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The Headmaster
21 Jul 10 14:32
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Plenty to chew on....
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Report Win only - Sp only August 17, 2010 4:27 PM BST
That's the ledger put to bed, barring injury Rewilding wins on the snaff, 2/1 very fair
Report Stevie Gerrard August 17, 2010 5:16 PM BST
I was impressed with Midas Touch as well as the winner. he's been up there with the strong pace from the start and kept grinding away. he had a 3lb penalty as well so I think he has a fair chance in the leger and I'd rather have the 7/1 MT than the 2s rewilding.
Report EastLower Gooner August 17, 2010 6:06 PM BST
fast time too for Rewilding.

Jousha Tree will obviously come on for this but will be tough to beat Rewliding next time.
Report ben10 August 17, 2010 6:32 PM BST
Stevie makes some good points imo
Report Stake & Chips August 17, 2010 7:02 PM BST
Looks a straight fight between Rewilding and Joshua Tree to me. Not sure Midas Touch will be so effective over further.
Report town moor August 17, 2010 9:01 PM BST
I think both Joshua Tree and Midas touch will improve for the extra two and a half furlongs, and although Rewilding wasn't stopping today I doubt he'll improve as much as the other two for the Leger distance. The dosage stats make Joshua Tree the best fit of the three, closely followed by midas touch with Rewilding the least likely winner of the three- obviously rewilding has the form in the book, but at the prices currently I'm just going to stick with the bets I already have and leave out rewilding and midas touch.
Report the bairn August 17, 2010 9:39 PM BST
i have to agree with you town moor, going by form alone these three look to be well ahead of anything, throw the dosage thing into the equasion[i don't profess to know how to do it, but i know it can have a great relevance in certain races. the Leger being one of them] and i have followed your list of qualifiers, only betting the ones i thought would run, Joshua stood out for me from your list, but i didn't have a clue how well it was until after it's run today, which i thought, wasn't given the hardest of races, i do think if it is well it has to have a great chance and will end up 2nd fav. good luck. cheers.
Report the lay preacher August 17, 2010 10:02 PM BST
before todays race midas touch was the only horse i was interested in for the leger .nothing i seen today has changed my mind.
the softer going that we will probably get in september plus the extra 2 and a half furlongs will be right up his street .
cant see past him as i said earlier he was made for this race.
Report town moor August 17, 2010 10:25 PM BST
"the softer going that we will probably get in september" are you a weather man lay preacher? I think it's only been soft twice in the last ten years- normally it's good-good/firm.
Report the lay preacher August 18, 2010 12:19 AM BST
it will be softer than we had today.
Report unclepuncle August 18, 2010 8:48 AM BST
I'd be worried about the bounce factor for Joshua Tree having run such a big race after such a long lay off.

Rewilding looks a class apart from anything else, and his main form rivals are the two horses he beat yesterday as the rest of the field are at least a another stone behind him, so granted normal ground and luck in running 2/1 looks on the long side to me.
Report The Headmaster August 18, 2010 10:15 AM BST
Rewilding backers,

Do the words of Simon Crisford "He was a little undercooked coming here...." not fill you with dread?

Sounds like they're going to get stuck into him again Cry
Report top div August 18, 2010 10:42 AM BST
Got to say that Rewilding looked very good yesterday and it would seem i'm looking for a place at best with Arctic Cosmos as things stand (although you always live in hope of course).

Perhaps i let my disappointment over his Derby run cloud my judgment somewhat as he looked a different horse yesterday in the way he travelled.

I shall be grasping at the 'might be best fresh?' straw.
Report unclepuncle August 18, 2010 12:27 PM BST
TBF Headmaster Godolphin have seen him as a Leger horse all year and have campaigned him accordingly. They also have a pretty decent record in the race down the years and I doubt they will have anything suitable to run in the Irish Champion stakes so Frankie should be onboard at Sunny DonnyBlush
Report The Headmaster August 18, 2010 12:43 PM BST
Not sure they've seen him as a Leger horse all year, up.  They were pretty fired up for Epsom imo.  Was only after the Derby that Doncaster was being mentioned.

