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10 Apr 15 22:42
Date Joined: 30 Oct 06
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Read some interesting Stats re The Grand National just there from a guy called Ben Aitken ... some of ye may have heard of him through his blog Narrowing The Field .
Anyway here are the main one s with regards tomorrows big one ; Stats from the last 15 Grand Nationals

15/15 Have won a Class 2 or Higher chase
15/15 Have won at 3 miles Plus
15/15 Have ran at least 19 times
14/15 Wore no headgear
14/15 Last run was between 16 and 42 days
13/15 Rated between 136 and 150

Having gone through it 11 of tomorrows field tick all of the above boxes .... Doesn t narrow it down that much but the shortest priced one is 20/1 so plenty of big priced ones in there  ....
The 11 are ;
Godsmejudge 20/1
Al Co 25/1
Moonbeg Dude 50/1
Corrin Wood 80/1
The Rainbow Hunter 80/1
Tanquil Sea 100/1
Oscar Time 40/1
Wyck Hill 40/1
Court by Surprise 40/1
Alvarado 20/1
Royale Knight 33/1
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Report p_r_e_m_i_e_r__f_a_n_t_a_s_y April 11, 2015 4:18 PM BST
bookmakers being sc*m as per usual on National day Laugh chopping everything
Report callitasucit April 11, 2015 4:20 PM BST
They do it because they are let do it. How many years can this continue before there is some sort of limit put on the SP%??

I know casual punters have fu ck all idea of overrounds, but these are the people that racing are supposedly trying to attract. Yet on the biggest they of all they are being subjected to daylight robbery. Quite ironic. But plain wrong.
Report p_r_e_m_i_e_r__f_a_n_t_a_s_y April 11, 2015 4:31 PM BST
GTFI ya little beauty, first time i have every backed the winner Laugh
Report Kelly April 11, 2015 4:34 PM BST
Betfair SP for Shutthefrontdoor was 28 , and place odds 10 .  yet it was returned 6/1 Sp with the bookies .

Anyone know waht was going on ?
Report callitasucit April 11, 2015 4:34 PM BST
Meant to put up Dec Meagher preview earlier..forgot.

Backed him as a result of it, but done it in 365, where they have decided to cull another acc. Meant to put rest of stake on elsewhere, but after roaring the fuc ker home I find that I didn't, and only had buttons on itCryCry

Insult to injury, I think Druids Nephew would have done the business. Was absolutely tanking. Soft fall.
Report Ozymandius April 11, 2015 4:38 PM BST
Well done to Cheltenham Roar and Premier F!!!
Report TellTheKing April 11, 2015 4:38 PM BST
Great shout PF. Was humming and hawing about backing him but left him run in the end. I was bit sickened when The Druids Nephew came down as he was main bet. Some soft money picked up on the "Not To Complete" market so good race all in all.
Report callitasucit April 11, 2015 4:40 PM BST
I managed to miss the first 12 fences as was on wrong channel!! Ballcasey fall?

Doubles gone you have a single on Spieth?
Report p_r_e_m_i_e_r__f_a_n_t_a_s_y April 11, 2015 4:42 PM BST
brought down he was Callit, think it may have been the Canal Turn 1st time
Report Ozymandius April 11, 2015 4:44 PM BST
I do of course, callit, but not sure how to break it to Pa????
Report callitasucit April 11, 2015 4:44 PM BST


Hope you lose OzWink
Report Ozymandius April 11, 2015 4:46 PM BST
Report workrider April 11, 2015 4:48 PM BST
Well done winners , anyone notice Ruby waving them round the fence...
Report pa lapsy April 11, 2015 5:06 PM BST
Terrific race won by a very brave horse,well done to his backers,The Druids Nephew was certainly the unlucky horse,did look the winner, Portrait King was coming back into it and ran an absolute stormer,probably would have been placed. All horses and jocks seem to be okay, good news.
Report frank60 April 11, 2015 9:24 PM BST
I saw that W/r FAIR PLAY to him, but not fair to the bookies,    The SP% of today’s Grand National market totalled a whopping 165 per cent, compared to 151 per cent last year and meaning anyone who placed a winning bet at SP was probably substantially out of pocket compared to those who took a morning price.
Report CheltenhamRoar April 11, 2015 9:44 PM BST
Backed him in the GC where he clearly didn't give his running,Had to back him today too at such big odds,
An exhibition of how to jump them fences by many clouds,Shame about portrait king he was running a stormer before coming down.
Hemmings some man for a national horse!
Report Kelly April 12, 2015 2:35 AM BST
165% is a grotesque figure . Governments have allowed "credit" agencies to charge exhorbitant interest rates on "loans" without regulating them properly .  Think there were moves more recently to limit the excesses that were prevalent ( and legal ) in the high street .

