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08 Nov 09 14:05
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Great w/end for irish pro golfers at the HSBC event in China.
Shane Lowry took a further step in his coming of age when finishing 5 under for
28 th place . he can be well satisfied with this finish in a very strong event ( 15 of the world top 20 played ) and he had many big names behind him .
The boy Rory continues to impress and closd with a scorching 63 to take 4 th . This guy is surely going to advance to great things.
Harrington did his usual two rounds good / two rounds bad patchwork and while he wasn't too bad didn't perform to his ranking....but all-in all a solid week's work for the Irish swingers.
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Report norn iron November 9, 2009 4:27 PM GMT
Report Vubiant November 10, 2009 9:44 PM GMT
I reckon Rory is going to be in contention most weeks . Geoff Ogilvy tipped him to be the next No.1.
His putting has come on and if it stays solid -he'll be a threat to all .
Importantly, he has shown he can produce really low blitzing rounds so even from four or five back on the last day people will know he's lurking.
Report Blessington November 11, 2009 12:55 AM GMT
VUBIANT, Didn't think you rated golfers who can't get the job done. :0 Our Rory record is pretty poor at the moment when it comes to finishing the job.

He's up there with Shane Lowrey only for tournaments won. So 1 win at this stage with all his top 10s over the last 3 seasons is not what would make his avid punter fan rich or even jiggy.

It be interesting to see can he get the job done in Dubai. Westwood is biggest rival is not a player either these days who you associate winning with.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Kaymer inspite of taking this week off and giving the other Two a head start pipped them both in Dubai.

Kaymer, rookie of the year in 2007 the same year as Rory joined the tour and 4 wins since B-) , he's one of a few new kids on the block who will give Rory a run for his money in years to come if only for No1 in Europe never mind the world imo

To be honest there is lots of good 20s something players at the moment like Ross Fisher, Alvaro Quiros, the Molinari brothers, even Oliver Wilson and thats just to name SIX.
Throw in Kim, Villegas, Ryan Moore, Dustin Johnstone all age 24 or less and Sean OHair 27 in America and you realise there's actually a lot of good 20s something going around at the moment.

To me its way to early especiallly from a punting point of view imo, to talk Rory up as a future world no 1. At least untill he actually does something other than have a sexy swing...Cheers

PS...Why do you hate Harrington so much, your going on again about him been inconsistent yet between Rory best score and worse score on the week is 10 strokes ,
while Lowry has 8 strokes difference
yet according to you Mr inconsistent Harrington himself, only had a 7 stroke difference giving him the lowest variance of the 3 players over the 4 days....I just don't get it :0 ........Cheers
Report Vubiant November 11, 2009 1:03 PM GMT
You never said a truer word Bless .....''I just don't get it'' !! LOL.
You certainly don't . Your capacity to misread and misinterpret my posts never -and I mean never- ceases to amaze me.
I don't hate Harrington -I'm his greatest fan. My admiration for what he has achieved knows no bounds . I've posted numerous times on the golf forum defending him from irrational attacks from those who are either ignorant or prejudiced or jealous . I've started threads on here to make sure his name stays up in lights and that even non-golfers know what a great performer he is , a super role model and ambassador for Ireland on a world stage. I'm not making him out to be perfect or above criticism . Sometimes he shoots his mouth off a bit too muc and comes out with little better than gibberish in some of his press conferences and interviews
But the central point is that one has to judge Harrington on his player status and expectations have to be correspondingly higher . What might be an ok round or tournament for a journeyman would be disappointing coming from a multiple major winner and consistent world top ten player. Surely even you can see that .
So let me clear up the self-induced mystery that you don't get .
I don't hate Harrington -I actually support and admire him as an accomplished professional and all-round decent human being to boot.

I agree with you fully that there is a new squad of highly talented young players coming through -basically all over the world . It's going to get tougher and tougher for the established old guard to win now -even Tiger . ....and hat's all to the good.