I had a mate who was at Goodwood when he won and he said the horse looked trained to the minute and they wouldnt' want to push him between then and Epsom.  I think he was spot on as Rewilding looked edgy and light for the Derby.  They've now got him in a condition that's produced an excellent performance...wouldn't it be best to leave him simmering rather than turn the gas up again?  Classic Godolphin pitfall imo.
Report Win only - Sp only August 18, 2010 1:22 PM BST
Stevie Gerrard     17 Aug 10 17:16 
I was impressed with Midas Touch as well as the winner. he's been up there with the strong pace from the start and kept grinding away. he had a 3lb penalty as well so I think he has a fair chance in the leger and I'd rather have the 7/1 MT than the 2s rewilding.

you must be joking, absolutely no chance of reversing that.
Report Stevie Gerrard August 18, 2010 8:11 PM BST
no not joking wospo. you looking to offering me some nice odds in a match bet [;)]
Report Andriy August 18, 2010 8:30 PM BST
If Snow Fairy finishes anywhere close to Sariska and Midday tomorrow, her chance must be at least on a par with Rewilding; and the way she finished the 2 Oaks, she'll love the extra 2 furlongs.
Report liberator of the oppressed August 19, 2010 5:47 AM BST
2/1 or better Sheik Mo's horse really is manna from heaven. Best bet for a long long time. No more than 8 - 10 usually go to post and maybe three will stay wellish. Oi Oi.
Report Win only - Sp only August 19, 2010 7:51 AM BST
Stevie Gerrard Joined: 06 Dec 01
Replies: 1057 18 Aug 10 20:11   

no not joking wospo. you looking to offering me some nice odds in a match bet

stevie, with respect - i have been knocked the last twice on forum bets, so I have stopped that caper. Though "mythically" id offer 5/2 in a match bet
Report duncan idaho August 19, 2010 9:26 AM BST
''i have been knocked the last twice on forum bets''

Report the istabraq years August 19, 2010 12:23 PM BST
i believe rewilding to be one of the bets of the summer, everything about him shouts ledger winner ... goldophin have a great record in the race, he is def being aimed at the race which has been the plan since he past the line in the derby where he stayed on to finish 3rd on a track he clearly hated...stamina and class combined with a long , flat straight at donny and its max bet time for me.

I believe frankie thinks it has an excellent chance for what thats worth.

DATED 3rd Aug
Report the istabraq years August 19, 2010 12:24 PM BST
i tend not to get into arguements on the forum top div, its just not worth it...but rewilding will destroy those youve mentioned and id have any amount ( within ) reason on a match bet with the 2 horses he APPARENTLY cant beat.

form is all well and good , over the years trying to make this game pay i tend to look for potential and improvement to come rather then looking back on half lengths form lines from months ago, i ll sum it up below

* artic cosmos and dandino ( both admirable ) but to my eyes group 3 standard horses both have run 5 times this season already and have not been campaigned as ledger horses,in fact im sure dandino for one will have had enough by sept

* rewilding on the other hand has run only 5 times in his life and twice in england where goodwood was his first run and on a track again like epsom im sure wouldnt have suit this galloper.

* top div has mentioned form, all of which is in the past and more importantly is over 1m4 f...the extra 2 furlongs will bring out  untold improvement as will his light campaign as he was put away straight after the derby with one race in mind, this is no after thought.

* id be interested in hear if anyone believes any colt in the market would have placed in the derby, dandino, artic cosmos, total command for instance !!!!!!!!!

This horse is my 2nd biggest bet of the season, good luck to top div as we all have our own ideas on the game but im happy and hopeful.the only fly in the ointment is the filly snow fairy who is very good but i hope swerves the race.
Report Stake & Chips August 19, 2010 12:28 PM BST
I'm all over Rewilding too, The Istabraq Years, and echo your thoughts about Snow Fairy...

Another plus factor for Rewilding however, is his ability to act on soft in the event that it rains or the surface is overwatered... Mischief
Report the istabraq years August 19, 2010 12:30 PM BST
Both of the above were posted on the 3rd aug.....updating on that i was at york on tue and he was as impressive as i expected, he looked pretty lean and fit to me in the paddock though but very classy.....clearly frankie had another gear there in the locker and it was an ideal warm up race.