Increasingly betting / bookmaking requires PROPER legislation . Fair to bookie and punter alike .

Traditionally bookies hid behind the fact that betting debts were not enforceable in law  , it was essentially their argument against legislation on their product . New era , try getting "credit" with any high street bookie  , does not exist , need your paypal or equivalent whatever .

Bookies need to be regulated , and that includes legislation over the odds offered . Anyone seen a race where the bookie could not win ?

Bookmakers , as with anyone in business , cannot exist for a sustained period without generating profit . The business of "making a book" was based essentially on supply and demand , with in built profitability associated with percentages above 100% . There needs to be a margin , but if the punters are being ripped off regularly as evidenced by todays Grand National figures , someone in power needs to have a look at a fairer system .
Report workrider April 12, 2015 11:13 AM BST
Sadly you won't have their P.R. guys talk about this on air , robbing , is what its commonly called in a court of law ...
Report Ozymandius April 12, 2015 11:15 AM BST
Hardly.  No one is forced to have a bet.
Report one last chance April 12, 2015 11:32 AM BST
Bookies at aintree were a total joke 4 or 5 closet to parade ring were shorter on every race  that I had a look at there prices at least a point or 2 shorted than the firms also ventured a few times to the rails and they weren't much better also 1/5 of the odds didn't evev waste my time com pairing betfair prices
Report yummy April 13, 2015 5:39 PM BST
Went for a coffee in a petrol station on the way to the races.

280% overround they have on a cup of coffee.
Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 5:41 PM BST
Yummster....what chance leinster..... I have a feeling and am still dreaming the dream.
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 5:53 PM BST
Coffee machines are the FOBT's of the catering trade . A couple of years ago the golf club changed their supplier , a coffee costs the club maximum 15p and sells ( a lot) at £1.60 approx . That year it "made" 14 grand approx .  Green fees would only raise about 3 times that in a year , everybody talks about green fees for visitors and how much disruption it causes to the members , cofee machine sits quietly in the corner !
Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 6:04 PM BST
Are you sure you're not Jewish, Kelly?
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 7:21 PM BST
Wouldn't worry me if I was Ozy . What relevance that has to a purely factual post about economic realities exemplifies the shallow nature of a lot of your comments .

The coffee machine reference is akin to a story often told by one of my uncles who was very astute in business and with money . Annual general meeting , accountant presenting figures , 4 million to upgrade the computer system , and we are spending an extra £10,000 upgrading our toilet rolls in staff toilets .  Uproar , half an hour debate about toilet rolls , nothing about the 4 million .  Smiles in the boardroom , they knew their audience !
Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 7:29 PM BST
Your Uncle was a shrewdie as well?  That comes as no surprise.
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 8:08 PM BST
Attempt to deflect the Jewish comment Ozy ?  Like the toilet rolls .

For the record my uncle was honoured by the Queen ( which should endear his memory to the likes of you Ozy and maybe silence the snipish comments ) , and headed up a number of business oriented commerce organisations . Which was unusual for a life long devout catholic born and bred in West Belfast . He never worked anywhere but in his native city  and despite the acknowledged discrimination prevalent in most business and commercial circles he moved in  , he was very successful .  No idea about betting though .  And true to his Gaelic roots ( but quietly ).
Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 8:12 PM BST
Super, thanks for fleshing out his life story.

Would have loved to have seen him go head to head with Wonky in the boardroom, two highly successful Captains of Industry, it would have been a tussle to relish.
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 8:24 PM BST
Attempting to trivialise Ozy , and attempting to involve workrider who has nothing to do with the situation ? Sometime it might be worth  your while giving credit to someone who benefitted society in adverse circumstances .
Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 8:29 PM BST
Trivialise who? 

Wonky made a fortune in business, retired in his fortes and was masterful in the bedroom, sorry, boardroom.   He told us all this yesterday.

