who knows where it will go from there i have never had a blog but this is more just a diary for myself to see if it can change my frame of mind

if recent months are anything to go by i will be skint by friday or saturday night 18th or 19th of may but thats probably the reason i deposited in 2 halves tonight as i promised myself the second half of the bank would not go in to the account if the first half did not see the night out i will deposit the second half on friday as on thursdays due to the nature of the beast i normally have a blow out

i can not post tomorrow as im working away so here's to hoping the diary makes it at least to day 3 and hopefully all the way to the end of the month

its a sorry state of affairs when im sitting here writing a diary and my inner conscience is asking for a price on the account not making it 7 days ....easy money..... but on a positive note i made 111 quid today and withdrew hundred and the account has made it through day 1 and this is new ground for me as i have never been in this position before as all of a sudden i feel i have someone to answer to which may be enough to keep me on the straight and narrow time will tell but for now im

living the dream!!!!!

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