He is no certainty for the leger as there are no certs in this game but i think as long as all goes well up to the race and he is in the same form as york he ll be odds on and should be...the filly would be the danger.

good luck all
Report town moor August 23, 2010 1:19 PM BST
Acceptance stage tomorrow- who do we think will come out?
Report alileo August 23, 2010 1:22 PM BST
Think from memory there is about 40 odd in at the mo so probably about two thirds to come out imo.
Report cryoftruth August 23, 2010 7:24 PM BST
I must say I see Snow Fairy as the danger. She has that 123 rating with Timeform, and may just improve at the trip as she seemed to be staying on behind the amazing Midday at York. She gets 3lbs from Rewilding so he may have to run close to 130 to take the Leger which is no formality.
Report jbarnes (no not him) August 23, 2010 8:45 PM BST
rewilding pisses up on by 4 easssssy lengths surely?>
Report the lay preacher August 23, 2010 10:22 PM BST
midas touch all day long .
race is made for him good to soft going would be the icing on the cake.
he has been trained to the minute with this race in mind all along.
Report carvillshill August 24, 2010 11:56 AM BST
Why do you reckon Laddies are so keen to get him then LP?
Report Win only - Sp only August 24, 2010 1:12 PM BST
i seriously cant imagine any sane minded person thinking midas touch can beat rewilding
Report SEATHESTARS....NO1 August 24, 2010 5:42 PM BST
That argument is flawed in so many ways as laddies are biggest price about most of the runners in this leger, they been 7/4 rewilding for ages when only 13/8 on here and everyone else 6/4. I notice hills pushed him our to 13/8 today though.
Report carvillshill August 24, 2010 8:05 PM BST
What argument is that STS? I have backed Midas Touch, I only asked why the supposed bookies with a Ballydoyle ear have him biggest.
Report Win only - Sp only August 24, 2010 8:28 PM BST
Lads knowing fk all is a myth these days, they left SNA from guineas betting for most of the winter.
Report the lay preacher August 24, 2010 8:34 PM BST
carvills i really couldnt give a flying fukk what price ladbrokes went
and if they really new anything about sna they would have had him in their betting not out of it knowing their past form.
Report Win only - Sp only August 24, 2010 8:37 PM BST
are you an echo son?
Report conor123 August 24, 2010 9:11 PM BST
st nicholas abbey
Report Win only - Sp only August 24, 2010 9:20 PM BST
stereo echo
Report SEATHESTARS....NO1 August 24, 2010 11:15 PM BST
Just as i said in the above post, laddies have been biggest on most of the runners in the leger, wouldn't think too much into the ballydoyle thing personally.
Report The Headmaster August 25, 2010 1:56 PM BST
After scratchings:

Arctic Cosmos (USA)
Await The Dawn (USA)
Bright Horizon     
Cape Blanco (IRE)   
Corsica (IRE)       
Flying Cross (IRE) 
Joshua Tree (IRE)   
Midas Touch
Ted Spread         
Total Command     
Vibrant Force (USA)
Snow Fairy (IRE)
Report Andriy August 25, 2010 6:36 PM BST
Who are the possible supplementaries, if any?
Report mythical prince August 25, 2010 8:40 PM BST
look no further than rewilding. as perp points out 2-1 very fair. still nick the mad proffesor finds a reason to be against him-


REWILDING (44) put up the best performance of the season on my speed ratings when taking the Great Voltigeur Stakes. In a very strongly run race he came there cruising halfway up the straight and only had to be ridden out to go four lengths clear of the half length Irish Derby runner up Midas Touch.

He's now as short as 6-4 for the St Leger. And I wouldn't be surprised if he started odds on by post time. However if he were mine there's no way I'd consider running Rewilding in the St Leger following this performance.

First of all the Leger comes just 25 days after this enormous effort. With a normal horse there would be a major chance of him not recovering in time from such a fast effort. With Rewilding there looks to be an even bigger chance as his record suggests he's best with rests between his runs. This is evidenced by his below par run in the Derby following which was sandwiched between his two impressive wins in the Cocked Hat Stakes and this race off lay-offs.

Secondly there's a real doubt on pedigree about Rewilding getting the St Leger distance. His sire, Tiger Hill, only just got a mile and a half. And so far Tiger Hill's 34 pattern race winners have all been at a mile and a half or less. His nine runners over longer trips in black type races have all lost.