When you mentioned your Uncle, I immediately thought of Wonks as his likely equal down south.
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 8:35 PM BST
Trivialising any sensible debate Ozy , at which you are adept . A sure sign you have lost any argument/ debate extant .
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 8:37 PM BST
The Jewish reference you made is going to stick to you Ozy , like it or lump it .
Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 8:45 PM BST
I like it!  I have huge respect for the Jewish faith, not without their foibles but so much to admire.
Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 8:49 PM BST
Jew walks onto a bus, holding a large dufflebag. He asks for a senior discount, even though he couldn't be much older than 40. Driver asks for his ID, the Jew complains and refuses to pay full fare. It goes back and forth between the driver and Jew, both too stubborn to give in. In a rage, the driver throws the Jews dufflebag off the bus, and it tumbles down a hill. The Jew exclaims "What the ****?! Just because I didn't pay full fare you try to kill my son?"
Report Rocketfingers April 13, 2015 8:49 PM BST
I can't see what Ozy has said wrong here, asked a question, then Kelly started using threatening language towards him. I believe there is some jewish blood on my side and Ozy has talked about his respect for it to me a number of times in the recent past.
Report frank60 April 13, 2015 8:51 PM BST
What’s the difference between a catholic wife and a Jewish wife?
A catholic wife has real orgasms and fake jewellery!
Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 8:52 PM BST
An astute race, culturally refined, hard working, driven and smart, Rock, whats not to like?

Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 8:56 PM BST
Rock, do you think I should report Kelly to the authorities for his threatening language, tone and stance towards me on this matter?
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 9:03 PM BST
Rocketfingers , Ozy has used the "jewish" reference before in "debate " with me .  He knows better than anyone which church I worship in and my roots which are a matter of record to anyone who actually reads my posts . So to reference another religion in relation to me is disingenuous .

Having made that statement , Ozy is now trying to prove how much he admires Jews . Perhaps I should be turning his question around now on the basis that it was an attempt by Ozy to attach his imprimatur to me .  Now that would be a first !
Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 9:07 PM BST
For all, I know you may be part Jewish, in the same way you appear to have Monaghan/Cavan roots.  Do you have a fully covered schlong?

Awaiting Rocks views on whether or not to take action against you.
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 9:28 PM BST
Nothing I have ever posted Ozy would stand up in court as evidence I was Jewish  , not that it would worry me . Enter the disingenuous post  ,  not a genuine question , maybe that is too subtle for some of our readers / posters . It is a figment of your imagination , just like the Monaghan / Cavan reference , counties with which I have absolutely zero contact other than occasional visits for football purposes .

Ozy , part of your "posting" technique is to try to tag people with references which are purely imaginary on your part .  Why anyone does that regularly is open to question . 

I had Jewish friends when I was growing up , Belfast had quite a large , well respected Jewish community once upon a time  , decimated now , nearly all left via education "abroad"  , followed by marriage "abroad" , and avoidance of our "troubles " in the North . Mores the pity , I like a polyglot society .
Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 9:34 PM BST
I note, with interest, that you have swerved the schlong question.
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 9:38 PM BST
If you think that question deserves an answer Ozy I would be worried about you .
Report Ozymandius April 13, 2015 9:41 PM BST
I think we will leave it at that Kelly for tonight. Shure its been great craic altogether!
Report paulie wallnuts April 13, 2015 9:48 PM BST
Kelly I don't know whether you are Jewish or what ...... But one church you worship at is the aftertiming cathedral.....In fact you should be celebrating the service.... You are that good at it....
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 9:49 PM BST
I dont need you for craic Ozy . I would much prefer company of my own choosing .
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 10:07 PM BST
Paulie , we all know about you , and take your comments with a large pinch of salt . Any activity I reference in relation to myself is 100% true , and if any referenced success causes people to be jealous , tough . Occasionally I back losers too , reference Ruby's  improved ( my reckoning) winner the other day  , posted on here  ,  maybe thats not allowed .

I dont attempt to back winners other than maybe about 4 times a year . I do back to trade , sometimes with the bookies when I can get on , other times taking advantage of market moves on here , including in running .  The nature of in running means that you have no time to "flag up" your selections , in that respect you live and die by the sword .  I am still alive . The only criteria I apply to betting is that if you dont win , you give up .

And if all you have to say is to try to slag off someone else , there are surely better ways to spend your time .
Report freddiek April 13, 2015 10:21 PM BST
just 2 inadequates Kelly, not even worth replying to them.
Report Kelly April 13, 2015 10:35 PM BST
OK freddie .

Just as a final episode this evening , in relation to betting / trading etc , the thought crossed my mind about a friend who runs a pretty successful golf equipment operation . In our musings we joke about £300 drivers , £200 putters , etc .  And people do pay those prices , sometimes in a vain attempt to blot out their inadequacies with a club in hand --they would be better off maybe to be spending the £20 another friend ( golf pro) charges for a half hour lesson .

