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20 Jul 21 23:45
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Watched final Live thought tight 4 has got back up, 1 applied breaks ,Watched replay 4s head appears to be in air going over the line

Then they put the print up ,which was Dark, 1s nose looked to be clearly touching the line in the print ,could not believe they called 4 the winner

Was a decent print shown at any stage ? they could not have called 4 the winner from the print shown on RPTV ..
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Report casemoney July 20, 2021 11:49 PM BST
Would not be the first time Heads have got mixed up in a photo ,perhaps its me mixing them up ,Emailed in asked to see the print again

Will be a long wait ..

Is pocket talk I bet the top AP cost me a few quid , I had no query with them calling 4 the winner if I had not seen the print prior to it .

After seeing it I was long Odds on top had won .

Anyone else see the print ?
No I backed top 5.3
It gave four five lengths down the back hit rail at 4th bend as they do
Still got to four than surly having huge word in four ear all the way up
Run in , I thought red won in real time only the head on would give us
Clear picture of he did up run in looked like tiger to me
Didn’t see the print case as watched it on sis
Report casemoney July 21, 2021 2:08 PM BST
Its a disgrace in this day and age that no print was made available after the race 

As I said the dark print reds nose appeared to be on the Line .I am sure Tom the  trainer

Must have seen some proof of the result .. Because I know I would certainly have wanted to see it ..

The word sub standard does not cover how this sport is regarded , hundreds of bags been spent

on races and no proof of result being provided ,as Stated on what I seen they could not have

called 4 the winner was there another print no one has seen ? It could be the classic

two black heads situation ,I may be wrong ,So might they ..

There was dubious photo there the other day ,Its nothing to do with me Winning or Losing 

Its should be standard to provide photographic evidence of all Results ,its beyond belief it

is not .. as stated its not first and certainly wont be the last time this happens  ,I

contacted RPTV and asked them for a copy of the dark print or the print the result was 

called on ,Good luck with that . I am not making accusations of Cheating  I want to see

the Print how hard is that ?  No one gives a fooook Fats  its incredible how our sport

can end up like this , fook me back in the 70s prints were available minutes after the race

for everyone to see .........Its every punters right to see the outcome of their wager .
Report SlippyBlue July 21, 2021 4:23 PM BST
I saw the race and the darkened print shown. I was on the 4 dog and as you say case, it looked like reds nose was on the line but to me so was the 4 on the line as well. I thought 1 won in real time but given the print I was settling for a dead heat and was very surprised they gave it to the jolly. A dead heat would have been OK with me. The two in the studio did say that another print was used to decide and not the murky one shown to viewers. So why wasn't the judges version shown as well? They said "damned if we do and damned if we don't " regarding showing the unsatisfactory print, which I thought was rather dumb and inappropriate.It was totally unsatisfactory anyway.
Report casemoney July 21, 2021 5:45 PM BST
Thanks Slippy mate , was beginning to think I was going crackers Grin

Back in the Day on track  the RMs office would soon be contacted re: Dodgy prints Grin

If similar circumstances in horse racing everyone Kicks off , Its like our sport is some

Substandard little Game , Perhaps that what it has become, with not too many caring  what

Is going on , as long as the Cheque hits the bank each month ,As stated I am not accusing

Anyone of wilful wrong doing ,what I am doing is calling it as it is ,a sad shambles .
Report shoodacoodadidnt July 22, 2021 11:26 AM BST
Unbelievable that they can't provide either photo - clearly something seriously fishy ..... my son could take a photo with his mobile and you could probably rely on it - these guys can't give standard photo with modern tech :( .... sad sport.... or corrupt forces?
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