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28 Oct 13 08:22
Date Joined: 11 Feb 10
| Topic/replies: 8,287 | Blogger: silvergreaser's blog
The forum resembles something like a dogs dinner over the last few days, not to mention the usual bickering from the usual suspects.

I like a drink and feel no guilt about it, if anything drink turns me into putty in your hand but it seems to have the opposite effect on roadrunner who I thought was a pretty inoffensive guy until his attack on Neil, basically it was an all out assault, every expletive in the book was used, I'm not sure what Neil done to upset him but he didn't deserve that verbal abuse.

That brings me to the usual suspects who have themselves contributed to turning the forum into a no go area.

Ozy, Ratfingers (we all know rocket and kingrat are one and the same) and wildman.

Its almost as if they get some sort of guilty pleasure out of slagging each other off, Ozy and Wildman are two pretty intelligent guys but seem hell bent on trying to better each other, hence every thread on this forum seems to turn into a set too between Wildman, Ozy and Ratfingers.

If somebody starts a thread on say the racing at the Curragh before you know it it becomes a wildman, ozy ratfingers slagging contest.

I like wildman but he often starts threads just so he can have a pop at the two guys, which inevitably leads to tit for tat.

Any chance guys you can give it a rest, I know I'm not flavour of the month with some of my forthright views, sycophancy is not my thing, but at least I'll be courteous with people who disagree with me.

In a nutshell, can we please have our forum back???.
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Report Ozymandius October 28, 2013 11:23 AM GMT
Good post, Greaser.

I am always ready to sit down with Borneo for peace talks, that's an ongoing open invitation. I don't think he will ever take me up on the offer, he seems far too bitter and entrenched but who knows.

Foot soldiers, Lapsy and Wonks are also central to Forum disruption at this point, even if you don't mention them in your opening post.  Misguided loyalty to Borneo has dragged them into the fray and now they find themselves as combatants.

At times, it's a bit of craic, at other times it can be overly disruptive.
Report silvergreaser October 28, 2013 11:31 AM GMT
Agree ozy wildman does have his defenders you can probably add richters to that list, at least you admit you're no saint but are willing to try and turn the forum into some sort of normality again.
Report pa lapsy October 28, 2013 11:48 AM GMT
Nothing to do with misguided loyalty to WMFB on my part though he has ye 100% correct,ye don,t bet and know little about it( ie your choice of bets and long odds on and Ratfingers justification of a selection by the use of emoticons). Ye have nothing better to do than a typical old woman and talk about people, in particular Workrider,thats your idea of being clever,that and twisting the truth.
I don,t want any part of it anymore and won,t be posting after this, not fair on the forum to be falling each time for your games and getting involved in childish squabbles.
As regard Roadrunner he did pm me on the 26th oct and asked not to divulge the post so i wont, while not excusing the plain wrong he did to Neill D, it was an intelligent post and against the grain of what happened over the weekend.
Report Ozymandius October 28, 2013 11:50 AM GMT
Are you leaving, Pa?
Report Ozymandius October 28, 2013 12:00 PM GMT
Pa, treat yourself to some Pay for Play, it will refresh you and perk you up no end;

Report tips October 28, 2013 6:36 PM GMT
actually there was a experiment done that shows bulls would cause very little damage if let loose in a china shop mythbusters I think try u tube
Report Ozymandius October 28, 2013 10:45 PM GMT
Unfortunately, the man got involved with defending the indefensible, ie you, and paid the price.

No doubt he will be back very shortly.
Report freddiek October 28, 2013 10:54 PM GMT
Bad news. ozy resents people like Lapsy who know their horses..

pity he didn't take more of his advice and he wouldn't be trying to get rich off of short-odds football 'certs'

good luck with that Oz
Report wildmanfromborneo October 28, 2013 10:56 PM GMT
You and Ratfingers hassled and pilloried him for ages in a sickening form of bullying and you did so out of jealousy,you then tried to make out he and Workrider were foot soldiers when you knew they were not.

I liked Pa Lapsy as he was a down to earth man with a gra for racing and sport,he also had the best record on here one that was quite stunning.

Ye will probably mark it down as part of the coup and pat yourselves on the back.
Report freddiek October 28, 2013 11:00 PM GMT
Ozy was the school nerd and would have been regularly beaten and mocked like these unfortunates typically are. His conduct on the forum is his way of getting back at the cruel world that made him suffer

He's a psychiatrist's dream
Report Ozymandius October 28, 2013 11:07 PM GMT
Borneo, I am sure Freddie and Richters will make good foot soldiers in time, you will have to choose whom to promote.

Have you ever considered the difference in average IQ between our respective camps?  I would put it to you are operating at a vast disadvantage. 

Any man who lines up in a battle of wits flanked by Wonky, Richters and Freddiek can never ever prevail Cool
Report richters October 28, 2013 11:09 PM GMT
who are you flanked by ozy?
Report wildmanfromborneo October 28, 2013 11:12 PM GMT
" our respective camps "

There are two of you with fantasy lives on here who take joy in hassling decent posters,ye have pretend degrees pretend friends,both of ye are single and without issue and both of ye are universally disliked here.

That doesn't mean there are respective camps.

I dislike Tobywong and Irish Guy also but don't consider them in your camp.
Report Ozymandius October 28, 2013 11:13 PM GMT
I am flanked by some of the finest minds in Christendom, Baldrick.
Report freddiek October 28, 2013 11:15 PM GMT
look how far your IQ got ya , Ozy

not to mention that dodgy Degree you're always on about.

Report richters October 28, 2013 11:17 PM GMT
oz you need to get out more mate instead of playing imaginary war games on here.....seriously mate......maybe you should take up bingo,there isnt much involved and there will be many like minded old women like yourself in could take dj along with ye and maybe he could come up with the perfect game of bingo......
Report Ozymandius October 28, 2013 11:19 PM GMT
I see Betfair have decided to remove your tasteless remarks abut Lou Reed.

You accuse others of foul mouthed vulgarity yet you are the only one continuously censored. Stop and think about that.

RIP Lou.
Report freddiek October 28, 2013 11:20 PM GMT
Ozy hero-worships Cross-Dresser. shocker..
Report Ozymandius October 28, 2013 11:21 PM GMT
If Greaser wants to greive about a man he cared deeply about and a man who inspired him, who are you to intrude on his personal grief?

Report richters October 28, 2013 11:21 PM GMT
the reason wmfbs posts are continually removed is because you and your fellow tout fingers are reporting on a daily basis,,,,,
Report freddiek October 28, 2013 11:23 PM GMT
Ozy has reported half the rugby forum
Report richters October 28, 2013 11:26 PM GMT
he knows phuck all about rugby either.....
Report Ozymandius October 28, 2013 11:28 PM GMT
Let me know which one of the two RA men you decide to promote, Borneo.

Talk abut scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Report Rocketfingers October 29, 2013 12:07 AM GMT
Let's get one thing straight here me and kingrat are not the same person. I've met Workrider in person and he is a very nice guy and a gentleman and enjoyed being in his company. I will probably be on this forum very little after this week as i'm moving abroad but we'll see, the country i'm moving to has strange laws on BF but i've always been able to get on this forum.

It's sickening to see people like Borneo a farmer who made a living from grants, dickie ran from a toy shop and equally the slow of mind neddiek on here giving it to one off the most successful posters on this forum all they are missing is the dull dim one named Pa to complete the quartet of life's greatest losers.
Report roadrunner46 April 13, 2019 10:53 PM BST
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