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13 Nov 23 13:25
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Good news that Auguste Rodin is being kept in training for next year. He has shown toughness to twice bounce back from very poor runs to win 3 of the best turf races this year.  He is proven on a wide range of turf goings and, bearing this in mind, the Arc could be a good target.  I would much prefer a Coolmore 4yo than a 3yo for the Arc, which puts me off City Of Troy at the moment.
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Report impossible123 November 13, 2023 1:58 PM GMT
I hope this is one of his races prior to his main objective Breeders Cup Classic, but unlikely given the state of the going plus Coolmore's multi-candidates for this race. I think his main target is the Breeders Cup Classic to market to the American breeding candidates.

And, if he takes to the Dirt Coolmore could charge a monumental fee for his service as a stallion.
Report brandyontherocks November 13, 2023 5:42 PM GMT
Can not see them running him on dirt.

Maybe the Arc, but would think Prince Of Wales, Irish Champion and Breeders Turf would be the main targets.
Report kincsem November 21, 2023 4:46 PM GMT
Auguste Rodin would be a very bad choice for the Arc.
If the going is soft, and it often is, he would probably be withdrawn.
He would probably bleed, as his dam bled, and he probably has too.
Report .Marksman. March 21, 2024 2:57 PM GMT
    ENGAGEMENT        Mercredi 15 Mai 2024        10h30 PARIS   
    FORFAIT 1        Lundi 30 Septembre 2024        11h30 ==   
    FORFAIT 2        Mardi 1 Octobre 2024        11h30 ==   
    ENGAGEMENT SUPPLEMENT.        Mercredi 2 Octobre 2024        11h30 ==   
    PARTANT PROBABLE        Mercredi 2 Octobre 2024        11h30 ==   
    ANNULATION PART PROB        Jeudi 3 Octobre 2024        10h30 ==   
    MONTE        Jeudi 3 Octobre 2024        12h30 ==   
Report impossible123 May 6, 2024 4:10 PM BST
Has Ballydoyle sent any Oaks (even winning) filly here? Found won it the next year; Minding bypassed probably because of Found and her stablemates.
Report penzance May 6, 2024 5:03 PM BST
Snowfall & pretty sure Love was going to run but was taken
out for ground reasons,could be wrong there though.
Report impossible123 May 6, 2024 5:27 PM BST
Thanks 'penzance'. I'm thinking about Ylang Ylang (50/1) here. And, AOB has maybe just Continuous; Auguste Rodin is very unlikely; City Of Troy (zilch chance of making it or even Epsom).
Report .Marksman. May 15, 2024 2:32 PM BST
    AL HAKEEM (GB) M.PS. 5 A.        59,5 kg       
    AL RIFFA (FR) M.PS. 4 A.        59,5 kg       
    ALCANTOR M.PS. 3 A.        59,5 kg       
    AMBIENTE FRIENDLY IRE M.PS. 3 A.        59,5 kg       
    ANCIENT WISDOM M.PS. 3 A.        59,5 kg       
    ARABIAN CROWN M.PS. 3 A.        59,5 kg       
    ARREST IRE M.PS. 4 A.        59,5 kg       
    ARROW EAGLE M.PS. 3 a.        59,5 kg       
    ATLAST M.PS. 3 A.        59,5 kg       
    AUGUSTE RODIN IRE M.PS. 4 A.        59,5 kg       
    Aventure (Ire) F.Ps. 3 A.        59,5 kg       
    BLUE ROSE CEN IRE F.PS. 4 A.        59,5 kg       
    BUBBLE GUM F.PS. 3 a.        59,5 kg       
    CANDALA F.PS. 3 A.        59,5 kg       
    CITY OF TROY USA M.PS. 3 A.        59,5 kg       
    CONTINUOUS JPN M.PS. 4 A.        59,5 kg       
    CRYPTO FORCE GB M.PS. 4 A.        59,5 kg       
    DALLAS STAR (FR) M.PS. 3 A.        59,5 kg       
    DANCING GEMINI IRE M.PS. 3 A.        59,5 kg       
    DARE TO DREAM F.PS. 3 A.        59,5 kg       
    DEIRA MILE IRE M.PS. 3 a.        58 kg       
    DELIUS GB M.PS. 3 a.        58 kg       
    DIEGO VELAZQUEZ IRE M.PS. 3 A.        58 kg       
    DO DEUCE JPN M.PS. 5 A.        58 kg       
    EMILY UPJOHN GB F.PS. 5 A.        58 kg       
    FANTASTIC MOON GER M.PS. 4 A.        58 kg       
    FAST TRACKER GB M.PS. 3 A.        56,5 kg       
    FEED THE FLAME (GB) M.PS. 4 A.        56,5 kg       