Rewilding's dam Darara won the Vermeille over a mile and a half and never ran longer. She's had eleven foals to date. Of these Dariyoun did win an unlisted Spanish race over 1m 6f from five attempts beyond a mile and a half but ended up being cut back to a mile when second on his final start in America. None of her other ten foals won beyond 12.5 furlongs.

Thirdly, the blindingly obvious target for Rewilding, and a race his former trainer Andre Fabre has already entered him in, is the Arc. If he went for that race he'd have nearly seven weeks to recover from his taxing run in the Voltigeur and he wouldn't be asked to run a distance he may well not stay. In addition he wouldn't be suffering the huge loss in stud value which comes from running a potential stallion like him beyond a mile and a half nowadays.

In the old days it was the norm for top class horses, including Derby winners, to run in the St Leger. But you have to go back to 1991 to find a horse that ran in the final Classic after earning a Racing Post rating as high as Rewilding got at York.

I can see the counter arguement. This is that Rewilding was just one of the top three or four in a fantastically strong crop of French three year olds. By staying in Britain he'll be able to dominate the relatively weak bunch of three year olds he'll be facing. If he went back to France he'd be tackling other members of their red hot Classic generation - notably Behkabad who continues to look a very serious horse.

I'm guessing that Sheikh Mohammed is locked into a long term plan to go for the St Leger with Rewilding. No doubt he'll be encouraged by the fact that three of the last four horses Godolphin ran in the Voltigeur went on to win the St Leger, and that Rewilding is clearly better than any of them. Personally I'll be siding against him, almost certainly with Snow Fairy, and betting that he bounces back next year to become one of the world's top mile and a half horses.

Runner up MIDAS TOUCH (41) had a hard race like the winner but I'm betting he recovers better as he's such a durable sort. He does lack a little for acceleration but that won't be anything like as much of a problem over the extra two and a half furlongs at Doncaster.

Good as the first two are I suspect that if there was a Leger winner in this year's Voltigeur it will turn out to be third placed JOSHUA TREE (40). A furlong and a half out I was fretting that he was going to force his way into the middle of what I'd thought was a sure fire straight forecast. At that stage he was moving really well having swept through down the outside. I even thought he might give the winner trouble at one point. But then he looked to blow up through lack of fitness off his lengthy break (it was his first run of the season). He was not unduly punished, his jockey looking around to be sure he had third place safe before letting him have an easy time of things in the last half furlong.

There's little doubt that Joshua Tree will move forward off this race a good deal more than the first two. He's a big-bodied sort that's clearly grown and filled out a good deal since lasts season. He ran as fast as the average Leger winner on my speed ratings and I'm not forgetting the terrific time and turn of foot he showed to take the Royal Lodge Stakes last season. That day he clocked a time only 0.73 of a second slower than Rip Van Winkle did in the QEII on the same card and came home four fifths of a second faster than his brilliant older stablemate in the final furlong.

I'm actually hoping that Joshua Tree doesn't win the St Leger or any Group 1 this season as that will probably ensure he's kept in training next season where he and Jan Vermeer will give Aidan O'Brien a strong hand in the big mile and a half Group 1 races for older horses.

of course there are valid reasons for taking rewilding on, but he'll travel like much the best horse in the race and i'd rather go on what my eyes tell me than what might show up in the breeding, and it's always struck me that he'll stay longer than the mother in law.
Report mythical prince August 25, 2010 8:43 PM BST
mordins tip for the st leger was actually snow fairy, although i presume that she's a non-runner? i agree if there is a danger then its joshua tree, although the dreaded bounce factor comes into play. i just can't have midas touch being classy enough to win a classic, even a st leger.
Report mightymoyes August 25, 2010 8:59 PM BST
whats the chances of flying cross winning well tmrw and then running in the leger?
Report town moor August 25, 2010 9:13 PM BST
I think he's spot on with that MP.
Report El Apache September 2, 2010 10:24 PM BST

Seems to be a huge price in comparision to Dandino and Arctic Cosmos.

Wasnt too far behind in the Gordon giving weight and has been freshened up by Braveheart.
Report cryoftruth September 3, 2010 11:25 PM BST
I am not a NM fan.

