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Mighty Whites 2008
11 Jul 10 18:21
Date Joined: 27 May 06
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Will you be doing an open special again as you did last year?
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Report ronsk July 11, 2010 6:30 PM BST
I'd be more than pleased if he did... Might even crack a smile! Plain
Report ronsk July 11, 2010 6:31 PM BST
Especially if 'Thiko' steers clear!
Report a bitofinterest July 13, 2010 1:38 AM BST
if frames or "thiko" can't do the gig i might step into the breech
Report Back High Lay Low July 13, 2010 2:02 AM BST
you do an open special bito
it would be a great insight
Report donny osmond July 13, 2010 10:13 AM BST
great value anyway
Report double trouble July 13, 2010 10:23 AM BST
And how on earth would that be possible with no Barry Lane or Chucky 3 sticks in the field?
Report frames July 13, 2010 11:52 AM BST
I will have another crack at it MW ,will put something up later.
I fully expect Bito to join in.

Is last years thread lost forever with this new forum ?
Report donny osmond July 13, 2010 12:56 PM BST
... anything not posted on for 6 months drops off the forum
Report frames July 13, 2010 1:05 PM BST
Report Lucky Sod July 13, 2010 5:24 PM BST
frames    15 Jul 12:50

We had the Archie profits thread last year , well I`m going to do the frames Open book in-running thread for the next 5 days.I will update the position before the start of play each day and the end of play each day.
The Open is very different to "normal" weeks so please don`t assume this is the norm.
Last 4 Opens
2005 lost £23 ( a right result)
2006 lost £2.3k
2007 won £8.4k (Tigers tee shot on the first hole Friday made the book , could have gone horribly wrong )
2008 won £10k ( started off in a great positoin due to Pod and it snowballed )

Those are two of my alltime top 5 so again it`s not the norm but The Open has been good to me over the last two years.
As usual it`s all about Tiger for me , if he starts well it will be a long losing week but it`s how I`ve always played it and I`m not going to change now.
I welcome all the usual banter , will update at 6-0 am with the opening position on Tiger.

Good luck all .


DENMANTOFALL    15 Jul 12:56



mighty    15 Jul 12:57

Lol, a right result.Be lucky or good.


Chosen®    15 Jul 13:05

I welcome this thread. It will be my first port of call each morning to see how the master is doing. Good luck, Frames.


DONEMYLOT    15 Jul 13:06

Id still love to be a pound behind him


sjp    15 Jul 13:07

Chosen® 15 Jul 13:05
I welcome this thread. It will be my first port of call each morning to see how the master is doing.



retief    15 Jul 13:13

lookin forward, gl frames 


ronsk    15 Jul 13:15

Looks like a good place to seek refuge from the huge influx of simpletons this week... Providing you're happy with that Frames?

GL with your project btw fella...


frames    15 Jul 13:21

Thanks and fine by me.
Mighty , I have found over the years it`s better to be lucky than good.


DONEMYLOT    15 Jul 13:26

hasnt anyone started a thread over on General betting yet? (ffs, etc)


blanco    15 Jul 13:35

Brilliant stuff Frames.Wll be very interesting to see the master at work...Incidently i opposed Woods myself for the Masters and US Open but have decided to keep him onside this week.Just a hunch.


donny osmond    15 Jul 13:38

i've kept tiger neutral or very small positive

good luck frames, forum curse to avoid 


frames    15 Jul 13:41

I`m not doing a web-cam Blanco.I fear this could very much be a tempting fate thread Donny but as the saying goes ,in for a penny................


DONEMYLOT    15 Jul 13:43

you are getting very inclusive these days, frames. are you well? seriously, its a brave move and GL. I wonder if The PUnter will have to adapt to keep up to date with your progression


Lefty Lee    15 Jul 13:44

Should be a very interesting read.


frames    15 Jul 13:44

I notice The Punter is doing daily updates this week as well , will be looking in for sure.


ronsk    15 Jul 13:44

The Punter will have far too many backed to be able to relay his up-to-date position accurately...


blanco    15 Jul 13:53

You disappoint me


double trouble    15 Jul 14:26

Great thread frames, we can wave at eachother from either side of the fence.....


double trouble    15 Jul 14:28

btw The Punter always does daily updates at the Majors


DONEMYLOT    15 Jul 15:32

frames, given your correct statement that most birdies are made on the THursday early starters, what is your position on The Greatest?


ronsk    15 Jul 15:48

frames 15 Jul 12:50

We had the Archie profits thread last year , well I`m going to do the frames Open book in-running thread for the next 5 days.I will update the position before the start of play each day and the end of play each day.
The Open is very different to "normal" weeks so please don`t assume this is the norm.
Last 4 Opens
2005 lost £23 ( a right result)
2006 lost £2.3k
2007 won £8.4k (Tigers tee shot on the first hole Friday made the book , could have gone horribly wrong )
2008 won £10k ( started off in a great positoin due to Pod and it snowballed )

Those are two of my alltime top 5 so again it`s not the norm but The Open has been good to me over the last two years.
As usual it`s all about Tiger for me , if he starts well it will be a long losing week but it`s how I`ve always played it and I`m not going to change now.I welcome all the usual banter , will update at 6-0 am with the opening position on Tiger.

Good luck all .


Kinda says it all really....


frames    15 Jul 15:51

Cheers DT , I think at the start we are on the same side of the fence ,I want all your selections to start well but once layed , well you know the rest.
I thought I would post my approach now as I won`t get chance tomorrow ( hopefully too busy ),there are a few weeks in a season where I will play to much larger stakes as the volumes allow it and for no other reason.The risks are bigger but the rewards can be bigger but the game is still basically played the same.Regardless of the end result this week as long as I feel I have played well I can deal with a loss much easier than if i have played like a cnut.Some weeks I can lose a couple of grand and forget about it straight away if I feel I have played the game well ,other weeks I can win a couple of grand and feel I have played it poorly and it takes a day or two to move on.That will sound strange to some but it`s how it is for me ,obviously the money matters at the end of the year but week on week it`s about playing well.
There is no denying the buzz is greater on big stake weeks.I know by only playing in-running I will miss laying a few of the names if they start poorly ,the difference being that on a normal week that might be £200/300 missed out on , this week at least double.It`s all about laying the lowest price possible so if a few of the names start well I will also look to take double out of them ,it`s a swings and roundabouts thing and I just hope to be right more than wrong obviously.As a layer you have to accept you are very rarely if ever going to lay the lowest price.
Timing is everything and timing is at least 80% luck no matter what others may think.Obviously it`s easier to time it right in Canada .Contrary to what some say I have absolutely no edge that is not freely available to everyone , my edge(if I have one at all) is the 5 or so years I have been doing this.

This larger stakes approach happened by accident two years ago ,I got far too heavily involved laying Tiger at 4.6 ,he started the tournament at 3.8 so I decided to try and lay my way out .My end of day 1 notes tell me I was fielding 21k and had Tiger for 16k and they suggested I needed a miracle.I will start tomorrow with only Tiger red , by the end of play would hope to have 15 or more players red and will have a good idea as to how the week might go.Day 1 is always the most important.


frames    15 Jul 15:55

Cross posts DML , I don`t like that he is out early tbh but just hope the draw is fair over the 2 days.


donny osmond    15 Jul 15:58

thursdays and sundays are good, imo

fridays and saturdays more to pattern of play


ronsk    15 Jul 17:21

'They' have officially arrived... I'm hiding in here for the foreseeable!


bohemond    15 Jul 17:32

Apart from last year I have traded mainly Tiger for the last 5 Opens or so -

his price is like a blue chip very liquid, big volume etc. - I look to back or lay depending on my view of his game, standing re the field or my reading of likely market move. Will read your thoughts/ psotion with interest


Total Bosman    15 Jul 17:53

Should be an interesting thread frames. Been tempted to do something similar in the past but been worried about tempting fate or losing focus. But might post a bit more of what i`m up to to this weekend see how the trading / laying approaches compare. I`d say my approach to things is less risky, so i`d be unlikely to get near the bigger wins you can get, although probably less likely to get the big losses (kiss of death).

Agree about the big difference between playing well and doing well, as you might recall i was in a huff after Bethpage despite winning about 6 since i felt i hadn`t made the most of it, but i can take a chunky loss if i feel i made the right bets. It`s like poker, if you get your money in ahead then you can be satisfied no matter the outcome, at the risk of sounding like a golf coach the trick is to separate the process from the outcome.


trebor    15 Jul 18:50

Can I ask you a question frames? seem to remember you saying you don't use a API, is that still the case?


frames    15 Jul 18:57

It is Trebor.I am very basic regards computers ,in what way would one help ?


Knight Rider    15 Jul 18:57

Good luck Frames, will follow with interest if I can remember.

Personally have backed Tiger @ 3.7, laid most of the muppets @ 50 or less, and got some crazy big greens on a few outsiders, mostly American. Biggest winners would be Hoffman and Sutherland, +£150k each 


frames    15 Jul 19:02

Good luck with those big priced Americans KR.


sweetchildofmine    15 Jul 19:05

kr when you say , layed most of the muppets at 50 or less, thats your unit stake right? ie lay goose 50 at 33/1ish and other dodgepots liker him


sweetchildofmine    15 Jul 19:06

frames should be a great read, it will be fascinating to look into the mind of a successful golf trader


trebor    15 Jul 19:07

Don't think you could be more basic than me frames, I would not win half of what I do without a API for sure, seems so longwinded to bet throu Betfair having used one for about 3 or 4 years now, where it would help is when you get someone asking for out of line prices, would'nt think you can get them with Betfair.


frames    15 Jul 19:14

Got me confused now Trebor , not hard I know.Briefly if you can explain what it does please.


sweetchildofmine    15 Jul 19:15

ok possibly read that wrong kr..i assume you in fact meant sub 50/1 and not £50 stakes


frames    15 Jul 19:16

Yes he did mean sub 50/1 pokes and knowing KR the stake could be anything.


a bitofinterest    15 Jul 19:17

i thought thered be a few more fellow whales on this thread


sweetchildofmine    15 Jul 19:19

frames can i ask you a question? if you took a strong view about say goosen, and wanted to oppose him and did so for lets say a grand at 33.0

ok now, at what stage and at what level would you be looking to get out of it if he looked like performing a lot better than you imagined?


sjp    15 Jul 19:20

And when you are done there Frames, please could you let me know how long a piece of string is?



trebor    15 Jul 19:21

Easier to get you to copy and paste above, personally I use the ladder interface as you can put your bet in where ever you want with just one mouse click.


frames    15 Jul 19:23

You know the answer to that one SJP.
I rarely take opinions like that SCOM , if I lay that bet ( or similar) tomorrow it would just be part of the book and I would not be looking to get out as such.


sjp    15 Jul 19:25

Well I just watched 30 seconds of the bet angel 'how to scalp' video.

Two thoughts, 1) what sort of cnut sits around all day doing that for pennies and 2) how the fukc do I end up subsidizing them by way of PC...?

Watch any more of that and I'll end up like Feck... 


trebor    15 Jul 19:29

I presume the scalping you watched was horseracing before it goes in running, of course it's only gonna be small moves, but lets say Tiger plays a shot and hits it to either a foot or puts it in the water, how quick can you react on normal Betfair interface , compared to just one click on the ladder anywhere, plus you can see all prices not just the leading 3


Utd Fan    15 Jul 19:30

Tiger has taken a large part of my stakes this week. I am hoping somebody like Sergio or even better Rory has a good start and I can get a decent lay on the page.

I had a strange dream about Peter Hanson a few weeks ago, I wont go into the details but have thrown a few quid down on him and O'hair and solid top ten punt on Pod.

good luck all


sweetchildofmine    15 Jul 19:31

ok cheers frames so i take it you lay a fair chunk of the field and formulate your own mini book


sjp    15 Jul 19:32

I don't have a problem with the tool Trebor, just the tool operating it in the video.


trebor    15 Jul 19:34

well he's on 2% or less I believe, think the clip you just watched is demonstrating with very small amounts


frames    15 Jul 19:36

Cheers Trebor , watched the ladder one and not sure.Do you have all that info on your scree

sjp    15 Jul 19:37

Fair play - I'll never get it though...

Outside of majors, I spend 5 hours a week on here for a six figure salary. Anyone who can sit there all day to dive in and out on 0.2 price movements is a different beast.


sweetchildofmine    15 Jul 19:37

i prefer the added security of a ''confirm bets'' button, which i assume you dont get with bet angel and the likes? fat fingerness is my downfall at times 


trebor    15 Jul 19:38

no only 3 players on screen at one time, but click on drop down menu and change a player, can be one in just a couple of seconds really, no more difficult than finding them on Betfair


trebor    15 Jul 19:58

Just had a look at what you probably watched, this link gives you a better idea of what the ladder is about, but is still being used before the sport goes in running which is where it is best for golf I feel.


sjp    15 Jul 20:03

I can see it's uses Trebor, but it's little help to me as I have offers up for all 156 runners across multiple markets.

I do use the API, but with a customised Excel spreadsheet which simply makes it much quicker to place multiple offers (and removes most of the human errors).


the big bossman    15 Jul 20:08

how much you lay wooods far plus where is all the money comeing from everybody saveing their money for the 4 big ones.are they maining traders you backed him big time then lay of for a free bet,layers doing the same the other way


a bitofinterest    15 Jul 20:10



frames    15 Jul 20:14

Welcome to the thread Bossman , I enjoy working your posts out.


sweetchildofmine    15 Jul 20:15

well answer his question frames for gods sake 


the big bossman    15 Jul 20:19 much you lay for
2.saw 95k at 3..6.i think where all this moey comeing from
3.people backing him big time at say 3.6 laying of at 2.6?.for free bet


frames    15 Jul 20:21

1.Will post that in the morning.
2.Plenty of big players around for the majors.
3.Sounds easy but that is a dangerous game to play.


the big bossman    15 Jul 20:31

thanks lost 20k on woods come back this year try to be clever,won loads on the golf at the start of the year then tryed to make £s on football by puting 5 to 10k down when bac,man u played **** teams but when they go behind starting chaseing,lost 11k when man u was 3 0 down at half time end up winning 5 3 i think,then got Sciatica for the past 10 weeks so much pain,started to relise betting on golf is not worth it no more takes up time you should time with the family


frames    15 Jul 20:33

Indeed.Remeber that match , think it was 2-0 down to Spurs and they got an outrageous penalty.Good luck Bossman , you playing the golf this week ?


ronsk    15 Jul 20:34

Thank the lord we have a translator in the shape of Frames...


the big bossman    15 Jul 20:38

yes but wiating to sunday from now on but waiting see how woods starts plus the wind,no wind they saying but sat.,might get big wind,from now on only beting on sundays but might get a chance to win big time next month or 2 when the playoff starts


the big bossman    15 Jul 20:39

now now ronsk doint start


ronsk    15 Jul 20:41

Soz Big Man, but I'm really struggling here...


doyle369_    15 Jul 20:41

whats bets u got for the open then Frames?