    FOREST FAIRY IRE F.PS. 3 a.        56,5 kg       
    FRIENDLY SOUL GB F.PS. 3 A.        56,5 kg       
    GALA REAL F.PS. 3 A.        56,5 kg       
    GHOSTWRITER IRE M.PS. 3 A.        56,5 kg       
    Grecian Storm (Gb) M.Ps. 3 A.        56,5 kg       
    HALFDAY F.PS. 3 A.        56,5 kg       
    HAYA ZARK M.PS. 5 A.        56,5 kg       
    INTERNAUTE (IRE) M.PS. 3 a.        56,5 kg       
    KING WARRIOR IRE M.PS. 3 a.        56,5 kg       
    KYPRIOS IRE M.PS. 6 A.        56,5 kg       
    LE DESTRIER (IRE) M.PS. 5 A.        56,5 kg       
    LOOK DE VEGA M.PS. 3 a.        56,5 kg       
    LOS ANGELES IRE M.PS. 3 A.        56,5 kg       
    LUXEMBOURG IRE M.PS. 5 A.        56,5 kg       
    Macduff Gb M.Ps. 3 A.        56,5 kg       
    Maniatic (Ire) M.Ps. 4 A.        56,5 kg       
    MAXI KING IRE M.PS. 4 a.        56,5 kg       
    MELO MELO GB F.PS. 5 A.        56,5 kg       
    Mondo Man Gb M.Ps. 3 A.        56,5 kg       
    MQSE DE SEVIGNE (IRE) F.PS. 5 A.        56,5 kg       
    MR HAMPSTEAD USA M.PS. 3 a.        56,5 kg       
    NARKEZ M.PS. 3 a.        56,5 kg       
    OPERA SINGER USA F.PS. 3 A.        56,5 kg       
    PASSENGER USA M.PS. 4 A.        56,5 kg       
    PENSEE DU JOUR IRE F.PS. 4 A.        56,5 kg       
    REGALEIRA JPN F.PS. 3 A.        56,5 kg       
    ROUHIYA F.PS. 3 A.        55 kg       
    SEA JUST IN TIME IRE F.PS. 3 a.        55 kg       
    SEVENNA'S KNIGHT IRE M.PS. 4 A.        55 kg       
    Sheema's Rose F.Ps. 3 A.        55 kg       
    SHIN EMPEROR M.PS. 3 A.        55 kg       
    SIYOLA IRE F.PS. 3 a.        55 kg       
    Sosie (Ire) M.Ps. 3 A.        55 kg       
    SUNWAY M.PS. 3 A.        55 kg       
    Survie (Ire) F.Ps. 3 A.        55 kg       
    TAMFANA GER F.PS. 3 A.        55 kg       
    TASMANIA GER F.PS. 4 A.        55 kg       
    TOWER OF LONDON IRE M.PS. 4 A.        55 kg       
    WAHDAN (IRE) M.PS. 3 a.        55 kg       
    WASABI F.PS. 3 a.        55 kg       
    WHITE BIRCH GB M.PS. 4 A.        55 kg       
    WILL SCARLET GB M.PS. 3 a.        55 kg       
    YLANG YLANG GB F.PS. 3 A.        55 kg       
    YOU GOT TO ME GB F.PS. 3 A.        55 kg       
    ZARAKEM M.PS. 4 A.        55 kg       
Report .Marksman. May 15, 2024 2:34 PM BST
I didn't sort the weights when I sorted the horse names, so ignore the second column.
Report elisjohn May 15, 2024 6:32 PM BST
ill be backing french oaks/ derby winner and wouldnt mind seeing Passenger in the betting here id have a few quid on him, nothing for me from uk/ ireland  this yearCrazy
Report Elbows McGuinness May 15, 2024 8:46 PM BST
Entries not added to exchange market as per usual. Meanwhile, they've retired runners listed.
Report Elbows McGuinness May 15, 2024 8:47 PM BST
They normally add the field in August Laugh
Report clouded leopard May 16, 2024 12:05 PM BST
elisjohn15 May 24 18:32Joined: 15 Jun 03 | Topic/replies: 17,835 | Blogger: elisjohn's blog
ill be backing french oaks/ derby winner and wouldnt mind seeing Passenger in the betting here id have a few quid on him, nothing for me from uk/ ireland  this year

re Passenger - do you think 12f on likely soft would be his kind of thing elis ? - could always request an add to market - I'd be interested myself

Won beautifully other day, caught my eye and jumped on for RA - since shortened pretty quickly but guess we'll find out fairly soon if he'll suit that longer trip
Report elisjohn May 16, 2024 2:02 PM BST
agreed, probably wont even run, but i looked at the exchange and was hoping for huge odds which i would have taken as nothing in the entries stand out for me at the moment.
Report penzance May 16, 2024 2:29 PM BST
33/1 with the Stoke firm.
There did used to be a  thread where you could ask for horses to be added to A/Post races.
Report clouded leopard May 16, 2024 4:51 PM BST
Had eyes peeled for exactly same thing hoping for at least a trade but 12f/soft going might be a proper stretch imo