But after all the banter , it comes down to my friends assertion " its not what you sell the flipping clubs at , its what price you buy them for " . He spends more time at the buying operation than at the selling end , makes sense . Wonder should some of that business sense be applied to the betting scenario scene , with profitable results .
Report paulie wallnuts April 13, 2015 11:01 PM BST's all success with do you do it....all I know is that people who are as good as you claim to be don't normally be blowing their own trumpets.....betting in running is one thing.... But this so called trading horseshiite that you say you go on with.... That is simply a load of bolloxxx....
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 1:33 AM BST
And you would know ,paulie .

I am not blowing my own trumpet , I found the way back in 2002 after backing 3 odds on losers at Punchestown , read an article by a professional gambler which had the best advice in it I ever saw , modified my betting strategy , and flourished .  I explained my basic strategy to anyone and everyone , most looked at me and did nothing , a few followed my example and as far as I know also won . I cant help it if people could not see the golden goose opened up by betfair . Have posted something similar before , NO-ONE asked any questions , which proved to me that a) people dont listen with the 2 ears they have , they prefer to use the one mouth they have  , or b) they did not believe me . I can live with that . People dont get second chances with me  , its all duck or no dinner , one time only .

The uncle I referred to previously also had certain basic tenets of faith , the first was "dont forget , nearly everyone is lazy and will take the easy way out " . He believed in hard work , and the harder you work the more successful you will be ( a la Gary Player ). I am a hard worker , always was , still am , and will always be DV .

The best bookies I ever came across were all hard workers , the most successful worked 16 hours a day , every day , the length and breadth of this ( small) country of ours . Adrenalin fuelled him  probably , stood at Fairyhouse the day he got married .

My betting nowadays is less than 10% of what it used to be  , largely classified as hobby these days , but I still know how to win even if its buttons relatively . And if you are betting with their money its a whole lot easier than chasing losses .

The interview that one of the Limerick papers did with JP is worth reading . When I read it  , I re read it several times and digested it fully . I remember JP when he started up on course , researched him a bit as you do before betting with him , and grew to admire his approach , civility , and lack of displeasure if you won off him . I knew that it was only sums , which he is good at , for every winner in a race there are x losers , some bookies seemed to think they should never have to pay out . Percentages . JP admits he is addicted to winning  , thats his buzz .  Betting winnings are of no consequence to him any more , and he probably supports the racing industry to a huge tune every year given what owning horses involves cost wise . And he never closed accounts like the current bean counters .

Nearly every race every day each horse fluctuates in price by about 20% . If you cant squeeze out 1% profit on most horse on average that you spot you dont know your horses or your markets . Add in arbing ( where you can get on ) , profit from in running where you have to know horse running patterns and jockeys or cricketers ability to handle conditions and golfers who choke ( hate the word , but often pays) , etc etc . But greed kills most people , I always leave something in it for the other guy , its a basic stock exchange philosophy , and guaranteed profit is better than pie in the sky . Little and often works better than hit and hope in my experience .

And paulie , if you cant cut the mustard and win , give it up .
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 2:47 AM BST
Paulie , I am still working .

6 golfers ( at least) played well in the Masters this weekend . So far I have backed them for The Open and laid them back . In betting terms I classify them as "improvers" .

Spieth I have backed ( small ) at 40/1 , way back pre Christmas . Backed him at 12/1 last night after he won , laid  back at 10.5 along with some of the 40/1 .

Rose I have backed at 25/1 , laid back at 22 .

Casey backed at 66/1  , laid back at 48 .

Dustin Johnson backed at 25/1 , laid back 19.5 .

Oosthuizen backed at 60/1 , laid back 55 .

Apart from Spieth early 40/1 , all those bets have been done since Spieth holed his winning putt about 24 hours ago . Its not rocket science , its about spotting the opportunities .

Some people will read this and say , " I cant be bothered doing that " . But it is profit on 6 players , guaranteed , plus some profit if they win and a bit of craic in running . A basis for further bets , some involving risk possibly .

One Open I traded at least 40 players in the place market , profit on each , small no doubt from memory , but tot it up for 40 plus .

There are lots of similar opportunities out there every day , I suspect its a bit like fishing , but you have to know where the fish are running .