DONEMYLOT    15 Jul 20:42

NO emotion. Thats the key. Niot the game for me, but thats how you win. Its just figures.

oh, and sjp....youre on top form, son. very funny.


frames    15 Jul 20:45

That`s correct DML , just numbers.My guess would be SJP is the master of that art.
None sorry Doyle ,just a layer basically.


DONEMYLOT    15 Jul 20:47

Seriously, frames, you cant get involved can you? you cant say 'ooh, Goosen I like him, he won me 2k last millenium'...or 'I hate him, he is a ponce'???? Ive said it before I admire anyone that can do that.


doyle369_    15 Jul 20:47

Oh right

who you laying?



DONEMYLOT    15 Jul 20:47

doyle, he lays anyone and everyone at the wrong price.


DONEMYLOT    15 Jul 20:49

can you keep your eye on 30 players whilst keeping your eye on where they are on the par 5, whilst knowing that the palyer on the par 3 is bunkered, whilst knowing that so-and-so is in trouble at the hard 18th and bogey is likely? my head would hurt.


Happy Shankers    15 Jul 20:50

I attempted to trade on the Open last year and found it a very tedious job. Plus I never had Pod on my side which made it very expensive!

GL Frames. Should be the best thread of the week.


sjp    15 Jul 20:50

frames 15 Jul 20:45
That`s correct DML , just numbers.My guess would be SJP is the master of that art.

In fairness, if you do the place markets you have no choice. I don't know for sure if I have won or lost until the market is settled.

It's not like the one winner markets where you can see your P/L in running.

See - it is exciting DML.


frames    15 Jul 20:51

I can seem to remember a fair bit , it`s very different this week with so much coverage though.


DONEMYLOT    15 Jul 20:52

lol. Im not denying it! I have the problem with the greeners but tahts another story. ahem. I absolutely appreciate what you do and would love to see it in action. I do fancy the laying thing, but, hey, you know, Im just naieve.


frames    15 Jul 20:55

Another big difference on major week is the one tee start , it can take a couple of hours to get going where as the normal events are all over the place from early on but the volumes are obviously well below these weeks.


the big bossman    15 Jul 21:05

good luck to everybody if you donit like me hope you lose big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sjp    15 Jul 21:06

3 wood short of a full set.


Utd Fan    15 Jul 21:08

bossman are you from India?


frames    15 Jul 21:12

Cheers HS .It can be tedious and it`s most certainly not for everyone.


Baggers    15 Jul 21:12


You have missed a couple of selections off the Chit Chat golfcomp

Day 3 Yanks


the big bossman    15 Jul 21:13

no from Birmingham


Utd Fan    15 Jul 21:13

ok, got you mixed up with someone else


sweetchildofmine    15 Jul 21:14

ah that explains it 


the big bossman    15 Jul 21:15

no no same person


the big bossman    15 Jul 21:18

same person when my dad died changed acc.,username fresh start but bought me bad luck lost loads so gone to old uesrname


Utd Fan    15 Jul 21:21

did you pos under sharma?


the big bossman    15 Jul 21:22



Utd Fan    15 Jul 21:24

I used to enjoy reading your crazy betting threads


the big bossman    15 Jul 21:25

that was my username posted one day without puting a name down for the forum betfair put sharma,down by its self said change it,they said no 2 years later told me to change it


the big bossman    15 Jul 21:29

one thing abount me i never lie good night and good luck got leg pain how to take drugs to get me to sleep want to get up early for the golf good night


double trouble    15 Jul 21:30

good luck bossman, have a good week


Utd Fan    15 Jul 21:30

good luck


lanson    15 Jul 22:48

All the best with The Open along with all the decent guys on here hope you have a good week.Will look in on this thread as i'm sure the loonies will surface tomorrow


'king alf's back    15 Jul 22:53

Lanson, thats unfair....I am posting today 


lanson    15 Jul 22:56

You're not a looney alf you just like the occasional fight


'king alf's back    15 Jul 22:57


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frames    15 Jul 23:00

lanson ,Radar said that was an e-way bet last week ,I`m hoping that was correct ?


lanson    15 Jul 23:07

My friend told him it was and thanks for the oi oi...but i corrected him when speaking to John Hawksworth off air.I did have a the 10 win but only a 1200 place.Obviously delighted to collect the place money especially after the Saturday blow out but hit the post i think.Fortunate or unfortunate i'm not sure as i never layed any.Cheers again and to dt and as i said all the best this week.


frames    15 Jul 23:12

Yes a great final round.I wish Hawksworth would get more work ,I find him really entertaining and when on the radio in a double act with Robert Lee they are very funny.


Chosen®    16 Jul 05:59

It's nearly time. So much anticipation. 3:00 pm here in Brisbane; approaching 6 am back in ol' blighty.

As expected, this thread is already proving the place to be this week; a place where the mere mortals of the punting world can rub shoulders with the elite.

My 'five' are my biggest losers at the outset, although I have to confess to doubts about the inclusion of Stenson after reading Tindall's rationale for picking him (which outweigh my reasons for opposing him, quite frankly), as well as the subsequent comments on his Open blog.

One setback for yours truly is that Australian blanket coverage of the second test has reduced live coverage of The Open (except via PPV) to zero hours. I'm distraught. Who the feck scheduled these two events to run virtually concurrently? And I'm not sure TIG is operational this week.

Anyway, we're only moments from frames' Thursday morning post so I say once more ...

... good luck all.


theboymoore    16 Jul 06:07

I cant believe frames hasnt set his alarm today of all days!!!


frames    16 Jul 06:08

Morning all.

I started backing/laying Tiger earlier this week and as the figures below show I have got it right in that I have averaged bigger on the backing side than the laying side but with him now being 3.5 it has basically been a waste of time.But it`s very difficult to know how his price will go , very much a guessing game.

Tiger Woods 3.7 £14,315.50 £38,662.32
Tiger Woods 3.64 £26,165.00 £95,177.00 £69,012.00

So my opening position on Tiger is around a take of 11.8k taking out just over 30k.I currently have around 5k tied up in players which is not ideal and I hope to have that sorted before the great man tees off.

Current book.
Field 8.29k
Tiger -33.9k
Fisher -31.37k.

So all being well there is 5k to add to the field money and I will standing Tiger for 29k ish when he tees off.That`s the plan anyway.I hope to pop in and out of the thread all day and will post just the two figures ,Field and Tiger.I will give a more detailed account of the day at close of play and answer any questions then.

It`s down to Tiger now for me as to how the day goes , good luck all and nothing silly please Tiger.


sjp    16 Jul 06:12

gl, mate.


Knight Rider    16 Jul 06:13

GL Frames, I'm -£52k Fisher so I'm glad we both agree his price is atrocious 

Looking forward to a long day's golf viewing.


theboymoore    16 Jul 06:17

Frames and KR, just wait till his wife drops and youll be laughing!!


Knight Rider    16 Jul 06:18

or failing that, the fact that he's a very average golfer will probably see us home 


Total Bosman    16 Jul 06:38

Morning frames. What a God-forsaken hour to be doing anything. My position at the off is:

Field: -14.85
Peter Hanson: +7205.65.

I`m already seeing a slight difference in approach. Best of luck.


Chosen®    16 Jul 06:43

Great stuff, lads. I'm almost embarrassed to say that my five shipwrecks will only cost me 1k - and that's AUS$ !!


frames    16 Jul 06:46

Cheers gents and GL.Anyone else having problems loading the opengolf site ?


Don4    16 Jul 06:47

Working for me on Firefox


Total Bosman    16 Jul 06:48

Working ok for me frames.

Just drawn the curtains and it`s a lovely morning, and appears to be the same at the course from what i can tell, hardly a breath and a clear radar. Could be a good morning for scoring.


sjp    16 Jul 06:48

Good for me, Firefox and Opera. 3 pars at 1.


stormer    16 Jul 06:49

Its working for me:


frames    16 Jul 06:52

ok cheers.Got the one through pgatour working but not opengolf.


Chosen®    16 Jul 07:12

Firefox browser seems to be the one for The Open site. Calc hits the front.


par    16 Jul 09:06

wrong weather to be standing Tigger today methinks

wind will get the great man beaten but still conditions, he could do some damage


frames    16 Jul 09:09

Field 11.2k
Tiger -31k. On the tee.


bohemond    16 Jul 09:09

good luck m8 - it seems to me your tactic is lacking flexibility - i wouldnt want to be taking him on in perfect conditions - if he looks ok will be backing with view to laying


DONEMYLOT    16 Jul 09:09



double trouble    16 Jul 09:11

echo that, have a good one


double trouble    16 Jul 09:11

echo that, have a good one


par    16 Jul 09:11

that 1/3 about Tiger hitting the first fairway turned out easy money for someone


double trouble    16 Jul 09:11

what a girly start par, may has well have used a pitching wedge 


par    16 Jul 09:12

it did look a bit pansy potterish didn't


padlock    16 Jul 09:12

cabrera might drive that 1st


par    16 Jul 09:13

or put it in waist high gorse


Eddie the eagle    16 Jul 09:59

I guess it's laying Westwood time now ?


DONEMYLOT    16 Jul 10:24

good man frames, a reasonabl;e start I would think


frames    16 Jul 10:41

Field 13.8k
Tiger -28.3k

Now have 7 in red.

Highlight so far old Tom +133k
Downer Tigers free drop , the bogey did ease the frustration.

Remember it`s only numbers DML.


DONEMYLOT    16 Jul 10:42



bohemond    16 Jul 10:42

got to be encouraged by tiger with the driver in hand looks very uncomfortable


frames    16 Jul 12:51

Field 17.5k
Tiger -24.7k
Sergio -33.5k.

Now 9 reds.Nothing is ever strightforward with the Master , brilliant scrambling.


padlock    16 Jul 13:02

so far so good


a bitofinterest    16 Jul 13:03

im already green


double trouble    16 Jul 13:04

he wont scramble out of there...


Don No1    16 Jul 13:06



bohemond    16 Jul 13:07

from here ur set to make a lot of money - well done


double trouble    16 Jul 13:08

Cant believe how poor he's been today tbh. Perfect conditions, irons of the tee and now a very long way back, wait until he tees off tomorrow!


par    16 Jul 13:13

brilliant one day, like a club pro the next, he is a mysery at the moment

the course is bearing up well despite this weather


bohemond    16 Jul 13:14

seconded he has played very very poorly - he looks like a man under pressure to me


double trouble    16 Jul 13:15

is it the course par? I think its the players. Watson -5, Calc & Omeara -3. I fancy these morning starters havent play that great tbh


bohemond    16 Jul 13:17

yes i agree am surpirsed someone has not really got it going


frames    16 Jul 13:19

Thanks Bohemond but not quite that straightforward.I have big reds with a few of the leaders as well.It`s a good start though , no denying that.


lanson    16 Jul 13:21

Well done excellent start,no doubt you've been earning the last five minutes


donny osmond    16 Jul 13:23

some difficult pins today


Total Bosman    16 Jul 13:24

This is awful stuff. Milky Bars on you once again.


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lanson    16 Jul 13:25

Yes donny pins near edges


Villa    16 Jul 13:28

Good luck frames, have been keeping up to date with your thread and enjoying it. Who will be the first to publish a book on the ways of a trader? you or Mr jrw? His guest speaking and your writings and insights into the golf trading game would make for a best seller surely!!!! Keep it up frames, i will be reading intently, yours sincerely from a small time frustrated betfair loser, lol.


frames    16 Jul 13:32

Thanks Villa.

Would you like ice in your squash TB ?


donny osmond    16 Jul 13:38

do you not just fancy laying him again at 5/1 ?


HIBS1875    16 Jul 13:45

Looking good Frames

so far so good well done


frames    16 Jul 13:54

Tiger completed 1st round.
Field 20,5k
Tiger -21.7
Serg -30.5
Strick -16.7
Fish -23
Rory -13.3
WW -11.3
O`Hair -9.4.

Donny , sadly it`s not a bottomless pit.


frames    16 Jul 15:18

Field 25.7k
Tiger -16.5k.


Utd Fan    16 Jul 15:21

nice book


DONEMYLOT    16 Jul 15:23

you just know if I had remortgaged Tiger would be -8 and ILl be -500k Tiger now.

nice work, long way to go, but Im sure youll figure it out


double trouble    16 Jul 15:23

did you back Tiger donemylot?


DONEMYLOT    16 Jul 15:40

I did, not mahhoosive but enough. Ogs to beat Perry will be just as good though!


double trouble    16 Jul 15:42

I'll shut up about him then 


DONEMYLOT    16 Jul 15:46

nah, dont matter really. I said I would stick to waiting till Sunday and I let myself down. Its what i do when on a good run..look for reasons to lose it again.


Total Bosman    16 Jul 16:18

Been a nice hour or so for my book, was big on Casey before he eagled and 20k red on Geoff before he lost the plot. Better to be lucky than good...

Field +3.2
Tiger -3.9
Geoff -9
O`hair -12


frames    16 Jul 16:58

Well played TB.

Field 28.4
Tiger -13.8


happyhibee    16 Jul 19:48

How are you looking now Frames?


frames    16 Jul 19:55

Field 29.5
Tiger -12.7.

Will post an update of the day later.


sweetchildofmine    16 Jul 19:57

hi frames..can i ask you a question? could you please explain the trade or series of trades that took you from a position of seven largish liabilities ( 13.54 post) to a position of .
tiger -16.54

thanx in advance


sweetchildofmine    16 Jul 19:58

( 15.18) the time of the other post im referring to


frames    16 Jul 20:00

I still had the 7 reds SCOM ,currently Sergio is the worst -21.4.I have just been posting the field and Tiger for most of the day.


sweetchildofmine    16 Jul 20:00

ah ok cheers 


frames    16 Jul 20:03

How many times does Moli do that ? As usual I have stood for him ,madness.


sjp    16 Jul 20:04

Kept the 8 off his card though...well at least today.


Total Bosman    16 Jul 20:04

Hole to play SJP


sjp    16 Jul 20:05



plainlazy    16 Jul 20:07 know how i like to be all green......dont you get tempted to turn that book into a nice no lose book still with a big profit on the field..
i think the reason im the way i am is that i always think my only loser will be the one who wins it

this isnt paranoia..its based on many years of experience


frames    16 Jul 20:09

I find it better to keep laying Archie and build up the field money .


sjp    16 Jul 20:09

Surely depends on your goals?

For instance, you aim to win every week, Archie, I aim to win every year.


sweetchildofmine    16 Jul 20:12

plainlazy thats my mindset tbh..i would be terrified of for example having a huge liability on a huge outsider that finds himself leading after 54 holes and is gifted the trophy because of weather


donny osmond    16 Jul 20:16

any worries frames, or do you not do worries

i still think tiger is way too short, but i guess that wont matter to you now
except that it holds the other prices down ?


frames    16 Jul 20:35

Day 1 summary.

Field 29.54k
Sergio -21.4
Fisher -13.9
Tiger -12.65
Stricker -7.6
Pod -7.6
Furyk and Rory and Ogilvy -4.3
WW -2.3
Duval -8.4.

Mig +40
Watson +91.5 ( had a cheeky 440 on at 1000 when he birdied the 3rd , got very lucky )
Curtis +22.5 ( good shout DT )
Senden +31.5
Villegas +26.6.