He uses the pedigree od Rewilding to rubbish his chances of staying the St Leger trip, which is fair enough. Rewilding has 12 furlomg stamina on both sides of his pedigree and there is a slight chance he won't stay.

However he then goers on to use a load of stats that shows that Snow Fairy has a great chance in the St Leger and in his Weekender article says that the main dangers are Midas Touch and Rewilding. Now he has covered the first three in the betting. However regards Snow fairy and all the stats about her, he omits to even mention the fact that she is bred by a miler out of a mare by a miler, or warn punters at all that there is a doubt about her staying 14.5 furlongs. So he has tipped that Rewilding shouldn't be backed, has said that the filly is "outstanding value", and then said that Rewilding and midas Touch are the next best. he appears to have discounted two major players in Cosmic and Dandino (perhaps stat indicate that they were born on a Tuesday night and this is against them statistically).

There is a problem with reading the stuff of Mordin. It makes you a good deal poorer if you are brainless  to take the slightest notice of his inane ramblings.
Report Shark12 September 4, 2010 12:54 AM BST
Some stats to throw into the mix (from 2000 to present day)

Tiger Hill (Rewilding)
14f - 3-32   9%
15f - 0-3    0%
16f - 3-13   23%

Intikhab (Snow Fairy)
14f - 3-24   13%
15f - 1-8    13%
16f - 2-20   10%

Galileo (Midas Touch, Theology, Cape Blanco & Bright Horizon)
14f - 24-160  15%
15f - 2-30    7%
16f - 15-111  14%

Montjeu (Joshua Tree)
14f - 24-200  12%
15f - 7-37    19%
16f - 16-151  11%

North Light (Arctic Cosmos)
No data available beyond 12f - have emailed a query to the database managers but having checked on RP website looks correct

Giant's Causeway (Await the Dawn)
14f - 4-46   9%
15f - 0-7    0%
16f - 4-27   15%

Pivotal (Buzzword)
14f - 4-48  8%
15f - 1-8   13%
16f - 2-22  9%

Cape Cross (Corsica)
14f - 9-60    15%
15f - 1-6     17%
16f - 4-39    10%

Dansili (Dandino)
14f - 8-74    11%
15f - 1-12    8%
16f - 9-65    14%

Beat Hollow (Ted Spread)
14f - 3-28    11%
15f - 0-3     0%
16f - 0-12    0%

Sadler's Wells (Total Command & Flying Cross)
14f - 47-337  14%
15f - 5-66    8%
16f - 24-299  8%

Dynaformer (Vibrant Force)
14f - 1-37    3%
15f - 3-13    23%
16f - 6-51    12%

Am a big Rewilding fan but having looked at these stats I think I will be opposing him on the day. Corsica or Joshua Tree for me.
Report rhinestone September 4, 2010 9:15 AM BST
Come on Rewilding Mischief
Report town moor September 4, 2010 12:29 PM BST
My dosage figures have rewilding and snow fairy equal on all scores I think.
Report The Headmaster September 6, 2010 5:18 PM BST
Arctic Cosmos (USA)
Bright Horizon     
Corsica (IRE)     
Flying Cross (IRE)
Joshua Tree (IRE) 
Midas Touch       
Ted Spread         
Total Command   
Snow Fairy (IRE)
Report Shark12 September 6, 2010 6:54 PM BST
Looks like Corsica will be doing the pacemaking for Rewilding. An extract from the Godolphin website:

"Corsica, trained by Mark Johnston for Sheikh Mohammed’s son, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed al Maktoum, will act as a pacemaker for Rewilding.

Simon Crisford added: "Corsica will be pacemaking for Rewilding. Obviously, he will be running on his own merits. He is a natural front runner and has every right to be in the race himself, but his primary task will be to set the pace for Rewilding."  "
Report sintonian September 6, 2010 7:04 PM BST
with the possibility of cut in the going .. i've had an eachway slap on Ted Spread. He is similar to Rewilding in that he was put away all summer and then returned at the same time .. obviously not in the same class, but his form with cut in the ground is 11. At 10 times the price is worth a go imo. Dazzler is 1/2 aboard him.
Report cryoftruth September 6, 2010 8:16 PM BST
town moor

I am not a fan of dosage indexes but out of interest,

Snow Fairy who I think might well stay is by  a miler out of a mare by a miler.

