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Are Goals worth chasing??

Probably not but I can't help myself when it comes to backing Unders + Overs and it will in the long run lead to the POOR BUS, but.................

In the grand scheme of things its not that bad a bet.. When used in a trading style!.. I used to just get in and stay in till the goals had gone in but since downloading "The Geeks Toy" I have been able to make a bit of green and get out and enjoy the rest of the game... although in the premier league I have occasionally had to get out for a substantial red, only for the goals I needed to go in, in the last 2 minutes!!

So now I do things slightly different.. Its a waiting game... Watch the odds increase till about 20 minutes in and then get in for overs... There seems to be a 20 minute threshold in English footy (Not counting the 37 sec goal by Chamakh the other night against us!) and then by half time a goal has usually gone in and the picture is pretty Green!

Get out and move on..... Find a 0-0 @ HT and have a bit of over 1.5's... same rule apply.. and maybe sometimes just get on to a 0-0 with 10 mins to go and go for 1+ goals in the Total Goals market..

How does everybody else find it when betting on Overs / Unders etc...?

Any tips,Good advice to share??

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Spanish Football

08 Nov 10 22:24

One word.... CACK!
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