And you need a large bank  , particularly if you are betting on more than one event , especially long term /ante post like the Majors .
Report snap crackle and pop April 14, 2015 10:29 AM BST
The sort of short and to the point response we have come to expect from the Kelly!
Report pa lapsy April 14, 2015 10:40 AM BST
Congratulations Kelly you were chosen as yesterdays target to be rounded upon.
Disagree though that your method is the way to go for a few reasons,markets are a lot more efficient then a few years ago and the pure trading example you have above will inevitably end in premium charge rendering your account next to useless though you may gain short term.
Report RoyalAcademy April 14, 2015 10:41 AM BST
One Open I traded at least 40 players in the place market , profit on each , small no doubt from memory , but tot it up for 40 plus .

100% success on 40+ bets in a single competition and you are now betting as just a hobby?

I have to laugh when punters call for bookies to be regulated. If a punter backs a horse at 6/1 and its freely available on line at 14's then surely no more can be said on the matter. (I suspect JP knew for every shrewdie there were twenty mugs including some of his closest associates when it came to punting) Reminds me of "the war on drugs"-keeps an army of people employed I suppose, half a black race in jail and the jackboot on the neck of southern dominions and all for whose benefit?
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 10:57 AM BST
Royal , that Open was years ago and before the bookies shut up shop on me , and there were still independents in our neck of the woods . Its all bean counters now , driven entirely by our prices on here .

I cant get £100 on most golfers nowadays without jumping through hoops , far cry from over 2 grand once upon a time . Thats why it classifies as a hobby rather than a business . And I have been retired from work for about 15 years effectively  , so I have plenty of time .  Everybody doesn't .
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 11:18 AM BST
Reminscent of a certain Michael Winner;

I was having bweakfast at the Witz with my vewy vewy vewy vewy good friend, the highly successful actor, Sir Roger Moore. We were joined by my gweat friend, the vewy vewy vewy vewy well known and incredibly wealthy movie star, Sir Michael Caine.
Report wildmanfromborneo April 14, 2015 11:25 AM BST
Ozymandius has been goading Kelly for some time now.

First into anything get the most,I've no doubt Kelly made hay in the early days of exchanges,he understands odds and has a traders mindset.

Having said that I consider traders parasites,its DJ876 to a tee eliminate all risk from gambling because they are risk averse.
Paulie should know plenty about this as I would say they are the bane of his life.

One aspect of Kelly's trading I don't get is,were I to back a golfer with a view to trading he would promptly bogey thus ending the trade.

I hope Shutthefrontdoor malavogued a few traders in the National,the ones telling us it will start around 7/2 back now at the eight and trade away.
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 11:38 AM BST
Accept your point pa about the premium charge being a limiting factor .  Does not apply to me , for reasons stated in previous posts . And you can swop profit for loss  in other exchanges where there is no premium charge if you want , where there is a will there is a way .

The markets are a lot more "efficient" than they used to be looking at it from a bookies / odds makers point of view .  There is still room for manoeuvre though .  I quoted a 20% fluctuation in odds movements as regular on average horse race.  For The Open  2015 which I also quoted figures for , Rory has been as high as 10.5 , and as low as 5 . Thats 137.5% fluctuation to date , he is only one of 156 and he is the market leader . You could have 100% plus profit on Rory alone , involving also the least exposure bank wise as he is ( and probably will be ) the shortest price .

Most of my activity is based on pure logic , price fluctuations , market movers , chokers ( golfers and horses plus plus ) etc etc . Any port in a storm , all offers considered . I liken betting to shopping , you buy your ( good) butter at £2 when its on offer as against £2.79, M & S £10 dinners include a semi decent bottle of wine worth a fiver and the other 3 elements are excellent and  worth well over the residual fiver .  But you need a freezer ( equals bank ) for storage and the will to seek value . Which eliminates the lazy as players . But there is always value out there,  money / trade makes the world go around  , finding it is the trick , like my friend's buying policy for golf equipment .

There is a brilliant book out there somewhere about making money / business concepts , read it many years ago , too late unfortunately to apply any of the principles in it to my life . The title Rich Boy , Poor Boy springs to mind , but I might be wrong . Family members tell me Richard Branson's book is also excellent . Principles contained in such publications often translate to other aspects of life . But you have to read , get the information , dissect it , ignore the impracticalities , and apply rigid discipline . Successful betting in my lifetime experience needs rigid discipline .  If you aint got the discipline ability , forget it other than for a bit of craic .