Either way he looks one for the season
Report elisjohn May 26, 2024 3:17 PM BST
White birch would carry my money if the race was next week, very impressive
Report elisjohn May 26, 2024 7:11 PM BST
actually top of the arc market on the excchange now
Report elisjohn May 27, 2024 6:08 AM BST
George Murphy, the winning trainer's assistant and son, said: “Roger O'Callaghan recommended White Birch to us initially. He wasn't really a breeze-up type and we bought into him after he was broken. We were very lucky and look at him now, he's top class. He's got a lot stronger and just seems to be doing things very easily now. He's a serious horse and that was a top-class performance.

“Dropping him back to a mile and a quarter has improved him. He came from off the pace a few times last year after he was a bit slow leaving the gate, and maybe that made him look like more of a stayer but he always had plenty of boot. He's showing everyone what he can do this year.”   .
Report ImSoLuckyLucky! June 2, 2024 4:08 PM BST
Joint favs
the English/French derbi winners-6

and then a filly Adveture pops up
Report impossible123 June 3, 2024 3:18 PM BST
Where is Ezeliya the Oaks winner? To me she'd be fav or 2nd fav. But, she needs supplementing. I do not think City Of Troy will ever run in The Arc in any year.
Report penzance June 3, 2024 4:21 PM BST
Books prices for the Weld filly range between 8 & 14/1.
Report impossible123 June 3, 2024 7:02 PM BST
I like 14/1 at Ezeliya. I think she may run here if sound; Harzand and Tarnawa both ran here. I think Tarnawa ought to have run when she was a 3yr old to maximise sex/age allowance.
Report elisjohn June 3, 2024 7:20 PM BST
this is the main betting exchange and Ezeliya not even in the list, agree i think she would be top 3 in the betting .    could anyone tell me the times of the derby /oaks at epsom. thx
Report impossible123 June 3, 2024 7:25 PM BST
COT was 2m 38.32secs; Ezeliya's was 2m 42.06 secs - the ground was softer on friday.
Report elisjohn June 3, 2024 8:00 PM BST
thanks for that, imp
Report impossible123 June 4, 2024 7:04 PM BST
Ezeliya is 15/1 (boosted) with 'laddie'. But, she's not listed or quoted here. I think Mr Weld will not make the same mistake he made (I believe) with Tarnawa in not running here as a 3yr old; she got chinned by a complete outsider the following year.
Report Elbows McGuinness June 4, 2024 8:55 PM BST
Several horses entered in the race not listed here eg Ambiente Friendly. There seems to be a major competence issue with markets/trading dept generally. If you don't list all the entries, there really shouldn't be a market displayed at all.
Report impossible123 June 4, 2024 10:02 PM BST
The markets here are designed, managed and governed by a majority that are on job-release and not aligned or experienced with betting. Some markets were malformed eg Man City/number of Trophies but no policy to deal with it or managed the malformed market.
Report A_T July 8, 2024 11:16 AM BST
ezeliya retired

coolmore's unbeaten delius in this week's grand prix de paris
Report FOYLESWAR July 8, 2024 3:34 PM BST
had been backing delius at 40/1 ew prior to his last win price has gone for me now ,but i dont mind a few at decent prices and have been steadily backing miesque de signe who looks to be improving possibly a late maturing type and winning over 10f anre fabre wont step him up to 12f till the arc all being well, 25s with most firms and the arc the target been taking 44 ish on here and ive had some of that as well .
Report elisjohn July 9, 2024 2:29 PM BST
Ezeilya retiredSad, i really was looking forward to see her run again
Report FOYLESWAR July 13, 2024 9:19 AM BST
grqan prix de Paris today small field Delius sosie among others ,should be informative !
Report impossible123 July 13, 2024 10:46 AM BST
Is Look De Vega a definite here. The trainer is keen after his victory in the Prix Jockey Club. If so, he's the one for me given City Of Troy is a near certainty a no show. The rest are much of a muchness, I firmly believe.

If Look De Vega runs and wins an ARC prep race he'd be 5/2 or lesser.
Report brandyontherocks July 13, 2024 11:52 AM BST
Fingers crossed for a big run today, Foyles.
Report FOYLESWAR July 13, 2024 1:23 PM BST
yeah brandy ...Delius a bit weak in the betting
Report A_T July 13, 2024 10:28 PM BST
not a good ride on delius but looked like he might need further. winner boosts the form of the prix du jockey
Report FOYLESWAR July 14, 2024 6:16 AM BST
gave Delius a lot to do
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