Obviously a good day and I know I got very lucky ,Tigers birdie miss at the first turned out to be crucial.At the start of play I had 5k tied up on Casey(3.5) and Kaymer , they were both bigger than I had taken so again I got very lucky that Tiger had a shocker and I was able to get my stake back on Kaymer and Casey turned out to be a small earner.
Of the fancied runners I missed out on laying Mahan (disappointment of the day that one ),Poults and Stenson.
I`m always fairly critical of how I have played as basically this one should play itself from here.I layed the 2 Sorens but got greedy really , I did money on Moli and a few others.I had 3 cheeky 1000 punts ,Watson,Lehman and Hedblom all in-play.I don`t mind having 50`s on but when things are running well you can get away with things.The 440 on Tom could very very easily have gone pear shaped , they usually do so that was a massive break.

I did not sleep well at all last night as I am not comfortable laying to these figures , as it stands I should win a decent amount unless I get stupid.All I want now is close leaderboard for the remainder , greedy I know.

Will post the book before play starts tomorrow if there are any changes.Hope you all had a good opener.I know I got incredibly lucky.


Total Bosman    16 Jul 20:38

Nothing too adventurous from me today, got a few nice trades but no great risk-taking

Field +3.7

...and that`s about it. I`m not keen on greening up Woods at these prices, thought he was very poor today, left a lot to do again and going out at 2pm could be further behind with the worst of the wind.


trebor    16 Jul 20:40

Never posted any position before but just this once then.

Tiger +2.1
Goosen +1.9
Field +1.7
Westwood -1.0
Jimenez -4.3
Harringtom -2-2
Weir -2.3
Garcia -2.2
McIlroy -4.9
Hanson -4.2
McDowell -2.6

Rather smaller than your figures frames, but not scary, I was just playing with the small change I found down the back of your sofa!!


donny osmond    16 Jul 20:40

Watson +91.5 ( had a cheeky 440 on at 1000 when he birdied the 3rd , got very lucky )

if the scoring is higher tomorrow , a bit of ramping by the bbc might help you there 


bohemond    16 Jul 20:46

my book at the other place - the field -44
Ben Curtis +2948

I much prefer your book - very brave to take Tiger on in perfect scoring conditions but his play was in my view very very poor as evidenced by his lack of interest in interviews.

Going 4ward I dont see many dangers in your reds Stricker perhaps- excellent trading


double trouble    16 Jul 20:46

frames, can you not just settle for a ten shot win by Ben 


GT    16 Jul 20:47

gd luck frames good thread


sjp    16 Jul 20:48

What trebor was doing bent over Frames' sofa, one can only imagine 


frames    16 Jul 20:51

Donny ,i agree about Tigers price ,I think it is a very poor price but I got away with it today and at the moment don`t feel that pushing it again is the answer.That could all change tomorrow though.


donny osmond    16 Jul 20:53

and if they play bad in the morning he might even get shorter 


frames    16 Jul 20:54

It`s a 1.01 poke there being any money down our sofa and that`s only available in the lay column.


frames    16 Jul 20:57

I was wondering where this year`s Far Eastern surprise was.


trebor    16 Jul 20:58

" 1.01 poke " probley not the best "quote" frames


sjp    16 Jul 20:58

Watching the fish man on Beeb 2 mate 


frames    16 Jul 21:01

Wow , 4 birdies a bogey and an eagle in his last 6 holes.


sjp    16 Jul 21:02

Madness. I must be the only f***ing layer on BF not cheering him on!


sweetchildofmine    16 Jul 21:02

another for your lay hit list fames 


Total Bosman    16 Jul 21:03

There does seem to be an unheard of Asian featuring at every major now, would be nice to see one really make the breakthrough. I always end up keeping them onside just in case. I`d never heard of Yang either but he made me a pile at the HSBC Champions.


sjp    16 Jul 21:05

It's funny, on the place markets, I always end up against guys like him. I think it is due to the fact that there is typically only a few quid above me on the big price shots and weight of punters simply bring it down to my prices...

Oh well, only the end of the first quarter...


trebor    16 Jul 21:06

just about my first memory of Open golf is Mr Lu (think that was his name) and that tipping of his hat with each birdie he got


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    frames    16 Jul 21:06

What price was he in the place markets SJP ?


sjp    16 Jul 21:07

I layed at 200 Top 5 and average of 76 a Top 10. All before the off I think for 15k total.


Total Bosman    16 Jul 21:10

I can`t stop laying Harrington. Unfortunately, someone else can`t stop backing him.


sweetchildofmine    16 Jul 21:10

15k liability?


sjp    16 Jul 21:11

Yes 5k on Top 5 and 10k on Top 10.


sweetchildofmine    16 Jul 21:11

cheers, i think you'll be fine


sjp    16 Jul 21:11

no - sorry 10k, 5 and 5.


frames    16 Jul 21:13

Did you steam into that 4k at 30 when he pulled his approach at 16 TB ?


Total Bosman    16 Jul 21:16

No, had finger on the trigger but was holding out for splashdown. Would probably have missed anyway. If the piles going in at 29 are related i`ve ended up with it anyway. -1 a pretty average round in the conditions so don`t make him much shorter than he started, the others aren`t.


double trouble    16 Jul 21:18

I think the reason for that is that it looked highly likely that he'd fare worst than he has done, if that makes sense...


Total Bosman    16 Jul 21:20

Makes perfect sense. It`s the answer i`d have given myself.


celticgr    16 Jul 22:15

Great thread and interesting reading and a good insight into the pro punters way of doing things.
Some while ago I got slagged off for holding the view that trading,ie in and out was imo the way to longevity and sustainability...I admire your balls,being from the old school its harder to up your stakes,so 1,000 is a big bet for me and I would look to trade and be up for none or have smaller money on leaving me better odds.
So for example this week on Calc and out at 330
On Vijay at 160 out at 60
On Kjeldson on at 120 out at 70

O f course had three other bets we could not trade from,so small downside with chance of biggish upside.

My question would be,is this a complete mug way to play?



frames    16 Jul 22:23

I have never had more than £200 on a bet so don`t think of me as big punter .I lay the book and also do exactly the same as you in backing players and hoping to lay back shorter.In this current book I have had £241 on VJ at 75.05 and layed £957 at 44.16 so that`s one I have got right.There are a fair few that have gone the other way ,I try not to hang on to them.
I think your strategy is good but it sounds like you don`t get out at a loss or will you do so later on ?


frames    16 Jul 22:24

I mean with your three other bets.


sweetchildofmine    16 Jul 22:39

seems pretty sensible to me celtic..maybe leave yourself a little green on your selected though?


double trouble    16 Jul 22:40

Curtis shortening


frames    16 Jul 22:44

A good 3-ball that and just about the first of the leaders to go out tomorrow.


Alfie Green    16 Jul 22:45

Big cahoonas taking on Tiger in perfect conditions.

I did the opposite, particularly as I knew the weather conditions. 2.5k on at 3.7, watched him miss that putt on 1 and thought, hello.

played OK for abit but lacklustre, eventually I sensed that the afternoon weather was not going to be so awful and it was clear to me that Tiger may not even shoot -2 which was probably par for the decent players and certainly well below par for him.

Bailed and offloaded all of it.

now I have a book of pre off back prices like 60 goosen, 60 els, 60 harrington, 140 singh, 150 weir etc, all to win me about 5k.

But he was crap today, I made a very good decision to bail when I did, almost feels like I found 2k in the street.

That said, would not surprise me at all to see him shoot 64 tomorrow.

Interesting insight Frames, big money, lots of balls, and even more luck, the most important ingredient, you and I know, Tiger could and maybe should have shot a very low number today.


celticgr    16 Jul 23:04

Thanks replies,I always try to get my fancies to stay green,the object for me is not just get a small green on all runners in the book,four days week to get small returns just doesnt seem worth it.

The three I am left with possibly could shorten and then of course would take a few quid out,but liability is failry small,the other runners are Davis Love,Levet and Goydos(added Lehman tonight)

One thing I am not adverse to do is say lay Tiger at 3.00 then possibly back him back at far less,it sounds crazy but its a different time of the race so to speak.Another strategy I tried is to select my fancies and then they hopefully shorten,then over lay them,so again 50 @ 50's then if possible lay 150 at 20's...its fine when they get beat but when they win you are a bit sick but in effect you have of course layed a great price

Guess there is no hard and fast rules to win and whoever mentioned luck is bang on,it is the biggest factor


sweetchildofmine    16 Jul 23:10

i understand what you mean when you say back him at lower than you lay minimise damage.....if im laying 100/1 shots for example, i do so because i dont believe they will even get competitive, so if one of them is lying handy after say 30 holes, he would still be available at around 25/ lets say for sake of arguing, i lay 100/1 at 10 pounds, i might back for 40 pounds, in the knowledge that my other lays of similar profile players, will still realise a decent profit.


a bitofinterest    16 Jul 23:12

how do you know he has big cahoonas


sweetchildofmine    16 Jul 23:14

by the way that approach of mine that i explained, would doubtless horrify the purists, but it does work for me


Alfie Green    16 Jul 23:16

because he laid Tiger in flat mill pond conditions on the softest links course in the British Isles teeing off at 9 am.

Par for Tiger was probably -4.


celticgr    16 Jul 23:19

Another play I use is not to be scared of taking under the odds big price runners,so I will cover to win say 5k not have a fixed amount on
Example would be fancy player A,miss 100/1 he is now 80/1 so rather than laying out 50 it would cost another 10.00 or so....the bigger the price the less of course,so tonight missed the 1000 Lehman but taking 850 doesnt cost that much more to win 10k,and if he traded miles less or won and I wasnt on would not be best pleased


sweetchildofmine    16 Jul 23:22

yeah it would only cost you 2 quid extra to get the 10 grand at the lesser price for lehman


a bitofinterest    16 Jul 23:24

fair point alf


Knight Rider    16 Jul 23:44

Your book is looking good Frames, perhaps a repeat of the US Open is on the cards? 

I've got different positions on everyone, not gonna bore people by listing 156 of them here but this is how my front page looks:

Woods -£16,541
Stricker +£58,175
Curtis +£43,347
Westwood -£39,327
Furyk +£20,200
Jimenez +£28,910
Goosen -£17,570
Casey -£19,731
Villegas +£52,643


Chosen®    17 Jul 01:01

Just spent my first hour of the morning down under scrutinising the 1st round leaderboard and this thread. Very interesting stuff.

The evolution from this:

Current book.
Field 8.29k
Tiger -33.9k
Fisher -31.37k.

To this:

Field 29.54k
Sergio -21.4
Fisher -13.9
Tiger -12.65
Stricker -7.6
Pod -7.6
Furyk and Rory and Ogilvy -4.3
WW -2.3
Duval -8.4.

Mig +40
Watson +91.5 ( had a cheeky 440 on at 1000 when he birdied the 3rd , got very lucky )
Curtis +22.5 ( good shout DT )
Senden +31.5
Villegas +26.6.

... is a work of statistical art.

What was it Trevino used to say? "The better I play ..." Nice work, frames.


Chosen®    17 Jul 03:11

Further thoughts...

Tindall's blog is both informative and entertaining:


Will decide the fate of many - including Tiger, possibly - but nobody seems sure about which way the wind will blow or when. A Woods missed cut?

Tigers price...

Worse value now than he was at the start (although I'd be happier if I'd gone after him at the outset) and I've now layed him at 6.8


frames    17 Jul 06:30

A few changes overnight ,these are some of the positions going into day 2.

Field 33.5
Sergio -17.5
Tiger -8.7
Curtis -6.2
Ross -10
Sticker and Pod -3.7.

Interesting positions ther KR ,a switch on Tiger.I agree he looks a lot worse value now than at this time yesterday.Once more good luck all.


Chosen®    17 Jul 06:38

Interesting ... you've decided to take 4k out of a few of your 'results'


frames    17 Jul 06:44

I leave prices up that I`m happy to lay ,Curtis was the main one taken overnight.I would hope to lay all the big winners today but it never works out that way.


frames    17 Jul 06:47

And Jimenez as well after another look.Still a bit early.


Chosen®    17 Jul 06:51

Yes, I missed the 'overnight' bit. Early indeed ... get yourself a strong coffee, frames; it's going to be a long, interesting day.


frames    17 Jul 06:56

How are the Chosen 5 so far this week ? The thread appears to have dropped off .


Knight Rider    17 Jul 07:00

frames 17 Jul 06:44

I leave prices up that I`m happy to lay ,Curtis was the main one taken overnight


Probably me taking your lump at 17 then? 

Think Curtis is a much better price now than his 65 pre-tournament. GL


Chosen®    17 Jul 07:04

Yeah, relegated thread!!

Poulter, Westwood, Stenson, Ogilvy, Furyk.

I bailed on Stenson before the off for a small loss ... thought Tindall put up a convincing argument. Others will stay to the bitter end and I'm pretty confident they won't be winning. Goose and O'hair are two of the three I backed before the off for trading (Duvall the other). All in all not a bad position. Tiger the wipe out now after laying him this morning.


frames    17 Jul 07:05

Yep ,17 was the price.


frames    17 Jul 07:07

Wind getting up according to Radio 5.


Alfie Green    17 Jul 08:18

Nice work Frames, although I do think you are very lucky that Tiger played so badly. Will be interesting to see how your book evolves. Good luck.


patches    17 Jul 08:25

Well done frames a brilliant read , if tiger had shot a 65 yesterday and was trading now at 2 would you have sat tight and hoped for the best or try to reduce liabilities ? because if he was short in the betting the field would be massive prices.


frames    17 Jul 08:30

Thanks.Alfie I did mention how lucky I got and the more I think about it the more amazing Tiger`s 71 was.Padlock,I would still of carried on laying to reduce the loss , going into yesterday I thought a 10k loss would of been worst case.


frames    17 Jul 08:31

Sorry meant Patches.


frames    17 Jul 09:01

Field 34.8
Tiger -7.4


donny osmond    17 Jul 09:06

curtis doing his stuff, any thoughts on tonights euro millions frames 


patches    17 Jul 09:06

Well done , looking good.


frames    17 Jul 09:58

Field 36.5
Tiger -5.6
Serg -14.4
Fish -7.


double trouble    17 Jul 10:00

Whats your position on Pod frames?


mp06    17 Jul 10:00

wd frames, nice position


Total Bosman    17 Jul 10:40

Hard to work out if i`m doing well or not at the moment. Got on Tiger big at 4.8 though which has worked out better than expected:

Tiger +15.4k
Field +2k
Goose -1k
Pod -25k
Ohair -8k


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retief    17 Jul 10:50

field -5.3k
woods +23k
wood +125k



Chosen®    17 Jul 10:53

Anyone still under par this evening is bang there


frames    17 Jul 10:56

Lively hour

Field 39.8
Tiger -2.4
Pod +2.4


bohemond    17 Jul 10:57

kjeldsen not seen but well placed at mo imo


Chosen®    17 Jul 10:59

Incredible frames; looks like you might blow your own record out of the water. Meanwhile I've talked myself into trouble with Tiger.


