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21 Dec 10 17:18
I see the wikiman Assange has kicked up a fuss about his address, complaining that it should be a secret. How ironic he wants information that keeps him safe to be hidden. Why should he be protected by the very agencies he is trying to undermine? Has he not forfeited any right to protection?

It shows that all this cobblers about freedom of information is a mask for his real motive; anti-Americanism. Like to admit it or not, Western security apparatus is protecting us from people who would do us harm, and who do not have anyone questioning their methods or motives, let alone stealing confidential information and handing it over for use by others. Assange has also been charged with sex offences, and is undergoing a judicial process that will be exposed to extreme scrutiny, with all hands free to scream and shout about it. Although whatever the outcome, the conspiracy crackpots will see the hand of the CIA behind it, and they are free to do so, but might not be if they carry on aiding our self-declared enemies.

Him and his chums, like uber-idiot Ken Loach and that well-known geopolitical commentator Jemima Goldsmith might want to concentrate their efforts on those places where there really is no freedom to speak or act; have they noticed how many whistle-blowers/undercover reporters/dissidents have come out in places like Russia, Iran, China, Cuba, etc? And what happens to the brave few that we get to hear about (over 40 journalists have been assassinated by Putin and chums in the last decade, with zero murder convictions; anyone in Iran rocking the boat disappears without trace; China executes more people than anywhere else, in secret; Cuba has had no political freedom for 50 years). They might wish to contemplate the comparative benevolence of our security services, as in most parts of the world Assange would be long dead.

One hilarious additon to this depressing affair is the statement from feminazi all-men-are-rapists nutbag Naomi Klein that Assange is innocent of sex crimes, even before he has been put on trial. This shows her warped mindset, and she is sadly not alone. So then Naomi, the U.S has gone to the Swedes (of all people) and said 'Can you find a woman to fabricate a tale of sexual misconduct, in order to discredit Assange?' No prob. say those well-known oppressors of women, 'how many do you want? is 2 enough?'
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