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14 Jan 15 11:05
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Here are the weights and entries for Britain's richest handicap hurdle.

Horse    Age    Wgt    Trainer
DIAKALI (FR)    6    11-12    Willie Mullins IRE
ARCTIC FIRE (GER)    6    11-07    Willie Mullins IRE
GARDE LA VICTOIRE (FR)    6    11-06    Philip Hobbs
GET ME OUT OF HERE (IRE)    11    11-03    Jonjo O’Neill
BERTIMONT (FR)    5    11-01    Dan Skelton
SIGN OF A VICTORY (IRE)    6    11-01    Nicky Henderson
ROLLING STAR (FR)    6    11-00    Nicky Henderson
HAWK HIGH (IRE)    5    10-12    Tim Easterby
SEA LORD (IRE)    8    10/12    John Ferguson
ANALIFET (FR)    5    10-13    Willie Mullins IRE
CINDERS AND ASHES    8    10-13    Donald McCain
SEEDLING    6    10-10    Warren Greatrex
PINE CREEK    7    10-10    John Ferguson
HAMMERSLY LAKE (FR)    7    10-10    Nicky Henderson
VASCO DU RONCERAY (FR)    6    10-09    Nicky Henderson
CALIPTO (FR)    5    10-09    Paul Nicholls
ACTIVIAL (FR)    5    10-09    Harry Fry
LUCKY BRIDLE (IRE)    6    10-08    Willie Mullins IRE
DAWALAN (FR)    5    10-08    Nicky Henderson
GOODWOOD MIRAGE (IRE)    5    10-08    Jonjo O’Neill
ROYAL IRISH HUSSAR (IRE)    5    10-08    Nicky Henderson
SLEEPY HAVEN (IRE)    5    10-08    Jennie Candlish
CHELTENIAN (FR)    9    10-07    Philip Hobbs
BALLYGLASHEEN (IRE)    5    10-07    Evan Williams
JOLLY’S CRACKED IT (FR)    6    10-06    Harry Fry
STARLUCK (IRE)    10    10-06    David Arbuthnot
ROCK THE WORLD (IRE)    7    10-06    Jessica Harrington IRE
AMORE ALATO    6    10-06    Nick Williams
WICKLOW BRAVE    6    10-06    Willie Mullins IRE
FOX NORTON (FR)    5    10-06    Nick Williams
MIJHAAR    7    10-06    John Ferguson
RED MERLIN (IRE)    10    10-05    Donald McCain
ARZAL (FR)    5    10-05    Harry Whittington
BLAIR PERRONE (IRE)    6    10-04    Tony Martin IRE
BORDONI (USA)    6    10-04    John Ferguson
ASO (FR)    5    10-04    Venetia Williams
DANEKING    6    10-04    Willie Mullins IRE
ON TOUR (IRE)    7    10-04    Evan Williams
MINELLA PRESENT (IRE)    6    10-04    Neil Mulholland
BALGARRY (FR)    8    10-03    David Pipe
EMERGING TALENT (IRE)    6    10-02    Paul Nicholls
LASER HAWK (IRE)    8    10-01    Evan Williams
SWING BOWLER    8    10-01    David Pipe
CHIEFTAIN’S CHOICE (IRE)    6    10-00    John Quinn
FORCED FAMILY FUN    5    10-00    John Quinn
EBONY EXPRESS    6    10-00    Dr Richard Newland
TOP NOTCH (FR)    4    10-00    Nicky Henderson
BARADARI (IRE)    5    9-13    Venetia Williams
VIOLET DANCER    5    9-12    Gary Moore
KASHMIR PEAK (IRE)    6    9-12    John Quinn
GASSIN GOLF    6    9-12    Richard Lee
KAREZAK (IRE)    4    9-12    Alan King
COOL MACAVITY (IRE)    7    9-12    Nicky Henderson
BALLYBOLLEY (IRE)    6    9-11    Nigel Twiston-Davies
WILLEM (FR)    5    9-10    David Pipe
FASCINO RUSTICO    7    9-10    Dan Skelton
SNAKE EYES (IRE)    7    9-08    Nicky Henderson
WAR SINGER (USA)    8    9-08    Johnny Farrelly
HELLO GEORGE (IRE)    6    9-08    Philip Hobbs
AS DE FERBET (FR)    5    9-08    Willie Mullins IRE
FIRST MOHICAN    7    9-07    Alan King
CLONDAW WARRIOR (IRE)    8    9-07    Willie Mullins IRE
LIGHTENTERTAINMENT (IRE)    7    9-06    Chris Gordon
BUISENESS SIVOLA (FR)    4    9-01    Willie Mullins IRE

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When: 14 Jan 15 11:08
Calipto does look a worthy favourite with his weight, trainer and course form.
When: 14 Jan 15 14:17
What's the maximum field size for this race please?
When: 14 Jan 15 14:38
Pretty sure it's 24.
When: 14 Jan 15 14:55
Thanks shockster... I've had a nibble at Arzal at 46 on here... needs about ten to come out though... also like Seedling but not at the present price... cheers...
When: 14 Jan 15 15:33
I'm kicking myself as I had had Calipto in mind for this for a while, and just missed the boat. Didn't think he'd get this smashed this quickly. The other one I really like is Nicholls' other runner, Emerging Talent, who looked to be going just as well as L'Ami Serge lto before falling. It's interesting that he was entered tomorrow (been taken out now), and has plenty of entries in the next few days as well, just after the weights have come out. He'll need plenty to come out to get in, but a win in a novice this weekend would serve the purpose of getting him a penalty, which would practically guarantee him a run.