HIBS1875    17 Jul 11:01

Kdjelson level par surely Fisher looking good


HIBS1875    17 Jul 11:03

Holmes Daly and Jimenez

all hanging on


mp06    17 Jul 11:03

is it important to keep 'your powder dry' or go with all instincts immediately iyo?


HIBS1875    17 Jul 11:03

Kj now +1


Chosen®    17 Jul 11:37

Ross is going to win his three ball I suspect.


trebor    17 Jul 11:41

how many reds you got now then frames?


frames    17 Jul 11:49

All change

Field 41.7
Fish -1.7
Pod -32
Tiger level

Marino +21

6 reds Trebor.


Chosen®    17 Jul 11:51

We are not worthy.


Total Bosman    17 Jul 11:54

Meh, I was big red on Harrington before it became fashionable.


Chosen®    17 Jul 12:00

you're an inspiration to us all, TB


trebor    17 Jul 12:01

well played frames thougt you must have had a lot more than that


Total Bosman    17 Jul 12:05

I`d imagine the rest of his lays are now green but not to the field amount.


Alfie Green    17 Jul 12:26

What average price did you buy Tiger back at Frames?


Total Bosman    17 Jul 12:29

My interpretation of the figures is that he layed Tiger to lose 30K, and has since taken another 30K+ on other players, so Tiger is level without any backing back.


frames    17 Jul 12:48

TB is correct.Tempted to go back in but not for much.


frames    17 Jul 12:50

Field 42.5
Tiger +400
Serg -8.3


grobmad    17 Jul 13:24

So u are +110K £ the if u even tiger out on the field sounds pretty fantastic this is possible with the amounts avalible to back lay 

well done not sure how u do it with the little action there has been so far u have made 60-70 K the field today ?


Don No1    17 Jul 13:28

400 not 400k


Total Bosman    17 Jul 13:28

I suspect only the first and third figures above are in 000s. I fecking hope so anyway.


grobmad    17 Jul 13:30

lol should be +0,4 on woods then  sounds a bit more real


frames    17 Jul 13:33

0.4 yes , sorry.


plainlazy    17 Jul 13:35

i thought it was amazing getting tiger to £400...and still have all that on the field...i think hes a genius as it is .....if it was start a religion and worship him


Total Bosman    17 Jul 13:38

Surely getting Tiger to 400 involves getting the field to that amount? There`s no denying frames has played well and is quids in, but unless i`m misinterpreting his approach i doubt he`s looking at 41k on the leading contenders.


plainlazy    17 Jul 13:40

it reads to me as if he has.tb


Screw Loose    17 Jul 13:41

I thought it was just that he doesnt quote his other reds every time, just tiger and the field in the main?

Sterling work either way!


frames    17 Jul 14:04

Field 45.2
Tiger 3.0.

I`m only quoting the two , all the leaders vary.


frames    17 Jul 14:35

Took 0.8 out of Tiger at 5.7.

Field 46.4
Tiger -0.6


Total Bosman    17 Jul 14:43

Traded well earlier as the early starters were struggling but made a bit of a mess of Tiger since. Still waiting for anything really spectacular to happen.

Tiger -5.2
Field +4.4


frames    17 Jul 16:24

Field 48.6
Tiger 1.6.

I should of explained the field figure earlier , it is the figure that all the skinners win me.So far I have had 44.6k in bets and 93.3k worth of lays and that should equal 48.6 as net bets taken.


Total Bosman    17 Jul 16:32

My position hasn`t changed for 2 hours now. I`m as bored as i think i`ve been at a major.


incaseof    17 Jul 16:35

Same here. Was great first half today but now boring ***** again.
Terrible crowd atmosphere and poor coverage, bah.


incaseof    17 Jul 16:35

Same here. Was great first half today but now boring ***** again.
Terrible crowd atmosphere and poor coverage, bah.


Total Bosman    17 Jul 16:37

The reluctance of Auntie Beeb to let us know where the shots go isn`t helping.


Chosen®    17 Jul 16:44

Wind getting up again; Tiger throwing tantrums; happy days


the big bossman    17 Jul 16:55

fames you 48 green erverywhere is that right .doint know what i was thinking woke up late on thursday saw he just missed from 8 feet on first was thinking its going to my day put 9k more on him was going to lay of at 5.6 but got greedy now-
woods -18,943.60


the big bossman    17 Jul 16:58

for the first time hope its out of bounds


the big bossman    17 Jul 17:05

is it out of bounds sacre to watch


donny osmond    17 Jul 17:18

looking at the leaderboard, you could be on to
at least double that winning figure

have you pinched yourself yet 


the big bossman    17 Jul 17:24

fames do just lay or lay ,back him again,layed him again etc


frames    17 Jul 17:35

It`s a mixture of everything Bossman but laying a book is the main part.

It looks ok so far Donny.


alun2005    17 Jul 17:38

Congrats Frames.


celticgr    17 Jul 17:43

Yup,congrats,well played..I like the mix it up theory,although more punter orientated I have learned something.


Total Bosman    17 Jul 17:58

Don`t think i`ve ever seen Tiger genuinely give up. A one off indeed.


happyhibee    17 Jul 17:59

Woods has never given up that I can remember but this is as close to it


Chosen®    17 Jul 18:05

Tiger can still be layed at less than 200. What are people expecting to happen?


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ronsk    17 Jul 18:13

15, 16 & 17 are the big scoring holes, that'll be why!


Lefty Lee    17 Jul 18:17

frames 16 Jul 20:35

Day 1 summary.

...... All I want now is close leaderboard for the remainder , greedy I know.

When you look at it now, and who the front runners are, it looks like you will get you wish on this one too, Frames.


frames    17 Jul 18:35

That is a bonus Lefty but Tiger being almost out of it is the obvious result.

Field 51
Garcia level


a bitofinterest    17 Jul 18:37

similar to my book frames
we really are like peas in a pod 


Total Bosman    17 Jul 18:38

Not many up there you`d trust in the mix. Goosen 9.4, Vijay 16.5?


frames    17 Jul 18:38

That reminds me

Pod -11k


Total Bosman    17 Jul 18:39

Here we go.


Lefty Lee    17 Jul 18:42

Who's your biggest red at the mo, Frames?


alun2005    17 Jul 18:43

Tiger ain't gone yet Frames. Take some evasive action.


frames    17 Jul 18:45

I never said he was gone , just nearly out of it.
Pod and Watson are the only losers at the moment.


Total Bosman    17 Jul 18:46

I can`t believe you`ve layed old Tom. Have you no soul?


Lefty Lee    17 Jul 18:48

Blimey, that really is a good book.


frames    17 Jul 18:49

Heard they have brought a rule in where over 60 year olds cannot play in The Open ,Tom has to win to be back next year.Cannot happen.


sweetchildofmine    17 Jul 18:52

my book similar to yours frames


sweetchildofmine    17 Jul 18:53

without the zero's obviously 


sports-charlie    17 Jul 19:01

I thought the top 16 finishers qualified for the next year


frames    17 Jul 19:05

Is that top 16 under 60 ? I`m not sure then tbh.


Ed Deline    17 Jul 19:07

I believe he can play next year at the age of 60 but that's his last year.


trebor    17 Jul 19:07

would be 60 age limit for past champion exemtion I would have thought


ronsk    17 Jul 19:10

My Book at the halfway stage :-

Levet - £5785
Jacobson - £2603
Garcia - £2041
Goosen - £1184
Westwood - £1176
Jimmy - £1044
Daly - £804


Woods - -£148
Field - -£255


donny osmond    17 Jul 19:11

up to 65 i think for past champs


plainlazy    17 Jul 19:12

ronsk im not quite sure youve got the hang of this


ronsk    17 Jul 19:13



sweetchildofmine    17 Jul 19:13

lot of work to do there ronsk 


a bitofinterest    17 Jul 19:13


yabby    17 Jul 19:14

donny osmond 17 Jul 19:11
up to 65 i think for past champs

watson got interviewed before the round and comfirmed its now 60


plainlazy    17 Jul 19:14

you need to get a few of these..+++++++
or at least one of them


donny osmond    17 Jul 19:16

2. Past Open Champions born between 17 July 1943 and 19 July 1948.

got in this year as well as all those under age of 60

if they've scrapped it for next year so be it


ronsk    17 Jul 19:16

plainlazy 17 Jul 19:14

you need to get a few of these..+++++++
or at least one of them


My fault for adding the "-" before the greens... If you look closely at the bold figures you'll understand fella....


a bitofinterest    17 Jul 19:17


frames    17 Jul 19:17

I heard the interview as well , it must of been changed Donny.


plainlazy    17 Jul 19:18

in that case well done


ronsk    17 Jul 19:20

Long way to go yet, but if that's TW gone, the usual look over their shoulder merchants, might just be able to get focused on what's ahead of them!


sweetchildofmine    17 Jul 19:22

yeah i thought they were all minuses too 


ronsk    17 Jul 19:22

My fault SCOM...


sweetchildofmine    17 Jul 19:22

good luck


Chosen®    17 Jul 19:25

Woods has most assuredly finished with this tournament. Hats off to the layers. Bedtime for moi.

gonna be a great weekend now.


ronsk    17 Jul 19:26

Time to sit back with a 2005 Vinas de Gain and the cricket highlights.... Here's to a great moving day! 


frames    17 Jul 20:54

Day 2 summary.

Field 50.7

Marino 30.2
Watson 4.1
Calc 61.5
Fish 7.3
Goosen 9.1
Mig 11.3
Kuboya 15.0
VJ 9.2

Pod -11.2
Sergio level.

Another very eventful day , could only dream of Tiger not making the weekend ,he was +2.4k after his round.Hard to rule many out of this ,I asked for a packing leaderboard yesterday so while the goings good I`ll ask for a calm morning and the wind to get up early afternoon please.
Of those under par Kingston is my best , +104 .Hope everyone else had a decent day , will update in the morning.


patches    17 Jul 20:59

Awesome frames 


Super Hans    17 Jul 20:59

Well done Frames. A dream of a day for yourself.

Forgetting your positions who do you see as at value at the current prices?


frames    17 Jul 21:01



frames    17 Jul 21:03

Oh sorry ,not looked that close but Marino`s price looks fair.Is he this years Ben Curtis ? 6k at 20 ensures he won`t shorten overnight though.I would really like to see Garcia win it.


Total Bosman    17 Jul 21:03

Very well played. What`s your position on Westwood? I wouldn`t imagine you`d be able to leave such a dodgepot alone when favourite with 2 rounds to go.


Alfie Green    17 Jul 21:04

Remarkable Frames. Still shaking my head at what I just witnessed. The great man self combusted and exposed by the elements. He can't use the driver, simple as.

Wonderful to see a ballstriker of the highest order play so well, hope Watson wins and actually I think he has a very good chance. There are few players who can play in windy conditions well and he is one of them, even now.

Would love you to do a little precis of the major bets you made to achieve the position you are in. You acknowledged that you were lucky with Tiger but to have traded to your present position also requires skill and timing. Good luck for the rest of the tournament.

I laid Tiger for 2k when he lost a ball with a wild drive. And I have a number of ridiculous winners of between 15 and 24k who are up there so lets see what happens tomorrow.


frames    17 Jul 21:05

WW +5.Cannot believe how well he and kaymer are doing after the last two weeks.Must surely both run out of steam ?


frames    17 Jul 21:09

Cheers Alfie.There are no major bets ,I back a few rags which as you know soon build up to big winners for smallish stakes.The laying mainly gets me to where I am now.


Alfie Green    17 Jul 21:09

Well,they are both great ballstrikers and great drivers of the ball. They will both be there in the final shakeup. I am delighted that this Open is not going to be won by someone who used the driver just twice.

Open Champions should demonstrate that they can use every club in the bag to win.

Don't misinterpret me, I really admire Tiger but I think we just witnessed a serious flaw in his technique/equipment being exposed there.


Total Bosman    17 Jul 21:09

Westwood has sailed through the first 2 days with fairways and greens but with more wind over the weekend you`ve got to think the dodgy short game will be tested more. Can pick serious holes in the top 4 in the betting but one of them`s got to be favourite i guess. Next three in the betting (VJ, Marino, Jimbo) look to offer better value for me.


happyhibee    17 Jul 21:10

I think someone will shoot a good score from between +2 and Evs and get into this


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frames    17 Jul 21:11

I did have £200+ on Grace this morning at 700 , that helped a bit.


a bitofinterest    17 Jul 21:13

w.g ?


Total Bosman    17 Jul 21:13

I hear he`s good under pressure.


GT    17 Jul 21:15

Can only envisage VJ being placed ,...but not winning ??


dlarssonf    17 Jul 21:21

well done frames, thats very impressive mate


Total Bosman    17 Jul 21:22

I keep faffing with my position, i should have switched off about 2 hours ago with a nice level position but i can`t help myself. At the moment i`m-

Field +7.1
Marino +9.7
Cink +11.9

Westwood -7.8
Fisher -8 (just in case he gets the call)
Serge -2.5

Not quite a framesian effort but happy with what`s been a relatively quiet first 2 days without too much stress or risk-taking.


frames    17 Jul 21:23

Thanks dlarssnof ,WG to -2.


frames    17 Jul 21:24



frames    17 Jul 21:26

I know you play it differently TB but is everyone else +7 ? Strong position if it is.


frames    17 Jul 21:30

And straight back to -1.


Total Bosman    17 Jul 21:32

Yeah, all +7 other than Camilo at +1.5. Been fairly textboo
Report Lucky Sod July 13, 2010 5:29 PM BST
frames    17 Jul 21:30

And straight back to -1.


Total Bosman    17 Jul 21:32

Yeah, all +7 other than Camilo at +1.5. Been fairly textbook stuff so far, will decide whether to stick or twist over the weekend. The ones I have red don`t really tempt me to green up to be honest.


Justsomeone    17 Jul 22:17

Marino? 22 putts today, holed from 116 and the bunker. "Should" have shot 73 or something...He might raise his game tomorrow, but I would guess a 74 or something.


Ed Deline    17 Jul 22:23

Thanks for the insight Frames, great post. How can you really hope Sergio will win though given the position you have on him? Are you going to trade to a winning position on him over the next couple of days?

Personally I have backed him pre tourney. Now with Pods troubles and Tiger out of the mix it feels like his time at long long long last!


donny osmond    17 Jul 22:25

hope kingston doesnt read your thread, he's a worse finisher than
d1cky green at the best of times, could well hit the lead with
11 or 12 to go 


frames    17 Jul 22:31

If he hits the lead at any time I will be well pleased Donny.
I said on a thread before the start that I would like to see Sergio win it , he really deserves one.Not going to change my mind , I would hope to have all players levelish going into Sunday.


Ed Deline    17 Jul 22:48

Fair enough. That will be quite a feat. It is clear that your method works for you and it will be very interesting to see how you do it over the next few days.


celticgr    17 Jul 23:07

Now the cut has been made would it be a tactic to open a new book,ie this becomes a different race?