Rewilding is by a 12 furlong horse out of a mare by a 12 furlong horse.

What sort of dosage indexes are you using?
Report willz September 6, 2010 11:43 PM BST
Have studied this race this evening and thought i would post a few thoughts. I must admit to being suprised at the price difference between Rewilding and Midas Touch.

Having viewed the Voltiguer which has been a superb trial over the years you can see that it was run at a strong pace. Rewilding was held up out the back whereas Midas touch tracked the pace. Johnny took a pull on him 3 out before letting him go and it was a nice turn of foot he showed to take the lead. Rewilding was visually more impressive as he himself went on but i was quite taken by how Midas touch stuck to his task.

In his previous run in the Irish Derby it was much the same. He tracked a fast pace and showed a neat turn of foot to take up the running.He stayed on tremendously well to only just lose out to Cape Blanco who certainly upheld the form at the weekend.

It is interestin that Mastery gave Monitor Closely 3lbs and was btn 4.5l in the Voltiguer only to turn around that form over 2 furlongs extra at level weights in last years Leger.

I must admit i cant get too excited about anything else in the race. I am not much of a stats man but Joshua Tree doesnt strike me as a Leger winner. Over the last 10yrs all winners had had either 4 or 5 runs in the year and the race doesnt normally go to lightly raced types. Its not very often handicap winners win the Leger and i think Dandino will finish behind Arctic Cosmos this time. As for Snow Fairy i just think that te 3yo fillies are quite an ordinary bunch this year albeit she was a good winner of both Oaks. Beyond those the others look well below what is required of a Leger winner.

In summary i think it is between Rewilding and Midas Touch and they should be closer in the betting than what they are. I think Midas will be a lot closer to Rewilding this time and looks a crackin ew bet at around 7/1.
He looks like a real stayer and it will be interesting if a) Murtagh rides it and b) he is ridden with a bit more restraint. With slight stamina reservations and whether he will be fresh enough i think Rewilding can be taken on with MIDAS TOUCH.

Good luck all
Report sintonian September 7, 2010 9:11 AM BST
DONCASTER was hit by significant overnight rain and officials have change going to good to soft as the course prepares to host the St Leger meeting which starts on Wednesday.

Clerk of the course David Williams welcomed the downpour which he said had "put some life in the track", he'd described the going on Monday as good to firm.

Speaking on Tuesday morning Williams said: "I'm a bit more relaxed now. It's been so dry up here. We've had 25mm overnight which is very welcome. That is a significant amount of rain over a short space of time, it's just put some life in the track and it walks so much better this morning."

Williams said the forecast for Tuesday was for a dry morning followed by the chance of afternoon showers and he said he'd had similar predictions for Thursday and Friday. "I'm a bit unsure about Saturday, we might get about 5mm of rain," he said.

Williams added: "I think it will ease on the round course where it's a bit more sheltered, once the rain has had a chance to settle in. It fell in a short space of time. I know it stopped at 4am because I was up most of the night listening to it and smiling. It's been dry here since April and I was banking on this rain."
Report town moor September 7, 2010 10:14 AM BST
I actually have 1 1/2 inches of rain in my weather station (bucket)here in town moor.

Cryoftruth, that isn't how dosage works, it looks at the males in both sides of the pedigree and allocates points to different sections of the profile. You can search the dosage profile of any horse for free on and if it isn't there you can add it and view it's profile. My understanding is that whilst there are many websites with the figures on, there is only one dosage index.
Report Stake & Chips September 7, 2010 1:05 PM BST
Anyone else getting the vibe that Snow Fairy might not turn up...?
Report sintonian September 7, 2010 1:06 PM BST
Yep. I thought that before the recent rain tbh.
Report town moor September 7, 2010 1:07 PM BST
Yes, trainer already saying wouldn't be given a hard race.
Report kildareking September 7, 2010 4:27 PM BST
I agree totally with WILLZ. Midas Touch has to be closer to Rewilding on the form book. The extra 2 furlongs and 3 pound turnaround will have to have them closer.
Report sintonian September 7, 2010 4:33 PM BST
He was the only one up with the pace all the way and still there at the finish. Should have a big chance. I couldn't touch Joshue Tree despite the promise he showed. He's not ready for it imo.
Report carvillshill September 7, 2010 5:46 PM BST
Agree. I thought he looked not to stay in the Voltigeur whatever about not being wound up- didn't look like he wanted another 2 1/2 f to me. Midas v solid ew. Bet the ground will end up good or close to it.
Report the lay preacher September 7, 2010 6:03 PM BST
carvills theres another 30mm of rain forecast before sat. how can it be good.
Report Stake & Chips September 9, 2010 10:56 AM BST
By Nick Robson, Press Association Sport