I have always been an admirer of Ray Kroc too  , especially since he was well into his 50's before he "discovered" an exploitable secret . Mcdonalds are the biggest ( private) property owners in the world I believe .
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 11:40 AM BST
You should be shot for that gargantuan post of 1.33.

Despite rivalling 'War and Peace' for length and tediousness, it is all pure tangential waffle and padding and effectively makes two points; that you find trading more profitable and don't be greedy leave some profit for the next man.

You seem to think you are in the Lawn Bowling Club in Monaghan when you condescendingly describe how trading works. Talking down to some codgers who have never had a bet in their life, let alone been on Betfair.  No wonder they look up at you in awe like you are some sort of guru.  Newsflash; you are on Betfair, we get trading 101A, so stop trying to pass it off as rocket science.
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 11:46 AM BST
I liken betting to shopping , you buy your ( good) butter at £2 when its on offer as against £2.79, M & S £10 dinners include a semi decent bottle of wine worth a fiver and the other 3 elements are excellent and  worth well over the residual fiver .

No, we still don't get it.  Can u explain it to us again like we are imbeclies.

You are an unbelieveable pain in the b0ll0x.
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 11:47 AM BST
Ozy , Michael Caine ( and his mates ) liked a certain restaurant in London and bought it , presumably to guarantee seats there any night they wanted .  It is good too , ate there the last time I was in that part of London , Lannigans springs to mind .

There is a pub / restaurant out the road in Donnybrook which reminds me a bit of that place in London . Excellent . It might even have been part of your "beat" if you ever lived in Dublin 4 which I think is its post code .
Report wildmanfromborneo April 14, 2015 11:52 AM BST
Ozymandius who is forcing you to read Kelly's posts,I get they are a bit long for Rocketfingers but they are not compulsory.
Report TellTheKing April 14, 2015 11:55 AM BST
Michael Caine didn't buy that restaurant. He opened it. It's not a bad spot.
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 11:55 AM BST
I could say the same for my replies.
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 11:55 AM BST
Correct TTK.
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 11:58 AM BST
You are probably right , tell the king , I read about it a long time ago , which prompted me to visit it .  I like Michael Caine , sensible attitude to life .
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 12:00 PM BST
Anyone identify that spot out the road in Donnybrook ( for reference) ?
Report wildmanfromborneo April 14, 2015 12:02 PM BST
If Ozymandius frequented it more than likely a Jack The Ripper.
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 12:03 PM BST
Rolys, possibly, though its in Ballsbridge.  Similar sort of institution.
Report TellTheKing April 14, 2015 12:07 PM BST
Ate there in October. Food is quite nice in fairness. Michael Caine was in from the beginning though likely just as a name front from what I know.

Have rarely eaten in Doonybrook but I would guess O' Connells or The Mulberry Tree. They are two well known spots though I haven't been in either.
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 12:14 PM BST
Wildman , the traders provide a substantial proportion of the  liquidity on here  , be glad they operate and dont leave punters and layers standing looking at each  ( like over on purple , waiting for Betfair movements . The purple one is useless for liquidity  , probably precisely for the reason that they dont have the "parasite" traders on board .

Mind you Betfair policy has driven many would be traders away . Liquidity has suffered relatively despite the explosion in exchange betting . The concept of premium charge was presumably to limit the bots  , but a bot operator will take any profit so it will not deter them . Genuine traders / market makers are fewer on the ground now , premium charge has done for the succesful among them I suspect . Flawed logic somewhere in the emporium .

The golf betting ( apart from Majors) has suffered a lot re liquidity , most of the good layers upped anchor and presumably applied their expertise in different areas or markets as a result of the premium charge . They are sadly missed .
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 12:18 PM BST
O Connels rings a bell . Think the name changed from when I lived near that part of Dublin a long time ago ( before Dublin 4 was Dublin 4) . And not a rindabout in sight .
Report wildmanfromborneo April 14, 2015 12:20 PM BST
I read all your posts Ozymandius and enjoy them mainly for the stunning hypocrisy.

You even manage it here.
You have appointed yourself the moral policeman here,any racism is hopped on,any word with even the vaguest connotations is pounced on by our alert censor (Oriental my favourite )
Your sterling defence of Islam can be contrasted with your other liberal views,yet you see no conflict.
Your University type intolerance of differing views is infamous and shown in your demands for the silencing of those views.

You think of yourself as a Persil user but your prejudices are deeper.
Your calling Kelly Jewish was racist but in your black and white mind its okay because you are allowed hate Jews just like you are allowed to express disgust at white South Africans,its fashionable.
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 12:25 PM BST
Off for luncheon, Borneo, the good weather has happily returned.