I recall an old bookie I knew who whenever there was a photo or stewards who saw it this way,so irrespective of the race result and way the book looked would trade away.With photo finishes these days being so much quicker and on course business so lousy it doesnt work now


lanson    18 Jul 00:02

A good thread and some good books gents.
Frames i fear in the unlikely event that James was leading with three to play he may have to putt it over the bridge at 16!!


trebor    18 Jul 01:12

Great position your in frames, well done, me is struggling to see how you getting such large greens without being red on more, and without a api, me gonna have to play around with figures to see where me going wrong.

anyway day 2 position.

Field +3.8
Westwood +£440
Watson - 6.6k
Furyk -1.6k
Harrington -3.7k
Hanson -2.2k
McDowell -£660
McIlroy -3.2
Kuboya -4.7k


mrtruthful    18 Jul 01:38

fantastic reading !!! thank you


St3ve    18 Jul 01:50

Furyk to win. 65 tomorrow, 66 Sunday.


Chosen®    18 Jul 02:43

Some very impressive positions reported here, none more so than the thread starter. The ups and downs of the weekend are going to be fascinating.

My head tells me that Goosen or Cabrera have the best chances from this position. My heart is with Sergio. My wallet - unfortunately most would say - is with Wall.

Did Tiger speak with reporters? I went to bed.


frames    18 Jul 06:42

Morning all .
He did a quick interview with our Hazel Chosen ,basically said he played well the first 7 and was bang where he wanted to be and his aim was to be under par at the end of play.A few poor swings later and that was that.

Not much has changed overnight ,left a fair few bets in but the market looks exactly the same as it did lastnight to me ,no movers.The plan of attack today is to try and lay all the top 15 or to take out what they win , eg.WW wins me 5k so at the moment I could take around £600 out of him.At current prices I could take around 9/10k out of them but as I said at the start I try to lay the lowest price possible.This is sometimes where I come unstuck and get into a mess ,it`s greed.
I will still post the Field figure during the day and will use the Garcia figure with it ,he is currently a 1.5k loser (I have had a couple of punts since close of play) so if things go well i would hope him to be a 9/10k winner by tonight.
Anyway that is the plan ,whether it happens is another thing.Good luck all .


frames    18 Jul 07:51

lanson ,if he`s still around at 16 tomorrow i won`t be.

Trebor,I have only done this a few times so I will try to explain it as I see it as to why I did not have many reds ,10 max I think where on a normal week it would be 15-20 at the end of day 1.On a normal week if I field 5k at the end of round 1 I have had a decent day in bets taken ( the book might well be a shambles ) this week I was fielding the best part of 13k before a ball had been struck.
I made small notes of when players went red as I thought I might do a detailed report at the end of play -
WW 8-20 am
Garcia 8-26
O`Hair 9-20
Duval 10-0
VJ 12-15
Rory 1-20
Furyk and Pod 2-20.
Those are the only ones I made note of , the thing is by then I was probably fielding 20k and Tiger had finished playing for the day .I could then lay players to take out 20k minimum and they would not go red.It`s a very strange position to be in so I can`t say if it is or is not normal.Tiger has made it very straightforward this week ,how he shot 71 on Thursday in those conditions , must rank as one of his worst rounds ever and a massive stroke of luck for me.
The test is when he starts well to see how much I could reduce the loss to.Not sure if this helps explain , sorry for going on.


scoobytoo    18 Jul 08:23

frames,as many have said a fascinating post .....but what I would be concerned about it giving too much away ???you're obviously very experienced in making your book but I think I fair few on here are maybe thinking "thats the way to do it".
Gl for the rest of the tourney


frames    18 Jul 08:31

I did think about that before starting the thread Scoobytoo but it could just have easily gone pear shaped and I hope evryone considers this.I have got hugely lucky with Tiger ,how many cuts has he missed in majors ?I have shown my basic strategy for these weeks and if it encourages others to have a go then all well and good.The more the merrier for the golf markets.


frames    18 Jul 08:34

ps,did I mention I have a man on every hole ?


jrw    18 Jul 08:40

morning frames


sjp    18 Jul 08:40

Frames - I think you could list every move on here and you'd still not give it away...

My reason - you can't give away balls or experience.


double trouble    18 Jul 08:45

And I dont think many are prepared to sit the lengths you do and stay so focussed. What youre now doing is reaping the rewards of years and years of hard work, and good luck to you. Yes youve been lucky this week but that element will always ebb and flow.


double trouble    18 Jul 08:45

And I dont think many are prepared to sit the lengths you do and stay so focussed. What youre now doing is reaping the rewards of years and years of hard work, and good luck to you. Yes youve been lucky this week but that element will always ebb and flow.


frames    18 Jul 08:46

Morning jrw.
Possibly SJP .Is Tiger out of the way good for you SJP or no difference ?


frames    18 Jul 08:47

Indeed DT , luck is a massive part of each week but over a year less so.


sjp    18 Jul 08:48

Sh1te. Tiger was on my side and with him out of the way a large portion of the margin went too...


A Reasoned View    18 Jul 08:50

frames - a most interesting thread - you certainly seem to know what you are doing - like everything on here find your niche and let the money roll in.


jrw    18 Jul 08:50

frames like ross fisher, what do you think?


frames    18 Jul 08:51

Another thing I should say is we are only half way , it`s good having this position but it still has to turned into a big week and thats never done until late on in round 4.Plenty of time to mess up still.


frames    18 Jul 08:53

Not sure jrw,8/1 the fielld tells you how wide open it is.I am 99% certain he will stay and play regardless of his wife , even though he says differently.Them doctors will have it sorted for a Monday arrival.


jrw    18 Jul 08:56

good luck anyway frames,how much they paying you for a lesson in making a book?


frames    18 Jul 08:59

The pay should ok this week ,I pay them other weeks as you know.Haydock today ?


westy    18 Jul 09:08

Just finished reading the whole thread,great stuff.Going to Bangor on Tue with BWB now theres a book!


Snookerpunter    18 Jul 09:09

Any early weather indications for the rest of the day?


Total Bosman    18 Jul 09:15

Forecast i checked says fairly steady 12-14mph winds coming from the NW throughout the day with gusts up to 30. Showers possible PM but not heavy or sustained.


Snookerpunter    18 Jul 09:24

Cheers TB


jrw    18 Jul 09:24

yes haydock


trebor    18 Jul 09:59

Thanks for the reply frames, tiz certainly an eye opener as have always felt we traded much the same way, but has to accept you far more efficient after this week, I will have to practice on a empty market with some figures this week, err must just remember not to press the confirm button thou!!
I personally got Tiger all wrong this week as he was far and away my best result, but I was always gonna be trading him this week as new we would see every shot he played.
Gonna find it interesting to see what you do over the weekend, I know with your book today I would be pretty much shutting up shop for fear of messing up, althou I admitted to myself a few years ago now that I don't play the later stages of tournaments as well as I do the earlier rounds, I end up taking the bets I would be giving a couple of days earlier as the likley winner becomes more apparent, so last 9 holes on a Sunday I normally do very little.
So now Tigers gone we not gonna get any "what's Tiger gonna shoot today" threds, have to replace them with "how much is frames gonna win this week" threds I guess, good luck.


frames    18 Jul 10:40

Field 51.1
Sergio -1.1
Pod -8.0

So far layed VJ at 15 , now 14 so nothing clever about that.


patches    18 Jul 11:27

How many reds have you now got frames ?


frames    18 Jul 11:31

Field 54.6
Sergio 2.3

Two reds at the moment ,Pod and Stricker.
Layed Kaymer,Fish,Furyk,WW and bits of Calc and old Tom.


patches    18 Jul 11:33



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dlarssonf    18 Jul 11:43

frames do you not fancy vijay at all or is it price you don't like


frames    18 Jul 11:48

Think he was 16.5/17 overnight ,I had him in at 15 .I was always going to lay him but obviously wish I had waited.It`s nothing to do with fancying him or not.


dlarssonf    18 Jul 11:49

okay good luck today


grobmad    18 Jul 11:57

@ Frames

So a tournament like the AT&T were Tiger pretty much didnt get above his start odds was a disaster tournament for you ?

When you normally start out laying The Tiger

well done this week by the way a monster week it looks like


jrw    18 Jul 12:02

think it would have been better for all if tiger had made the cut


frames    18 Jul 12:04

Yes Grobmad , I would have done my boll*x had I played on the event.Luck rears it`s ugly head again.
Would it jrw ?


frames    18 Jul 12:05

Should add I would not have been involved for anywhere near this weeks stakes but would of lost.


jrw    18 Jul 12:06

would have made the betting market better, and would not have won


Chosen®    18 Jul 12:07

Tom available to lay at 38. How many gifts can a man accept in one week?

Good luck all today.


trebor    18 Jul 12:11

It's always interesting when you up stakes, I have pretty much stuck to the same stakes for years now, I am not a gambler at all and don't like / feel rite or make good decisions if I up my stakes too much, feel you got to be prepared in your mind to lose what you put up and traders sometimes arn't, probley why a lot of us are traders really.


frames    18 Jul 12:42

Field 56.4
Sergio 4.2.

This could be a lively 2 hours for me .


Quincy    18 Jul 13:07

Frames, I'm tipping the field @ +100 for you by close of play tonight. GL.


frames    18 Jul 13:36

Field 59.4
Sergio 7.1


frames    18 Jul 14:21

Field 63
Garcia 10.7


frames    18 Jul 15:17

Field 68.2
Sergio 16.

Not that we saw it but that Kingston miss on 4 was a slight sickener.


Total Bosman    18 Jul 16:18

I`m not bored today.


frames    18 Jul 17:02

Field 74.
Tom 6


frames    18 Jul 17:04

I should add it`s 16 bar Tom.


bohemond    18 Jul 17:14

i predict someone from the field will have a chance to win at some stage tomorrow


bohemond    18 Jul 17:16

ie someone off the pace


trebor    18 Jul 17:16

Who is your highest placed "Field" player frames?


frames    18 Jul 17:19

Richard Johnson.Goggin is 64 ,I`m suddenly an Aussie fan.


trebor    18 Jul 17:41

Bet he was'nt running fast enough for you up 16 then


frames    18 Jul 17:46



mcmillions    18 Jul 17:48

im in total aw of how you've established such a great book!!


frames    18 Jul 17:49

Nearly fell off my chair with the eagle attempt.


mcmillions    18 Jul 17:50

any tips on how to achieve it?


frames    18 Jul 17:53

That approach to 18 was very close to a great shot.

Deposit 40k , lay Tiger and go to church.


Lefty Lee    18 Jul 17:57



Total Bosman    18 Jul 18:03

I`d been just about following what your method was until i saw you`d got all your guys to 16 in a few hours without taking on any reds. I have no idea how you did it but very well played.


frames    18 Jul 18:29

Field 77.6
Tom 15.8
Goggin 31.8


frames    18 Jul 18:34

I honestly have no idea myself TB , just gets out of hand when the field money is so big.


Total Bosman    18 Jul 18:41

Certainly been an interesting afternoons trading. Layed WW big when he finished so need good finishes from him and Fish.

Field +10.5
Fish +7
Furyk +4.4

Westwood -9.5


frames    18 Jul 18:44

Nowt wrong with that position from a small risk approach.Fecking brilliant actually.


bohemond    18 Jul 18:55

yes got loads matched lay of wwood at 5.1 as goose had bird putt - best trade of the day


Total Bosman    18 Jul 18:56

Was just typing would be nice to see old Tom finish well, and suddenly...


bohemond    18 Jul 18:56

eagle putt rather


bohemond    18 Jul 18:57

treble double 4 dan marino 


frames    18 Jul 18:58

Cannot believe how he is putting , fairplay to him.


Total Bosman    18 Jul 19:01

He may be old as the hills, but anyone putting like he is can win. Especially when the top 3 in the betting have been known to miss a 4-footer or two under pressure.


frames    18 Jul 19:05

Tom Watson 135.92 £4,565.41 £615,967.71

Tom Watson 91.94 £7,422.28 £682,396.12 £674,973.84

Those are the figures I have for Tom , scares me sometimes.


patg    18 Jul 19:07

Gotta lay that lot off...he can't win. Just like Norman last year.


celticgr    18 Jul 19:07

its possible you could win more than him


frames    18 Jul 19:10

Lay what lot off ? He is currently my worst result.


patg    18 Jul 19:15

Those bets above are lays??



frames    18 Jul 19:16

Sorry , the top one is the backs ,the bottom the lays.


frames    18 Jul 19:17

That`s just about his range.


madlung    18 Jul 19:29

your obviously big time in my eyes.
i have been reading your thread with interest. as more of a punter then a trader myself, i have no idea how u get yourself in such a great position with a field this big.
so let me ask, do you just lay woods or essentially the WHOLE field right from the off, then back accordingly. and just prey woods has a stinker??


ronsk    18 Jul 19:50

I've not traded well today, although have been a bit lucky.... My position as of now, including "+" for those who struggled yesterday!

Westwood +£3398
Garcia +£2002
Fisher +£1226
Daly +£944
Furyk +£892


Goosen -£42
Rest -£297


frames    18 Jul 19:52

I think the thread explains how I have tried to play it , lay Tiger to start and then lay as many players as possible during the tournament.Plenty of backs and lays , a fair few have not worked but a lot have this week.Tiger having a poor first 18 was the undoubted key.


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    patg    18 Jul 19:54

Certainly isn't a long term strategy...lucky this week.

PS Are your figs for real money? (not read full thread obviously)


aziraphale    18 Jul 19:54

frames 18 Jul 19:10

Lay what lot off ? He is currently my worst result.

you've had over 4 and a half grand on at 130s and he could still lose you a packet....


donny osmond    18 Jul 19:54

are you expecting much change tomorrow frames ?


frames    18 Jul 19:56

patg ,correct .

Donny ,I doubt it ,need the wind to blow.


donny osmond    18 Jul 20:01

good luck any way

great thread, more interesting than the golf today 


Top notch    18 Jul 20:06

Great work that frames a £35 on bet on Goggin has made my week can see one of the players on +2 nicking this tomorrow.


Villa    18 Jul 20:31

This is BWB here, what does westy mean "now theres a book ", lol . well done frames and hope u enjoyed your tea!!!!!!!


wee eck    18 Jul 20:50

Frames I admire what you do, you are a great judge of golfers + prices. Regarding Watson have you effectively laid approx. 59000- 2850 watson when he was onetime a much bigger price. Your field money must be hundeds of thousands of pounds. Good luck.


wee eck    18 Jul 20:51

Frames for hundreds of thousands change to tens of thousands.


frames    18 Jul 20:54

Yes Wee Eck that`s it exactly , well explained .I am fielding 78k


frames    18 Jul 21:07

Day 2 summary.

Field 78.2
Tom 16.4
Goggin 26.4
Fish 19.7
WW 19.6
Goosen 19.6
Furyk 20
Cink 20.8.