If he wins well, which the collateral form with L'ami Serge suggests he could, he could go there a very very well handicapped horse. I wouldn't be worried that Nicholls also has Calipto, as he has run a few in this race plenty of times. 14s seems way too big to me.
When: 14 Jan 15 18:08
I've had a wee bet on Ebony Express, who looked pretty good winning his first two hurdles races this year. In trainers stable tour he likened this one to Overstrand, who he trained to be a close 2nd in this race. He's aiming Ebony Express at the race, so I'm thinking if he doesn't get in he'll be balloted out and stakes returned.

Some might be put off by his last run, finished 6th, but I watched that race again and he was not put into it at all, as far as I'm concerned it was spin to keep him ticking over for this. Dr Newland is a fantastic target trainer.

Try as I might I couldn't find any superstars lurking (imo) so a wee punt on this one is worthwhile at 25/1 as I believe there is more to come, interestingly Lards are as low as 14/1.
When: 16 Jan 15 10:08
"Calipto is very much on course for the Betfair Hurdle at Newbury next month. He has had a breathing operation after choking at Cheltenham first time up in October - I said as much immediately after the race - and I think that he can be competitive off his mark. Newbury has been the long-term plan for him since Cheltenham".  Paul Nicholls
When: 17 Jan 15 07:56
What penalty does Top Notch get if he wins today?
When: 17 Jan 15 20:06
Top Notch gets a 5lb penalty, jumps up from 47th to 34th in list so will get a place. really impressed with it's quick jumping today and looks right type for race
When: 21 Jan 15 16:11
1    Garde La Victoire21      6    11-12    Philip Hobbs
2    Get Me Out Of Here98     11    11-9    Jonjo O´Neill
3    Sign Of A Victory43      6    11-7    Nicky Henderson
4    Hawk High37              5    11-4    Tim Easterby
5    Sea Lord70              8    11-4    John Ferguson
6    Cinders And Ashes330      8    11-3    Donald McCain
7    Seedling57              6    11-2    Warren Greatrex
8    Pine Creek49              7    11-2    John Ferguson
9    Vasco Du Ronceray77      6    11-1    Nicky Henderson
10    Calipto112              5    11-1    Paul Nicholls
11    Activial49              5    11-1    Harry Fry
12    Aso21 5x              5    11-1    Venetia Williams
13    Lucky Bridle20      6    11-0    W P Mullins
14    Dawalan63              5    11-0    Nicky Henderson
15    Goodwood Mirage49      5    11-0    Jonjo O´Neill
16    Royal Irish Hussar231F     5    11-0    Nicky Henderson
17    Sleepy Haven28      5    11-0    Jennie Candlish
18    Cheltenian29              9    10-13    Philip Hobbs
19    Ballyglasheen49      5    10-13    Evan Williams
20    Jolly´s Cracked It35      6    10-12    Harry Fry
21    Starluck42              10    10-12    David Arbuthnot
22    Amore Alato35              6    10-12    Nick Williams
23    Wicklow Brave72      6    10-12    W P Mullins
24    Mijhaar36              7    10-12    John Ferguson
25    Arzal43              5    10-11    Harry Whittington
26    Blair Perrone28      6    10-10    A J Martin
27    Bordoni70              6    10-10    John Ferguson
28    Daneking38              6    10-10    W P Mullins
29    On Tour77              7    10-10    Evan Williams
30    Minella Present85      6    10-10    Neil Mulholland
31    Baradari21 5x              5    10-10    Venetia Williams
32    Balgarry35              8    10-9    David Pipe
33    Laser Hawk52              8    10-7    Evan Williams
34    Swing Bowler28      8    10-7    David Pipe
35    Chieftain´s Choice53      6    10-6    John Quinn
36    Forced Family Fun32F      5    10-6    John Quinn
37    Ebony Express30      6    10-6    Dr Richard Newland
38    Violet Dancer17F      5    10-4    Gary Moore
39    Gassin Golf49            6    10-4    Richard Lee
40    Karezak42              4    10-4    Alan King
41    Ballybolley42              6    10-3    Nigel Twiston-Davies
42    Fascino Rustico32      7    10-2    Dan Skelton
43    Snake Eyes20              7    10-0    Nicky Henderson
44    War Singer28              8    10-0    Johnny Farrelly
45    Hello George28      6    10-0    Philip Hobbs
46    Lightentertainment56    7    9-12    Chris Gordon

Top Notch, Emerging Talent & Arctic Fire 3 notable absentees.
When: 21 Jan 15 18:16
Thanks for posting the latest entries shockster... I've gone in again on Arzal... average odds just shy of 50 now... pleased to see it's up to 25 on the list...