The drying ground at Doncaster has enabled Ed Dunlop to declare Snow Fairy for the Ladbrokes St Leger on Saturday.

The dual Oaks winner's participation had been in some doubt in the lead-up to the race and after 25 millimetres of rain on Monday evening prospects were not looking good.

However, the Town Moor venue has since been dry and at declaration time on Thursday Snow Fairy's name was there alongside the red-hot favourite, Rewilding, and eight others.

With Ryan Moore, in the saddle for both of Snow Fairy's Oaks victories, claimed by Sir Michael Stoute to ride Total Command, Eddie Ahern comes in for the mount.

Godolphin's Rewilding finished a promising third in the Derby and backed that up with a laughably easy victory in the Great Voltigeur at York.

With Sheikh Mohammed's operation having saddled the first two home last year, they will have big hopes of keeping the prize.

James Given's progressive Dandino takes his chance for the Elite Racing Club, while Arctic Cosmos, just behind Dandino at Goodwood, represents John Gosden and his wife, Rachel Hood.

Aidan O'Brien runs Midas Touch (Colm O'Donoghue) and Joshua Tree (Jamie Spencer) who were second and third respectively in the Voltigeur.

Mark Johnston's saddles Corsica, Jeremy Noseda will be represented by Theology, while Chester Vase winner Ted Spread will be one slightly inconvenienced by the drying ground.

The only two withdrawals were the O'Brien stablemates Bright Horizon and Flying Cross.
Report willz September 9, 2010 11:58 AM BST
Must admit i am slightly disappointed that Johnny is not on Midas Touch. I know there is the Irish St Leger on the same day but i dont think he has an outstanding ride in that race. Anybody know his reasons for not coming over for the Leger?
Report Stake & Chips September 9, 2010 12:00 PM BST
Presumably to ride whatever AOB declares for G1 Railway Stakes (Zoffany?)
Report Stake & Chips September 9, 2010 12:02 PM BST
* National Steaks Cry
Report stevo1 September 9, 2010 12:49 PM BST
Murtagh not riding Midas cause he knows it wont win?
Report carvillshill September 9, 2010 12:51 PM BST
carvills theres another 30mm of rain forecast before sat. how can it be good.

Polite cough :)
Report the lay preacher September 9, 2010 1:38 PM BST
its not saturday yet m8 friday night there is an expected deluge.
i wouldnt cough too soon HappyHappyHappy
Report the lay preacher September 9, 2010 1:49 PM BST
bryan boru 2003 a.obrien st leger winner

scorpion 2005 a.obrien st leger winner

midas touch 2010 a.obrien

what they have in common is that none of them were ridden by the first choice stable jockey the omens are good.GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin
Report sintonian September 9, 2010 2:11 PM BST
what is the weather update then ?
Report the lay preacher September 9, 2010 3:34 PM BST
rain rain rain.
Report Chanting September 10, 2010 6:47 AM BST
Sunday 12 Sept
Racing Post Headlines
Elite Racing Club Have First Classic Winner
Dandino outstayed them all! What an impressive turn of foot! The ERC..............
What price would Dandino be if Stout trained him????
LUMP ON!!Laugh[;)]
Report Mooono September 10, 2010 7:27 AM BST
Someone has lumped on him at 2.36 to place..
Report Chanting September 10, 2010 7:44 AM BST
Hi Mooono I am on win and place. Backed him all season and owes me nothing. Trying to get more 9.6-will get no price in running
Be lucky!!
Report Mooono September 10, 2010 8:08 AM BST
Yea he is a nice horse..I was watching On The Line Sunday night and one of the Elite Racing Club was saying if he was trained by Stoute he would be half the price ect ect which is true..