Delighted to read that you enjoy my posts.  Am very fond of the Jewish race, and would know most of the Dublin Jewish families. For all their foibles, their hospitality is second to none, they are all massively interested in life and driven to succeed.  Very admirable imo.
Report wildmanfromborneo April 14, 2015 12:33 PM BST
Your good at stereotypes as well,another thing you pounce on when wearing your moral policemans hat.
Report frank60 April 14, 2015 3:01 PM BST
You think of yourself as a Persil user but your prejudices are deeperGrin n1 Wildman
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 4:33 PM BST
Any chance you could walk me through that line, Frank,  don't get it.  Is it an advertising jingle from the 60's?

As regards stereotypes, Borneo, I can only tell as I find.  Thankfully my generation had the opportunitiny to travel the world and broaden our outlook, your generation never got beyond London, mores the pity.
Report frank60 April 14, 2015 4:57 PM BST
Wildman described it better then i ever could at 12.20 Ozy. P.S hope you enjoyed your luncheon .
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 5:05 PM BST
Still don't get the humour in the line you highlighted, Frank.  Never mind, thanks for explaining.

Lunch was fabulous, Frank, thanks for asking.
Report frank60 April 14, 2015 5:16 PM BST
IM quite fond of Leek and spud soap myself Ozy, made from fresh organic vegetables only .
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 5:21 PM BST
Your calling Kelly Jewish was racist but in your black and white mind its okay because you are allowed hate Jews

I don't hate Jews, nor is it ok to hate Jews. On the whole I admire and respect them hugely, and am on record here as doing so many times previously as Rock will attest to.  Kelly happens to display many of their more disagreeable foibles, hence the link.

just like you are allowed to express disgust at white South Africans,its fashionable. 

Fashionable in the 80's perhaps.  Along with Mullet haircuts.

Labelling me as a 'racist' in an attempt to turn the spotlight away from your own well established appalling record on this subject here, confuses no one.  Aside from Frank, that is
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 5:24 PM BST
Leek and potato soup, Frank, that sounds quite exotic.  I once had a potato pizza in Johannesburg, I think my (white) South African friends are still laughing at the good of it.
Report frank60 April 14, 2015 5:30 PM BST
Laugh I have to hold my hand up and admit the irish forum wouldn,t be the same without you Ozy.
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 5:33 PM BST
Can't be having any of that high falutin' organic nonsense though.  Proven to have no extra minerals or vitamins or other health benefits.  Taste difference negligible if any.
Report frank60 April 14, 2015 5:43 PM BST
Might i suggest  Paul Gautschi's  Back to Eden gardening on You tube Ozy, ; Paul can be a little over the top with the God bit, but a clever man when it comes to  organic gardening.
Report dj876 April 14, 2015 6:14 PM BST
There are a few alarming discrepancies/anomalies in Kelly's posts which would cast some doubts in my mind as to the veracity of his trading. He consistently speaks of risk free trading/guaranteed profit which is an outright lie (anomaly),the only type of trading that is 100% risk free is simultaneous arbitrage which because of its nature is extremely transient. (You can't lose,you can't continue).

All other types of one dimensional trading are far from risk free,there is massive risk attached to attempting to predict price movements and can only be achieved successfully in the long term if you have an edge on the market. From what I have seen of Kelly's posts on racing,his knowledge wouldn't be anywhere near sharp enough to consistently beat the market. His complaints about Upazo's run at Gowran over 2m 4f in heavy ground smack of lazyness when Upazo has never won over further than 18 furlongs and on good to yielding.

Anyone  trading on single securities or one dimensional platforms ie sportstrading has to have a strategy which has a bit more sophisticated than buy low sell high. Dismissing trading software because it's as easy to manually trade is extremely naive and conveys a lack of knowledge in the strategies available.
Most punters should be able to price a screen/board to its exact o/r in a couple of seconds. As for believing an article about JP from the Limerick leader,if you believe it was JP's mathematical brain that set him apart,you may as well believe in Santa.

It really is a stretch to believe that you punted Tiger in 5 figure sums and laid it back on here and that is why you haven't incurred the premium charge 8 years later but now punt in tiny sums despite not suffering a reversal  . There were plenty of times you done this where you would have made a massive profit on the exchange (if this is true).
Also you can't just transfer profits from one exchange to another without again being able to beat the market as you're as likely to incur profits on the unintended exchange over a large sample size.
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 6:28 PM BST
Nothing I would post would satisfy you dj , we know that from previous . Sorry I am not as sharp an observer of racing as you think I might need to be . I would back JP to put you away any time dj .