May I ask where you found the list of entries listed in weight order?  Was looking earlier today but with no luck...
King Selassie I
When: 21 Jan 15 18:48
Try Racing post my friend. Normally there. Also has a filter for horses name, horses weight & OR.
King Selassie I
When: 21 Jan 15 18:48
Try Racing post my friend. Normally there. Also has a filter for horses name, horses weight & OR.
When: 21 Jan 15 19:03
Thanks KSI... searched Arzal entries on the RP site and it shows the race on Feb 7 with '65 runners' which was the original amount of entries... scrolling down I can see the list is updated with my pick sitting pretty at 25... cheers...
When: 21 Jan 15 20:18
fascino rustico looks fairly weighted imo could run a big race....
When: 21 Jan 15 20:41
Needs 18 to come out though Alleged. Has to be doubtful to get a run.
thornton reed
When: 25 Jan 15 20:34
Does anyone know what the penalty structure is for the race? Ie. How many lbs for a win?
When: 27 Jan 15 10:31
Aso and Baradari got 5lb Penalties according to RP racecard, don't know if penalties linked to class of race or just 5lb a winner?
When: 29 Jan 15 08:17
fascino gets 5lb rise that should get him in imo Happy
When: 31 Jan 15 22:58
Violet Dnacer been kept under the radar for this, hope it gets in
When: 01 Feb 15 21:48
Fascino Rustico has no penalty (Racing Post) unfortunately, but if he gets in would have a favourite's chance.

Swing Bowler is another that needs defectors but she is well handicapped,  seems to go on any ground and has run well in this event before. At 33/1 she looks e/w value. She needs about ten to drop out.

Royal Irish Hussar is unlikely to run but is on a very good mark at present.
When: 01 Feb 15 22:12
Fascino Rustico has no penalty (Racing Post) unfortunately, but if he gets in would have a favourite's chance.

just think he,s much better than his current mark, poised to win and fell a couple of times, beat decent sorts at kemp last year, had the ulcer problem, theres a lot to like this year.... Happy
fact find
When: 02 Feb 15 05:40
I think you'll find F.Rustico DOES have a penalty to carry. Can I suggest you look at the conditions of the race.
When: 02 Feb 15 07:27
Penalties after January 11th, a winner of a hurdle race 5lb; of 2 hurdle races 8lb

thanks fact find Happy
When: 02 Feb 15 09:37
I suggest that you take it up with the Racing Post as they see fit to leave the said beast on 10:2.

I also suggest with some justification that the best part of you ,Fact Find, ran down your Mother's leg.
When: 02 Feb 15 10:56
is there really any need for those kind of comments dunlaying Sad
When: 02 Feb 15 11:51
Time of the year isn't it alleged, you get these types of people on here as we approach Cheltenham sadly.
knot in wood
When: 02 Feb 15 16:24
32 left in,sign of a victory the new top weight.

done baradari ew myself so glad he stood his ground,feared they might have kept him to the longer trip and pulled him out.
When: 02 Feb 15 16:56
Looks like a dry week, wonder if it'll be testing or not. Only soft going right now.
When: 02 Feb 15 17:11
Short List:

Activial (assuming improvement and weight pull from Ascot to get past the one below)
Pine Creek (seems overpriced @ 25 on here compared to the above, runner?)
Balgarry (lightly raced for it's age and respected Trainer)
Violet Dancer (could be a sneaky one at 38 on here with the Trainer's race record and an AWT prep run)
When: 02 Feb 15 17:31
Very poor renewal methinks, will have to invest a shilling on something but will wait for declared runners.
Ibrahima Sonko
When: 02 Feb 15 18:17
Cant see any rain all week, going to be minus 2 overnight before the race, not sure what affect covers will have on the ground too.
When: 02 Feb 15 18:31
Fascino rustic I have just noticed has an entry in the deloitte the day after, back up plan maybe should he not get a run here.......?
When: 02 Feb 15 18:40
Chieftain's Choice looks to have a bit of class about him. Improver, front runner, so lot to ask, but I like him. Good fast hurdler, like the 20-1, just hope he runs.
When: 02 Feb 15 19:23
Sign of a Victory being overlooked here imo. Without the Xmas Hurdle run he'd be 4/1 max imo, and that's easy enough to forgive.  Would want reasonable ground though.
When: 02 Feb 15 19:38
Vasco du Ronceray looks overpriced at 25-1. Not a great race he won last time but did it tidily enough and not off a bad mark considering his novice form.
Ibrahima Sonko
When: 03 Feb 15 06:05
3" of snow in Newbury overnight
When: 03 Feb 15 12:19
I have gone for Seedling. Form is good as anything that finishes placed behind it wins next time.
When: 03 Feb 15 13:25
As with last weeks Sandown handicap, this is another big race that seems a shadow of it's former self. Was always my favourite handicap hurdle of the year - Large Action just beating Oh So Risky, Geos chinning Rooster Booster on the line, Decoupage hosing up etc, but this years entries are hardly worthy of a supporting race on a big Saturday card.Sad
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