A crazy day here , taken the best part of 30k in lays and at times I was just pressing buttons and laying for fun.Layed Tom for a grand at 17 on the 4th , thought it was a great bet to lay as everyone was dropping shots on 5 and how can old Tom not join them I thought.That put Tom to a 6k loser and he just kept shortening or so seemed.Turned out to be a bad play but the reasoning was sound ,it stopped me laying the shorter prices after which was the downside.
Took a bowl of soup out of Kingston , the putt we never saw on 4 cost me a fair few quid but had the bonus of Goggin.
Some of the +1`s and 2`s win me fortunes , very hard to see any of them winning but if a couple could get a few early birdies then the lay button will once more get going.I thought if Norman had won last year it would of been the greatest ever sporting achievment , well Tom would top that.Hope he does it but I cannot see it happening.
Hope everyone else had a decent day.


sweetchildofmine    18 Jul 21:09

so frames you are in a win win situation now? nothing can really hurt you?


ronsk    18 Jul 21:10

Day 3 even...


frames    18 Jul 21:17

Even day 3 , head pickled.You look in a decent position Ronsk.

Only I can mess it up from here SCOM ,will play it quietly tomorrow I imagine.


ronsk    18 Jul 21:25

Fancied WW from the minute I saw how well he's striking it, but there's always that nagging doubt with him these days, even though he is palpably playing the best stuff out there. I believe Fish will struggle tomorrow, but the market isn't convinced. Watson surely cannot do it, can he? Goose just can't seem to get over the line and Goggin is a complete unknown really. Can't see too many others that could mount a challenge other than Furyk and perhaps Cink. So all in all, not too bad I guess...

Weirdly my very best result of the week would be an Aiken win as I took some 300/1 each way at the start of the week... It'll not happen though!


trebor    18 Jul 21:28

Well mines easy tonight

Watson -5.3
Rest at +2 or better +4.7k ~ +4.5k

Hope Watson just has a blip early on cos I really would like to see him win it, I stupidly layed him at 12's after he holed that putt on 16, thinking it was the 18th next, I am obviously not up to these long sessions, have got used to 2/3 hour stints.


wee eck    18 Jul 21:30

Frames ,brilliant when it goes right, I imagine it is not always that easy peasy.


sweetchildofmine    18 Jul 21:32

i imagine the A.T and T wasnt plain sailing


bernardwhat    18 Jul 21:33

what is this about??


sweetchildofmine    18 Jul 21:34

you'll have to read from the start sort of had to be there


Total Bosman    18 Jul 21:37

Had a strange day. Didn`t fancy the top 4 in the overnight betting at all and was red on all four when they started. Goosen and Fish went low early on, Westwood hung around all day and only Sergio obliged, meaning i was wrong on 3/4 counts. Layed some more of Goose and Fish around the 5 mark early on to get the average lay down and Fishers bogey on 5 and Goosen`s mess on 7 was much appreciated. So despite my hunch being completely wrong got away with it, could have got messy. Disappointment of the day sticking 600 on Goggin around 30 but panicking and laying it back around the same price, was one to let ride. Will likely square things up before round 4 but at the moment it`s reading:

Fisher +6
Westwood -5
Furyk +3.2
Rest +9.4


sweetchildofmine    18 Jul 21:38

that k's tb?


Total Bosman    18 Jul 21:39



frames    18 Jul 22:01

Correct Wee Eck.


wee eck    18 Jul 22:06

Frames would I correct in thinking that the 1st lay or back or two should come in your favour so that you then have an edge which you try and use to your advantage?


frames    18 Jul 22:08

Not sure what you mean , the first bet on Thursday ?


happyhibee    18 Jul 22:08

Frames been a great read all week hope you win a packet tomorrow 


frames    18 Jul 22:14

Thanks HH.


wee eck    18 Jul 22:16

Frames just as an example say you back 3 players before play starts and then they all start to do well you can then lay them back at shorter prices which I would have thought would give you the nucleus to start cracking away at other players, but conversely if you start badly one might find oneself getting in the brown stuff.


frames    18 Jul 22:20

I do that sometimes but generally I feel uncomfortable backing players , much prefer laying them and trying to make a book.If you lay them you have 4 days to try and do something about it , back them and it could be all over at any given hole.


wee eck    18 Jul 22:23

There is truth in what you say, but laying to virtually 100 % books to my view is offputting.


sweetchildofmine    18 Jul 22:31

eck i believe that fames specialises in benefiting from prices that are to him so obviously incorrect, so the 100% doesnt really affect him


wee eck    18 Jul 22:32

sweetchild, point taken.


grobmad    18 Jul 22:42

well I will give my modest stats too . has been a fine week grinding at almost zero risk taking.

Field + 0,8K
Jaidee +12K
Molder +4K
R.S Johnson +2,5K
Other +2-3Ks like Els Kaymer Rose

Wish we could have "major" activity in here every week 

GL tommorow I will play it safe i guess ...... like frames said a lay u can usely have a chance to get out of during the 4 days
but on sunday a mistake can be expensive and near to impossible to recover from

I will freak out if I blow this profit on the last day do to greed after 30+ hours work so far 


sweetchildofmine    18 Jul 22:43

i know this thread states ''one off'' but it would great to have a similar one every week, with a different trader taking up the responsibility in turn


markymark    18 Jul 23:16

great thread.

And I was pleased with my lay of Tiger on day 1 to win £20!


a bitofinterest    18 Jul 23:20

im willing to take on the baton sweety
but to rather smaller stakes of course



frames 18 Jul 22:20

I do that sometimes but generally I feel uncomfortable backing players , much prefer laying them and trying to make a book.If you lay them you have 4 days to try and do something about it , back them and it could be all over at any given hole.

probably the most sensible golf betting post ever...GL tomorrow frames, an amazing thread....don't overtrade, you're in such an amazing position!


Chosen®    19 Jul 02:13

More good stuff upon my awakening. I've a hunch frames will be having a winning week.

Can't believe Tom is still in front. It's impossible to say that he can't win this now, but I'm convinced he won't - and he is now my worst result. Other bad outcomes are Calc, Furyk, Singh. All in all I'm in a more precarious position than I was at the close yesterday.*

Discounting A. Wall (reasonable, I feel) Cabrera is now my best result - not impossible, but work to do. Goose is second best having played small at the outset, but gave most away while he was messing up the 7th. Didn't see it but the eagle on 17 helps.

Not wanting to hide away from a 'disappeared' thread, it should be noted that two of my 'five' find themselves in serious contention: Furyk & Westwood. If I'm going to get the hat-trick up I hope it's LW. Poulter and Ogilvy long gone.

* no live tv coverage in Australia + in-running not allowed (I occasionally use a proxy to do this, but it's slow).

Great final day on the way. Keep the interesting posts coming - the absence of inane trivia and petty squabbling on this thread is wonderful.


patches    19 Jul 07:13

It just shows reading this ineresting thread how all the big players are in strong positions , everyone one else must be losing badly , I'm level the field with two winners westwood and goosen.


sweetchildofmine    19 Jul 07:26

dont think its a case of the smaller hitters playing badly, but let me paraphrase...erm would you whip out your three inch d!ck next to a guy packing twelve inches? well done to the winners we have enjoyed a terrific masterclass but the smaller guys will be in profit too in their own comfort zones


sweetchildofmine    19 Jul 07:26

not all obviously but you get the point


stewardsenquirey    19 Jul 07:27

I tip my hat to Frames,but as I am sure he will tell you..............Win Big,lose Big.
Many a person wiill have read this thread thinking its all so simple.Frames is well schooled,but still does need luck on his side to a point.
Frames has proved that fortune favours the brave on this Open,but I would hate to predict the amount of people who have read this thread and think laying Tiger makes buying you cash.
While it maybe a year away,I would be interested to learn if Frames plans using the same game plan with Tiger at St.Andrews next year?
As I say,congrates Frames,you had a pair and it paid off.Nice work


Blur    19 Jul 07:29

Frames must have some serious bankroll to play with, laying$1000 shots thousands.

Good to see, would take some balls.


sjp    19 Jul 07:29

Many a person wiill have read this thread thinking its all so simple

I hope so, they are funding my kid's schooling.


sweetchildofmine    19 Jul 07:30

point taken but he admitted i think earlier in the thread that he has been badly stung before by being on the wrong side of tiger


sweetchildofmine    19 Jul 07:31

sjp...harsh but no doubt true 


stewardsenquirey    19 Jul 07:35

Win Big,lose big was the most important statement I made.Not knocking Frames at all.But when he does have a big loss,what wil all the do gooders/ back patters say then ?


Blur    19 Jul 07:37

I'd still say hes a ballsy man, and respect him as a punter because I know what its like


stewardsenquirey    19 Jul 07:38

I agree totally.


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jackc    19 Jul 08:30

I have had a few bets on the golf nearly all dead in the water, can win next to nowt Goosen cleans me out to the tune of 400 hundred.Frames is a proper person who has stacks of betting courage, the best of luck to him.


frames    19 Jul 09:20

sweetchildofmine 19 Jul 07:26
dont think its a case of the smaller hitters playing badly, but let me paraphrase...erm would you whip out your three inch d!ck next to a guy packing twelve inches? well done to the winners we have enjoyed a terrific masterclass but the smaller guys will be in profit too in their own comfort zones

SCOM is correct here ,it`s not how big anyone plays it`s how you play.Everyone has a different approach and all can work on a given week I would think.You should only bet to your own comfort level ,I went well out of mine this week and did say earlier in the week that I had a very poor nights sleep on Wednesday.Nothing clever about that .

stewardsenquirey 19 Jul 07:27
I tip my hat to Frames,but as I am sure he will tell you..............Win Big,lose Big.
Many a person wiill have read this thread thinking its all so simple.Frames is well schooled,but still does need luck on his side to a point.
Frames has proved that fortune favours the brave on this Open,but I would hate to predict the amount of people who have read this thread and think laying Tiger makes buying you cash.
While it maybe a year away,I would be interested to learn if Frames plans using the same game plan with Tiger at St.Andrews next year?
As I say,congrates Frames,you had a pair and it paid off.Nice work

Stewards is also spot on ,I started the thread as I thought it could be interesting to some and I did say from the off it`s all about Tiger for me.I have also said numerous times I have got incredibly lucky this week .You only need to look at Tiger`s record to know this could thread could very easily have gone pear shaped.I have not done this many times ( 3 or 4 I think )and the TIger fast start has not happened , when it does will be the big test to see how much I can reduce the loss.
I went into it thinking 10k was a max loss but in truth I don`t really know.I have posted how I have approached a few majors ,I need a short priced Tiger and a lot of liquidity to use this tactic so it`s only possible 3 or 4 times a season.Whether I try again at the PGA I`m not sure .
As for St.Andrews Stewards a year is a long time in the BF world , it`s ever changing .If Tigers is in good form and he is 6/4 to lay then my guess is I will be at it again.

If this thread does encourage others then good luck to them ,I can only do this because I have the time to and really enjoy the sport.
I have enjoyed the thread ,thanks to all for the encouaging posts.I know in the world of the BF forum this thread would now have a thousand replies if it had gone t*ts up .It`s only numbers with a large heap of luck.

Good luck all for the final day.C`mon Tom.


linwoodboyt    19 Jul 09:29

Frames..forgive my stupidity but is any golfer a negative result at this moment in time?


stewardsenquirey    19 Jul 09:30

Top man Frames,as I say I tip my hat to you(you must have balls of steel)
My only other question would be,and you dont have to answer this if you dont want to.
But say things had gone pear shaped with Tiger in the 1st round(I know you are not one to sit back,and will get yourself out for a loss)
But say you got totally wiped out with your balance,would that be you done for a while gambling(or is it money you can afford to lose)


frames    19 Jul 09:38

Linwood , no losers.

Stewards , you know better than me that to have a chance on here you should only play with money you can afford to lose .I would be back next week regardless.

Current book.
Field 8.29k
Tiger -33.9k
Fisher -31.37k.

That was my opening position on Thursday morning , I had 5k tied up on players so the actual position was Tiger -29k and Fisher is now fav.4 days is a long time for things to change.Although I was standing Tiger for 29k as I have already said I think my max loss was 10k but taht`s an educated guess.


frames    19 Jul 09:47

Blur 19 Jul 07:29
Frames must have some serious bankroll to play with, laying$1000 shots thousands.

Blur I don`t lay 1000 pokes , those lays on Tom Watson only happened because I had backed him at 1000 early on Thursday.


sjp    19 Jul 09:53

Paul Lawrie albatross???

Two in 3/4 weeks?


stewardsenquirey    19 Jul 09:55

Dont panic I am not the taxman,but I take it golf betting is your living,and do you ever bet on any other sports for the size you do on golf?


ronsk    19 Jul 09:55

As Prince would scream... Let's party like it's 1999!!!!!!


Chosen®    19 Jul 09:57

Frames, a question.

You have said many times that you are basically a layer and that laying many players subsequent to your starting position enables your book to evolve. Clearly you have the knack of getting players shorter than they 'should' be or will be at some point after the lay. My question relates to the rationale behind the decision to lay a player at a given time. Of course you must feel that a price is too short, but what is usually the trigger? A bad shot? A difficult hole approaching? Two magpies spotted on the clubhouse roof?



frames    19 Jul 10:18

Stewards , the only other sport I play on is the snooker but not as much as I used to and not for large amounts.

Chosen,I think this laying them shorter than they should be is a myth .I usually only start laying when it goes in-play but this week I had Tiger and Fish layed before the off.I missed out on Mahan and poulter due to there poor starts ,I layed WW as he started at 20+ ,then again after the 1st ,again after the 2nd I think.If I had waited until the 4th I think he was around 8/1 by then , it`s all a guessing game .Two people have to agree the price for it to be matched on here ,I often give what I consider good value because I am desperate to get a player in the book.
Yesterday was a prime example ,Goggins was a big winner and I was laying at around 28-32 on about the 15th hole ,I thought the price was big but I needed him in the book before the dangerous 16th , he makes a bogey there and he is 50+ again.Similar Kingston early on ,100k winner ( never had many of them ) , he puts it close on 4 , the only shot we saw him play all day ,I layed about £150 at 65/70 , if he makes the putt I would of taken at least another £500 out of him , he missed and is now a 100k winner wothout a chance.
Gone on a bit here but I know most of my lays are not bad value to the backer , we are both happy at the moment the bet is made.


jackc    19 Jul 10:18

Chosen, that is the 64 thousand dollar question, What normally happens to most folk is that you lay one or two players and somehow they play like Gods and before you have had time to turn around their prices have shortened to a fraction of what you have laid, on the other hand you back a player or two and they play like drains.


stewardsenquirey    19 Jul 10:44

Thanks for your honesty Frames(you are like the Warick Hunt of the golf forum now,he was a big player on the horse racing forum) I had to point that out incase you thought I was using cockney slang.
My last question
How old ar you?


frames    19 Jul 10:49

45 , happily married ,two sons ,BF has changed my life.Any more ?


frames    19 Jul 10:52

Not sure I am keen on the WarrickHunt cmparison , thought he was the 1.01 backer who liked rubbing the losers noses in it ?


ronsk    19 Jul 10:52

stewardsenquirey 19 Jul 10:44

Thanks for your honesty Frames(you are like the Warick Hunt of the golf forum now,he was a big player on the horse racing forum) I had to point that out incase you thought I was using cockney slang.
My last question
How old ar you?