Re premium charge , Tiger won 3 in a row at 3/1 approx .  Check it out . That was not the only loser on here .

Some people on here do have active brains other than you dj .

Cant figure out your last sentence , can you put it in plain english .
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 7:41 PM BST
PS dj , very few people , least of all myself would have been able to get over 10 grand on Tiger ( 5 figures is plus £10 k is it not ? ) . Putting  spurious figures in peoples mouths !

I am sure most of the people who trade / arb on here will be relieved to learn that the term arb cannot be applied to betting transactions such as happen here daily . Must tell that to the bookies who shut down accounts because they are convinced their customer is an arber .

Most arbers lose I suspect , for the simple reason that they are in the business of "following the money" . Following the money has always been a way of life for certain punters .  In my experience money for a horse with decent form is the best guidances if you are a pure punter .
Report mrcombustible April 14, 2015 7:52 PM BST
I think the restaurant you refer to is Langans next to Green Park started by Irishman Peter Langan
Report wildmanfromborneo April 14, 2015 8:50 PM BST
Sometimes this forum can be depressing.

I know Ozymandius knowledge is just google knowledge but you would expect him to follow relatively easy lines.

His thinking a quote from John Betjeman is an advertising jingle is Rocketfingers like in more ways than one.
It shows what era these two gentlemen are from.
Report Rocketfingers April 14, 2015 10:34 PM BST
If i am not taking any offence in the slightest to Ozy comments how the hell is Kelly? Confused
Report Kelly April 14, 2015 10:41 PM BST
Checked that out mrcombustible , thats the one . Didn't know it was an Irish guy who was the owner ( along with Caine initially) until I looked it up a few minutes ago .  Might have known there was an Irishman involved , the atmosphere was great .  We Irish do hospitality well , the best parties apparently in the early days of the EEC were in the Irish contingents pad . Accounted for a lot of "concessions " we got too from what I heard .

Dont think Angela would be big into parties though .
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 10:46 PM BST
He isn't, I think he's chuffed. 

It's just Borneo's faux outrage designed to try and help mend his well-established racist image on here.  Too late for that, me thinks.  Sort of like an elephant trying to hide behind a palm tree.
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 10:51 PM BST
It was actually pathetic what went on in Brussels, Kelly, perhaps it still does.  I was at a soiree thrown by a prominent Irish MEP one evening and I couldn't believe the carry on.  As you say, it proved effective at the time.
Report wildmanfromborneo April 14, 2015 11:10 PM BST
I'm not outraged by your stereotyping of Jews,I'm not even surprised I'm just showing up your hypocrisy.

You scour post after post here looking for some new word that may cause your precious mind offence,you are the self appointed arbiter of whats right and wrong here yet you come up with stereotype after stereotype.

You are unaware of this hypocrisy because you are incapable of rational thought,you think in sound bites.
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 11:13 PM BST
Its rather rich to be accused of being incapable of rational thought by a man who cannot discern between a deduction and a fact.
Report wildmanfromborneo April 14, 2015 11:30 PM BST
Most of my deductions turn out to be facts,tis that annoys ye.

Tis you that can't differentiate between the two,you constantly demand explanations when none are necessary,you can't follow context which is why you want me to post in my opinion when its self evident.
Your latest will be probably print FACT after a statement.

You preach tolerance and diversity but only one view is allowed.
Your complete inability to tolerate a differing opinion is now so extreme you demand the differing opinion be outlawed.

The Turkish Prime Minister is a man after your heart,he recently called for Islamophobia to be a crime against humanity.
I think Islam should be a crime against humanity.
Report Ozymandius April 14, 2015 11:52 PM BST
Most of my deductions turn out to be facts

Au contraire, they tend to project both your wishes and your stubborn bias. And fall staggeringly wide of the truth/target.

The fact that you assert them so defiantly and present them as established fact shines a bright light on your foolishness. 

A hubristic man who without hesitation or shame presents his conjecture as fact is not a man to be trusted or relied upon. Nor can he be considered a man of rigorous intellect.
Report roadrunner46 April 14, 2015 11:57 PM BST
we know you are very rigorus when it comes to talking shoite yourself NOW NORMA CALM DOWNLaugh
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