A class 5 maiden to the the last Classic of the season is some achievement win or lose for the horse..

Gl with your bet
Report Brooksielad September 10, 2010 11:33 AM BST
Ted Spread has to have a chance? wasnt given a hard race when behind rewilding, obviously this has been the plan since the Derby and will love the ground.
Report sintonian September 10, 2010 11:36 AM BST
i've already backed him but think he needs more rain yet ..
Report Chanting September 10, 2010 12:28 PM BST
Cheers Mooono. ERC much better value than the Disappointing Timeform Betfair racing Club. They soon pulled the TBRC Forum when the club was slated by the members
Report road2ruin September 10, 2010 2:24 PM BST
Chanting, I'm in the same boat as you....had odd £5's/£10's on for a while win/place and now sitting with a fairly decent stake with prices from 11.0 downwards. Looking forward to the run and regardless of the result sure I will get a decent run for my money.

Just hoping the rain doesn't come down too hard.....
Report Chanting September 10, 2010 4:24 PM BST
Hi Road2ruin
I have had a good run with ERC Horses for 10 years. A brilliant Club. My wife bought me a years subscription to the Timeform Betfair Racing Club. If you want a free Timeform Card each day and can afford to go racing mid-week on a regular basis the TBRC is great value. As a betting medium it is a total waste and the communication is diabolical
However, Dandino has been a good moneyspinner for Elite members and I have won a few quid this season. If Dandino makes the frame tomorrow I will be a happy guy
Be luckyLaugh[;)]
Report road2ruin September 10, 2010 6:23 PM BST
Chanting, sounds like we've been members for a similar amount of time, I think I started in 2001 with Elite!

A good laugh for little outlay for me.

Good luck tomorrow! :)
Report sintonian September 11, 2010 10:20 AM BST
gl all.

Not enough rain for Ted Spread I feel but we'll see.
Report the lay preacher September 11, 2010 10:57 AM BST
looks like it will be good going possibly on the slow side .
still sticking with midas  touch e/w
Report willz September 11, 2010 12:38 PM BST
Still with Midas myself. Nice write up by HT on ATR website. Similar sentiments. Hope he is ridden a bit more conservativley. GL all.
Report Graeme83 September 11, 2010 1:10 PM BST
Joshua Tree is at decent enough odds. He was dropped to the back LTO, yet still finished well without being given the hardest of times.
Report rothko September 11, 2010 1:27 PM BST
total command for me - will need to have come on a ton but suspect probably has
Report Figgis September 11, 2010 3:28 PM BST
Nice one, Top Div.
Report Stevie Gerrard September 11, 2010 3:30 PM BST
well done top div
Report Win only - Sp only September 11, 2010 3:36 PM BST
fair play top div, you called it well.
Report top div September 11, 2010 3:37 PM BST
Cheers lads...a broken clock etc etc
Report sintonian September 11, 2010 4:15 PM BST
wd td.

cracking effort from Gosden aswell imo. That horse was winning c4 handicaps not long ago.
Report Win only - Sp only September 11, 2010 4:20 PM BST
Rewilding beat at the home turn, godolphin winning with everything apart from the one i needed :(
Report sintonian September 11, 2010 4:24 PM BST
It was a shame the Fav did not win imo. I like to see Godolhin do well.
Report jair1970 September 11, 2010 6:29 PM BST
There is a problem with reading the stuff of Mordin. It makes you a good deal poorer if you are brainless  to take the slightest notice of his inane ramblings.

Kudos for Mr Mordin for being against Rewilding where most of the Sporting Press thought he just had to turn up.
Report brigust1 September 11, 2010 9:37 PM BST
Well done Top Div, well thought out.
I backed Rewilding after the Voltiguer and Midas Touch for a place. I laid Dandino but couldn't bring myself to lay Arctic Cosmos because of the first time blinkers. I lost on the race, but not too much. Hope you topped up again, winners at good prices can be few and far between.
I hope Gosden's run continues tomorrow with High Heeled.
Report Win only - Sp only September 11, 2010 9:45 PM BST
Nick Mordin fancied Joshua Tree to come out best of the Voltiger 3.
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