What ever happened to Warwick? He used to get sooooooo wound-up on the HR Forum; so comical!


stewardsenquirey    19 Jul 10:55

Happy days.
Just make yourself available for question time same time next week(I could be your agent :D)
All the best.


stewardsenquirey    19 Jul 10:57

Word on the street is he got Cleaned out by backing 1.01 shots, even with the fast pics.I cant confirm this for certain.But I have not seen him around for ages.


No chatname specified    19 Jul 10:58

Frames, you say bf has changed your life and your 45. How long have you been a full time player? Did you just jack in your job to do this full time?


Chosen®    19 Jul 10:59

Thanks frames,

Also 45, happily married, no sons, BF has had no discernible impact on my life whatsoever. Blackjack on the other hand...


obeone's mother in law    19 Jul 10:59

my position

Boo Weekly +269.72
The rest -2.72

time for a tense afternoon with this liability


Total Bosman    19 Jul 11:00

Morning chaps. Looks like Lawrie has balanced the books for that albatross. And we were starting to dream. Frames, i`ve found one number i can beat you on- I`ve got another 16 years to work out how you got them all to 16k in about 2 hours.

C`mon Richard S Johnson.


Blur    19 Jul 11:02

How much was this Warwick Hunt guy having on? Do his absolutes did he?


frames    19 Jul 11:10

NCS , as you can see I have been on here 7 years , the first two I played during work ( ran a snooker club ) , by pure chance I dropped on the golf after doing a few quid chasing the dream on the horses.I sold the club at the end of 2004 and have been fulltime on here since.


stewardsenquirey    19 Jul 11:11

I remember one race at Wolverhampton which made the papers,about the in-running patterns.Cost Warwick about £250,000 if memory serves me right.


frames    19 Jul 11:13

If you do work it out let me know TB.


Lefty Lee    19 Jul 11:13

Do you think you could do what you do if you had another job? What I mean is - do you think you could make a good book on Saturday and Sunday only, or do you need to get your positions on the first couple of days?


Alfie Green    19 Jul 11:14

Frames, did you go and play Turnberry to check out the holes?


spangles    19 Jul 11:15

I don't look into the forums a lot since they turned into a kids playground and rarely post but I just wanted to say thanks to frames for starting this thread and the other contributors for making it a must read.
I've always had respect for frames' posts in the golf forum but you've excelled yourself with this thread.
Thanks to all here, I look forward to reading the end results and really hope frames breaks his previous records.


stewardsenquirey    19 Jul 11:16

The good and rare thing about Frames is that he admits when he takes a loss.


Top notch    19 Jul 11:17

I know the title says one off but you should do it for the swedish tournament next week will show the difference when its not a major looking at the field Stenson will start off single figures.


frames    19 Jul 11:19

A great piece on Seve now gents.


stewardsenquirey    19 Jul 11:21

At a guess I would say Frames would struggle to get the turnover on a field when Woods is not included.He has admitted that his book was based around Tiger.


ronsk    19 Jul 11:23

What a legend Seve is, was and always will be!


frames    19 Jul 11:24

Exactly Stewards , I cannot field 12k ( it`s not there if you wanted to anyway ) on one players when its 16`s the field.

Cheers Spangles.


frames    19 Jul 11:25

The bit with the caddy then was brilliant ," I have four to win ? " ,yes but I need you to get down in tow for a bet ,Seve " ok ".


ronsk    19 Jul 11:28

That just about sums the game up back then Frames... Awesome!


frames    19 Jul 11:31

Lefty ,I think it could be possible to make a book with a job.There are some on here who take positions before the start and only tinker with there positions after each round and make it pay.They are very skillful imo.The first round is far and away the most important to me ,I know fairly accurately if it`s a winning or losg week half way through Thursday.

The thread is a "one off " as the title suggests.If I still have the same approach I will try it again at St.Andrews but not before.It would be boring if it was every week.


Super Hans    19 Jul 11:34

Boring for you. But educational for us.


Chosen®    19 Jul 11:34

It would be boring if it was every week.

That's the sort of boring I could live with.


Lefty Lee    19 Jul 11:38

Thanks, Frames.


frames    19 Jul 11:39

Fantastic interview , if he plays next years Open that would be brilliant.


ronsk    19 Jul 11:43

Sam close to tears there...


jackc    19 Jul 11:46

Frames, when you ran your snooker club did you ever come across Alan Hughes?


frames    19 Jul 11:49

No.Saw him on a Sky show years ago , could tell some stories about WT and punting.You know him ?


jackc    19 Jul 11:55

Been best pals for over 50 years, he has now retired but we speak on the tele. most days, he is a good lad


frames    19 Jul 11:57

He made me laugh on that show ,think it was the one Davis hosted ,I`m sure he will remember.


jackc    19 Jul 12:01

Frames, I was referring to Alan but via Alan I met WT many times.


double trouble    19 Jul 12:28

Well done this week frames. I started the week saying we were either side of the fence...I'll be out cutting the lawn this aftenoon my side! LOL. You know how I play it and you know the sort of players I back, so I'm heading for a losing week, though not a bad one, mercifully as I've not got too involved, with by far my worse move being backing Stenson after the 17th yesterday, but thats the gamble. A par on 18 and I would have been in a good possy. As it stands now i'm not having another play, cant see anyone starting over par and winning and god knows out of the leaders. An 'after you claude' afternoon that can only boost your book imo.

Your threads made me look again at how I play this event. It really is so different to any other and its incredible how quickly someone can fall away.

Anyway, very well played mate, and i agree, c'mon Tom!


patg    19 Jul 12:29

frames, you sticking with a gut instinct to lay Fisher today...I think he's a bottler. Sure it was him who skinned a wedge in the water @ 18 in Shanghei then lost playoff to Mickelson.

Played well in US Open until a nasty 3 putt when bang in contention.


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double trouble     19 Jul 12:30
    patg, the thing with Fisher is that he's young and improving in contention, the most likely winner for me, wouldnt back him mind.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 12:40
    Definitely looks like there`s a score to be had today which should make things a bit more fun than a war of attrition. Hard to get a feeling about a winner though.
frames     19 Jul 12:58
    Thanks DT

Patg,today is about levelling everyone off for me , wanta few rags to get involved.No opinion on Fisher.If Tom fails Fisher would be a 2nd best for me.
frames     19 Jul 13:00
    There won`t be much to update today so I will just post the Tom figure or whoever is the worst every hour or so.

Tom 17.05.
HIBS1875     19 Jul 13:02
Chosen®     19 Jul 13:04
    :o :o
Chosen®     19 Jul 13:04
    or even :0 :0
frames     19 Jul 13:05
    Not me old fecking pal Moli , no I know.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 13:05
    Once you take the commission off it was barely worth bothering.
Chosen®     19 Jul 13:11
    This 16 year old is about to usurp Molinari as everyone's default Italian golfer.
trebor     19 Jul 13:14
    Oh has frames been posting these figures without taking the commision off!! and I thought he was doing well??
Jeff Tarango continues     19 Jul 13:19
    Monaco simply not enough power
frames     19 Jul 13:22
    Tom has more power ? Links golf is not power.
Jeff Tarango continues     19 Jul 13:23
    sorry wrong thread :-)
Total Bosman     19 Jul 13:46
    How about a play off between a 59 year old legend and a 16 year old amateur?
ronsk     19 Jul 13:53
    They'll be the fast pics boys then!
frames     19 Jul 13:54
    That would do.

Tom 17.6
frames     19 Jul 14:00
    Hole in one Levet.
frames     19 Jul 14:11
    Tom 19.5.

Layed bits and had 115 on Tom at 8.4 even though I don`t see it as a price.Has to be done sometimes.
double trouble     19 Jul 14:13
    painful that, someone had about 35k on no hole in one
frames     19 Jul 14:21
    Got goosebumps already ,go Tom.
frames     19 Jul 14:37
    Tom 21.6

A bonus grand taken out of Wood.
Super Hans     19 Jul 14:43

Can you explain what you mean when you say a `grand taken out of Wood`?

Did you back him at 1000 and lay at 100?
Or did you just lay him for a grand?

patches     19 Jul 14:44
    Layed him for a grand
frames     19 Jul 14:47
    Yes as Patches said , layed about 50/ I guess,probably nearer £900 but a grand sounds better.A bonus anyway.
patches     19 Jul 14:47
    win a grand lose 55k
Super Hans     19 Jul 14:49

So if you had no more bets from that point. What would your position be if Wood won? About.
frames     19 Jul 14:52
    Wood +33.

Took about £30 out of Leonard at 1000 earlier ,some you win some you don`t.
frames     19 Jul 14:55
    Layed ............. Wood ,some you win........Timing is everything.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 14:55
    This is fun.

Ross 5.3
Westy 4.1
Retief 6.7
Wats 7.1
Furyk 2
Gogg 7
Woods 17.5
Els 7.8
Total Bosman     19 Jul 14:56
    Wood, not Woods.
frames     19 Jul 14:57
    Wood +23 , definately took a grand out of him now.
Justsomeone     19 Jul 14:58
    Wood 12.

All other numbers I won't compare ;)
Chosen®     19 Jul 14:58
    That putt was definitely the end of Watson's challenge. Hat's off to the man, though.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 15:06
    OK Jo, you can pop now.
frames     19 Jul 15:09
    Can we turn the clocks back 40 minutes please.
Super Hans     19 Jul 15:11
    4 days will do me.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 15:20
    Well, we know the kid won`t be named Frosty.
Chosen®     19 Jul 15:26
incaseof     19 Jul 15:27
    TB, this is fun now :)
Total Bosman     19 Jul 15:34
    WW 5.5
Fish 6.7
Goose 7.5
Wats 7.0
Jimbo 6.8
Gogg 8.5
Cink 7.4
Wood 10.6
Ernie 9.0
Boo 13.5
frames     19 Jul 15:35
    Very good TB.

I did say very early in thread that timing is everything , took a grand out of Wood ,40 minutes later I could of took 8 or 9 out of him.

Tom 23.1
Total Bosman     19 Jul 15:37
    Layed Tom big at 6.4
frames     19 Jul 15:39
    WW 22.2 , had to lay a bit of 6/4.
frames     19 Jul 15:42
    Can I turn that clock back again please.
frames     19 Jul 15:53
    Richard with 4 birdies in 5 holes .
Total Bosman     19 Jul 15:55
    Had neglected to mention RSJ +24.2
frames     19 Jul 16:13
    WW 23.2.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 16:14
    Done a little bit of squaring up before the final stretch

Lee 6.6
Fish 7.1
Wats 6.6
Gogg 7.2
Cink 7.7
Wood 10.9
RSJ 24.2
frames     19 Jul 16:18
    I would like Aiky to do an Echenique please.
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Total Bosman     19 Jul 16:22
    Never quite content, are you?
frames     19 Jul 16:24
    He is currently +140 TB , you have to dream.
ronsk     19 Jul 16:31
    Took some 300's prior to the Championship about TA myself Frames, but it aint worth 140k! :(
frames     19 Jul 16:33
    One of them streaky players and we need him to get streaky fo just one hour.
frames     19 Jul 16:34
    Might not matter now.
ronsk     19 Jul 16:38
    Cink would sink my entire weeks work! :(
frames     19 Jul 16:38
    Is this the 3rd week WW hits the front and goes into reverse ?
ronsk     19 Jul 16:43
    Plenty hoping that isn't the case!

1.82 £379
1.83 £426
1.85 £2,479
1.86 £157
1.87 £2,387
1.88 £1,502
1.89 £3,376
1.90 £30,369
1.91 £22,033
1.92 £49,769
1.93 £52,912
1.94 £10,930
1.95 £10,161
1.96 £9,472
1.97 £13,597
1.98 £15,410
1.99 £25,592
frames     19 Jul 16:46
    Indeed.I think MuppetMoans put Wood up in the week.Top shout.
frames     19 Jul 16:46
    Great par.Actually hope he wins now.
frames     19 Jul 16:47
    After Tom that is.
patg     19 Jul 16:48
    My top 2 to win also...c'mon Thomas Sturges Watson
ronsk     19 Jul 16:49
    Think DML is on Wood....
frames     19 Jul 16:50
    Hmmmm Aiky.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 16:51
    Shame about the last, but a sterling effort from Prince Harry.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 16:52
    Can`t resist joining you frames, even if it`s pretty remote...Aiken 16.8
frames     19 Jul 16:53
    Just took some 600ish ,now 155.Birdie on 16 takes some doing.Oh for an eagle on 17.
ronsk     19 Jul 16:53
    ronsk 15 Jul 09:24

The price I see as outragously big with B0yles is Aiken... A 300/1 poke for first 8 places seems ridiculous. Mind you, he is available at 620 on here... Madness!!
frames     19 Jul 16:54
    How dare the BBC show him.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 16:57
    4 under par on 17 this week already.
frames     19 Jul 16:57
    Hope he at least nails the place for you Ronsk but you know better than me what he`s like.
ronsk     19 Jul 16:58
    It's a shot to nothing Frames...
frames     19 Jul 16:58
    The Thursday finish will do.
ronsk     19 Jul 17:07
    Bogey... :(
frames     19 Jul 17:07
    Typical Aiky , next to Moli the most frustrating player for me.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 17:14
    You`ve got to laugh...Cink out to 14 because he`s looking for Molders ball.
Super Hans     19 Jul 17:14
    Out to 16 TB
ronsk     19 Jul 17:19
    Two Ginger's don't make a white Chris!
double trouble     19 Jul 17:24
    He's got your place ronsk, well done mate
ronsk     19 Jul 17:27
    Thanx DT... All about WW for me though!
Total Bosman     19 Jul 17:30
    Anyone fancy 500/1 for RSJ to eagle the last, everyone to finish -1 or worse, and for him to win the playoff? If so SJ`s the bookie for you.
ronsk     19 Jul 17:34
    I'm all over that TB!!!!!
incaseof     19 Jul 17:38
    Now you cant putt it Westwood, a nervous WW with that chip. Oh dear.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 17:43
    59 year old Tom Watson favourite for the open.
bohemond     19 Jul 17:44
    ross may as well have spent the day with his wife
frames     19 Jul 17:47
    The old man is just to clever for them.Go Tom.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 17:48
    59 year old Tom Watson odds on for the open.

That 40k was tempting.
bohemond     19 Jul 17:49
    knob jockey effort from goose
frames     19 Jul 17:50
    I`ll add Goose to the frustration list.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 17:51
frames     19 Jul 17:53
    Please lag them a bit closer Tom.Go Tom.
bohemond     19 Jul 17:56
    cink in back door bird at last very clever as he knew he didnt want to advertise his chance too early
frames     19 Jul 17:57
    Got to say this is some course , not exactly blown a gale has it and Thursday was as easy as it gets and -3 will be enough.Hate to think if it had blown all week ,+8 ?
frames     19 Jul 17:58
    Rollercoaster for Cink supporters , just the two pars on the back 9.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 17:59
    I took a walk round it a few weeks ago and though it looked set for a good one, some mega tough holes but some birdie and eagle chances, perfect. Didn`t think it would be this good though.
patg     19 Jul 18:00
    Current positions on WW, TW and SC frames?