Finally I do think you're a bit hard on Rory . For God's sake he's only just turned 20 -and yet he's been in the world top twenty for a lengthy spell .
He seems to hve all the credentials for a high profile career . We just need to relax and let it happen . If it doesn't , well and good , but to start crabbing the guy at this early stage seems a tad ungenerous to me .
Report Blessington November 11, 2009 4:53 PM GMT
Vubiant....If you were Timeform you give Rory the P after his profile. But I think he's over hyped now. Sure he a genuine Ryder Cup prospect and all that. But he's a far cry from been a future worlds No 1 yet. Many a young potential star has lost the plot at his age well before they reached or fullfilled their full potential

I don't know if you were betting either would you bet that Rory who's 2-3 years younger than Anthony Kim,Martin Kaymer, Dustin Johnston, Ryan Moore or the golden oldie Camilo Villegas at 25 that, Rory will defintely have exceeded these guys achievements by the time he reaches their ripe old age of 23 and 24.

But sure thats what sport and betting is all about differences of opinions. But lets just hope for now he can pick up this year Harry Vardon trophy. That would be a start and he probaly will never get a better chance...Cheers
Report irishlad November 11, 2009 5:02 PM GMT
"I've started threads on here to make sure his name stays up in lights and that even non-golfers know what a great performer he is "

Well done Vubiant. All of us on the IRISH SPORTS FORUM had forgotten about this lad until your threads. The non-golfers in the IRISH SPORTS forum are particularly grateful.

Could you maybe put up a thread about some other Irish sports stars we may not be au fait with. I don't know, a couple on Brian O'Driscoll, that lad Henry Shefflin or maybe Roy Keane?

Anyway, I'm off to sue a woman about a field to make a million.
Report Vubiant November 11, 2009 5:31 PM GMT
As Pat Kenny might say ''Thank you . Thank you for that contribution'' irishlad.
Always happy to be of service. :D
Report macrocky November 11, 2009 5:38 PM GMT
Bless i would bet rory will exceed the acheivements of anthony kim, i dont like kims technique, he is all over the shop at times
There are more budding potential superstars in the world than the great us of a , though that tour with its target golf tournaments makes the world think the world stops in usa.
Report Blessington November 11, 2009 6:24 PM GMT
Maybe so MAC, but Rory had enough chances over there and he hasn't cracked it yet on the target golf courses as you describe them.

I'm not might about Kim myself but he has the t-shirt for playing on the big stage and coming up with the goods between his excellent Ryder Cup record, didn't he finish top points scorer last year, and his PGA wins.

Kaymer and Ryan Moore are guys I like myself. While Dustin Johnstone in only his 2nd season on tour is a winner for the 2nd season in a row and he's only 25, he could well be one worth following at decent prices next year. While Villegas has also done it now on the big stage with his Fed Cup achivements last year.

But as I said there's lots of good 20s something around at the moment. Sean O'hair I imagine still has improvements in him while Ross Fisher looks the type who could sneak a Major at a big price someday.

Plus a dark horse could be Oliver Wilson who could well have the same early profile as David Duval a lot of 2nds places before he eventually got off the mark and then couldn't stop winning.....True he could be the new US version of Tim Clark either, but I don't think so.

But there lots of young decent propects, who well could be future regular winners out there at the moment who will be running at a longer prices than Rory will be, if they can just get that little bit of luck.

They will be the one's I be keeping a eye on until Rory starts going off at prices his win record so far merits...Cheers
Report Vubiant November 15, 2009 11:58 AM GMT
Another good week's work for Rory as he lifts himself to the top of the Ryder Cup table and also the (ridiculously named ) Race to Dubai list.
Finished with a low round again but Bourdy of course has to choose this week to get hot after being anonymous for about 18 months. That's the problem for golfers -you can keep playing great stuff for weeks on end -but outsiders can come from out of the blue with a spurt of form to pip you.
McDowell , Lawrie and Clarke also performed creditably.
Ireland are world class when it comes to Golf and Racing. Presumably that's why RTE is continually neglectful and underwhelming in their coverage of these sports but spends hours on end analysing the mediocrity that is the Irish soccer team .
Rated 37th in the world but constantly expected to be able to beat teams ranked way above them . :^0
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