Or are you too busy trading?
Total Bosman     19 Jul 18:01
    3 man play off please.

6.9 WW
6.9 TW
8.4 SC

And yet not even I want SC to win.
frames     19 Jul 18:04
    Played it poorly today until the last hour or so and I should just get a pb.It could of been frightening.

Tom 24.3
Rest 24.2.
frames     19 Jul 18:05
    Oh I forgot ,go Tom.
patg     19 Jul 18:05
    I know if it was me I'd keep trading .... too greedy to stick on one player.

I'm on TW here though
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Utd Fan     19 Jul 18:06
    Well played Frames and good thread
frames     19 Jul 18:06
    To think at around 9-0 am Thursday Tom was a £440k winner.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 18:07
    When you put it like that, you really have traded exceptionally badly.
frames     19 Jul 18:07
    Lol TB , cheers Utd.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 18:11
    I get the feeling TW needs the par here to win. I don`t think he wins in a p/o.
frames     19 Jul 18:13
    He is a wiley old fox.
frames     19 Jul 18:14
    Go Tom , greatest sporting achievement of all time for me if he does it.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 18:15
    I`m glad i`m sitting watching this happen, because the movie will be terrible.
Justsomeone     19 Jul 18:16
    Kevin Costner has the proper age, doesn't he...
grobmad     19 Jul 18:16
    what a dissapointment if he blows it now anywere on the green will do
alun2005     19 Jul 18:17
    Well done Frames a great effort
Total Bosman     19 Jul 18:18
    I`m already casting William H Macy. Who, remarkably, is also 59.
Total Bosman     19 Jul 18:19
    Oh God.
bohemond     19 Jul 18:19
    only 50/50 to up and down that - wwood madness with his first putt
frames     19 Jul 18:20
    Please Tom , stone dead if you can.
patg     19 Jul 18:21
    This is a n/mare shot to leave
grobmad     19 Jul 18:21
    why not make bogey beat Cink in playoff just to rub it in these young guys :-)
Total Bosman     19 Jul 18:22
    Oh God Oh God Oh God.
frames     19 Jul 18:22
    Oh feck.
bohemond     19 Jul 18:22
    oh lee what have u done
spotform     19 Jul 18:23
    The ego has landed
frames     19 Jul 18:24
    Is that for me Walter ?
Total Bosman     19 Jul 18:25
    That was awful.
frames     19 Jul 18:25
    Feel sick , can`t see it now.
Chosen®     19 Jul 18:26
    movie cancelled
bohemond     19 Jul 18:26
    2 yanks to boot
Total Bosman     19 Jul 18:26
    Just making it all the better for the movie.
Super Hans     19 Jul 18:27
    The 500 quid layer at 16 when he thought he was in a bush will be sick.
ronsk     19 Jul 18:36
    This has been a cracking week for many, but not me! :(

My standing in the play-off :-

Watson +£2.80
Cink +£133.22

And to think I was looking at +£4.8k if Westwood had sealed the deal! :(
Jacey     19 Jul 18:39
    me too

+238.63 Cink

level on Tom
Jacey     19 Jul 18:39
    me too

+238.63 Cink

level on Tom
trebor     19 Jul 18:49
    Glad Tom started poorly

4.3k both now

You play of a +20k handicap next year frames
Quincy     19 Jul 18:50
    And I thought I'd made a mess of it today, frames. First bet this morning was to back Cink @ 20, sat on it until half past four and then panicked big time. :(
Total Bosman     19 Jul 18:59
    Righto, final score from me, going to close this on and root for an unlikely Tom comeback.

After commission either will win £7170, beating the `07 Masters for a new pb.
frames     19 Jul 19:04
    Well played TB ,great save Tom.
Chosen®     19 Jul 19:06
    Five shipwrecks committed to the deep. Never in doubt.
frames     19 Jul 19:07
    And you added Tiger to the five Chosen ?
frames     19 Jul 19:08
    All over ,gutted.
frames     19 Jul 19:12
    A sad end.
Chosen®     19 Jul 19:12
    Yes frames; the good ship Tiger was torpedoed after the first league out from land.

Not a fantastic week, but a winning one at least. Can't believe how well Tom played. Links lesson.
double trouble     19 Jul 19:12
    this getting very sad to watch
grobmad     19 Jul 19:13
    I would have paid 5% of my winnings to see him win :-( so sad to watch now
bohemond     19 Jul 19:13
    a painful ending to a gr8 event sad to see -
double trouble     19 Jul 19:14
    no over yet lads, Cink quite liable to implode
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Knight Rider    19 Jul 19:24

yes Hans, still up around £150k for 2009 I think


bohemond    19 Jul 19:25

switched quite a bit of my profit from here to the purple place in a premium charge avoidance bid - so guess play off has helped me out -

always risk making the charge worse tho


spotform    19 Jul 19:26

+50k Cink
+1 quid Watson.


Super Hans    19 Jul 19:27

Very nice KR. Is that just golf or other sports?


Alfie Green    19 Jul 19:27

Sorry to hear that Frames, but 24k is still brilliant. I won 10k starting off today 100k up on Tom, -7k the field.


Knight Rider    19 Jul 19:28

just golf Hans


frames    19 Jul 19:31

How you finished Alfie ?

Fair play to Cink ,very solid 4 holes.Brilliant from Tom though regardless of the last hour.


Knight Rider    19 Jul 19:31

yeah good to see Cink finish in style, rather than jusy winning because Tom blew up


frames    19 Jul 19:31

Forget that , well played Alfie.


Alfie Green    19 Jul 19:32

Well done Tom, big respect, well played Cink too.

+10k up Frames.

Would have won 15k if Tom had won.


the big bossman    19 Jul 19:40

lost 9k all my doing backed tiger for 6k then another 9k lost 55k in last 3 months most on beeting on big football teams playing **** ones. even for the year, got a trapped nerve,started to relsie more to betting 38 years with no life start to bet less made my money house payed for all thanks to golf backing.its getting harder with **** players wining every week bst ones playing ****.


the big bossman    19 Jul 19:41

best ones playing sh8it


donny osmond    19 Jul 19:42

good stuff frames 

and all those that sailed upon this thread


Super Hans    19 Jul 19:44

While all the big hitters are on one thread. Could you tell me what size banks you use to achieve your results?



wilson    19 Jul 19:44

Harrington tipped Cink this morning.


the big bossman    19 Jul 19:45

how did he make plus how up are you on the how much do you lay ie 5k at 4s for westwood if he players well baked him ,lay him etc


Super Hans    19 Jul 19:47


If that is aimed at me. Any chance you could translate to English.



wilson    19 Jul 19:48

And stop drinking ffs


Total Bosman    19 Jul 19:48

Hans - 45k this week. Regular events usually 30-35.


Jeff Tarango continues    19 Jul 19:49

Cant read through the thread - how much did you win, frames


the big bossman    19 Jul 19:49

how much did fames make, how much on yea,r size of bank each week


the big bossman    19 Jul 19:59

how much?


a bitofinterest    19 Jul 20:09

he took a score off me


kennnick    19 Jul 20:10

did frames make 24k ?


Page: Previous 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

    a bitofinterest    19 Jul 20:09

he took a score off me


kennnick    19 Jul 20:10

did frames make 24k ?


frames    19 Jul 20:16

Final summary.

Field 89.9k
Won 24.2k.

A fantastic tournament to watch and what a course,A good job they had decent conditions all week with -2 being enough to get in a playoff.Fair play to Cink in the end he played brilliantly in the playoff even though he was virtually gifted it.Tom was the real hero and this week will be talked about for an awful long time.
Onto todays play from me ,I basically got near enough the minimum possible , the only good play was a lay of Goggin on the 15th tee.My timing with lays of Wood and Westwood were poor to say the least but it`s impossible to guess them all right.3/10 for todays performance.
Obviously a fantastic week overall but ( don`t want to sound cocky here ) it really was easy after Thursday morning and Tiger.Hugely lucky as I have said a fair few times on the thread and I think overall I played the week steadily even though the end result was brilliant.I have played the game better and lost believe me.

I have enjoyed doing the thread and thank all for the contributions , most seem to have had a decent week.The only downer on the week for me was the the money I lost taking the 1.6 that Spotform ( aka Walter Mitty ) would appear on Thursday having a snide pop.The 33/1 outsider Sunday winning that market.

It`s been a good week , good luck for the remainder of the season.


double trouble    19 Jul 20:25

Well done frames


dlarssonf    19 Jul 20:28

well done frames, excellent work and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Baggers    19 Jul 20:28

Good reading Frames , I was too busy to bet large but nicked a nifty today by backing Wood @ 180

You and SJP may have some new competition by advertising the way to do it

I expect a double page spread in the NOTW next week but don't use those photos 


frames    19 Jul 20:33

SJP hopes so .Don`t mind at all if it changes peoples approach and thinking but you cannot get away from the luck factor.This thread carries a wealth warning if it all goes pear shaped next time .


DONEMYLOT    19 Jul 20:41

well done frames, tremendous honesty no doubt aided and abetted by the early depareture of teh jolly. could have gonew rong with the early start on Thursday, but you held out. My point of view, so near yet so far with Woody, but as most laughed when I tipped him in December, I feel rightly proud of my winnings!

Excellent reading, even though it is only numbers !

Can we come back now please ?


double trouble    19 Jul 20:43

i dont think anyone laughed at all


DONEMYLOT    19 Jul 20:44

No more than backing Licky!  Gl tonight mate!


double trouble    19 Jul 20:44

no radios doing my head in


DONEMYLOT    19 Jul 20:47

its on in 13 mins, bruv


double trouble    19 Jul 20:48

not looking good, missed two makables and now in the rough 


plainlazy    19 Jul 20:51

well done frames.makes my £77 look laughable...i m only playing with a bank of £500 at the moment.woefully inadequate for the golf ..but ok for the horses..and im winning about 300 a week on them at the moment...trying to make sure i have no disasters


Eddie the eagle    19 Jul 20:55

Well done frames ! I've been busy the last few days , so I haven't read the whole thread. Will probably do it tomorrow.


frames    19 Jul 21:00

You know what I think about the horses Archie but 300 a week is very good.
Any good this week Eddie ?


lanson    19 Jul 21:05

Well done frames and many others for their contribution to this thread.Not difficult to say the best thread of the week


Alfie Green    19 Jul 21:19

Yes, best thread of the week, no squabbling and some genuine insights here. Well done Frames, great win and great thread.


Eddie the eagle    19 Jul 21:25

Yes , it worked out perfectly in the end with Cink. I had him for a 100 k win before the last round and a few others in contention for 5 - 40 k and level on the field. I adjusted positions when Watson was playing the 18th so was 20 k green on Watson and 66 k on Cink going into the playoff. Fortunately the playoff worked out fine from the first hole so I did nothing during the playoff.


frames    19 Jul 21:28

Fair play Eddie ,well played.


Don No1    19 Jul 21:49

Good work frames, enjoy the PC on that 


the big bossman    19 Jul 22:05

can you post your bets cant get my head around laying always comes back ****ed me


the big bossman    19 Jul 22:06

how much up this year please


incaseof    19 Jul 22:09

I believe frames is below 250 markets?

Excellent thread, enjoyed it...Good work!


frames    19 Jul 22:09

I`d rather not say Bossman.If I posted every lay/back it would not help you and would take up an awful lot of space.


the big bossman    19 Jul 22:14

thanks anyway well done


a bitofinterest    19 Jul 22:14

like 2 peas in a pod


Steeplechasing    20 Jul 00:14

Congrats frames on a great result and a great thread.


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Knight Rider    20 Jul 00:31

Just got back £10k thanks to BVP.

Does anyone else find that sometimes you've had a losing day, but if you had a decent win in your last bet you go to bed happy? 


double trouble    20 Jul 00:32

LOL, w/d KR, but no is the answer


Chosen®    20 Jul 03:45

I was at various po
Report Lucky Sod July 13, 2010 5:30 PM BST
double trouble    20 Jul 00:32

LOL, w/d KR, but no is the answer


Chosen®    20 Jul 03:45

I was at various points in a bit of trouble, initially with the 'five' and later with Tom. Some success in two/three balls. Final result + AUD190.70. It feels like being reborn.

An informative thread, as it promised to be from the start. Well done to all the big winners; better luck next week for the rest of us.


trebor    20 Jul 16:39

One final question if I can frames, how much did you back / lay over the 4 days? and well done on the final figure as well.


frames    20 Jul 17:22

Can I find the answer in "My Account " ?


trebor    20 Jul 17:43

yes tis in Betting profit and loss, then click on market and tells you at bottom how much you backed and layed, I was a bit supprissed how small mine was cos thought I had worked harder than I had, mine was Backed £29,628 and layed £34,136.


frames    20 Jul 17:56

I did look there but the figures make no sense to me , they do arrive at the final p/l though.
Back subtotal -11,807
Lay subtotal 36,053.

But I was fielding just short of 90k so those figures mean nothing , perhaps yours are the same.
Did you end up at 4.3 and how do you think you played it Trebor ?


frames    20 Jul 17:57

I did post somewhere in the thread my running total of backs and lays but not sure when.


sjp    20 Jul 18:06

Use 'download to spreadsheet' on the P/L page. THat gives you all bets and you can simply sum them all up...


frames    20 Jul 18:11

Got it ,cheers.Sorry Trebor you will have to guess.Any good in the end SJP ?


trebor    20 Jul 18:17

Yes unless I am misreading my figs as well that would be it, thought yours would be many times more than mine but can see how as you said yours is more laying compared to my lay and back.
As for how it went I was trying to work out what sort of book I would have ended up with if I had done as you did and layed Tiger big rite from the start, bearing in mind "big" for me probably would have been about 2000 for 5000 liability, and as it turned out I got about 1600 out of Tiger when I started laying him on the 10th or so second round, he was my biggest winner when he started to blow up, so maybe cost me 400 looking at it like that, but will try to play out different scenarios next few days to see advantages of your way of doing things.
My advantage was that Tiger was never a loser for me, but then he never was for you after about the 3rd hole either.
Been an interesting thred thou and food for thought, always prefer this type of thred to trying to find the winner threds


trebor    20 Jul 18:18

sjp... should they not add up to those totals on first page thou?


frames    20 Jul 18:22

I would guess for my 90 the field I would of layed around 140`s worth and backed 50`s worth , a fair bit of that was before the off though.


Eddie the eagle    20 Jul 18:23

No trebor , those figures only tell you what you won/lost on all your backs and what you won/lost on all your lays.


trebor    20 Jul 18:27

Oh rite thanks, I thought it did'nt seem enough, doh!


sjp    20 Jul 18:31

OK frames. Was decidedly average until I found out this afternoon that they settled top 5 wrongly.


hacker    20 Jul 18:58

Hi Frames really enjoyed this thread and welldone on the end result.It makes a nice change for someone to give an honest review on how they traded an event..which will help me in my own trading...goodluck and thanks..


drumgroove    20 Jul 19:30

A great thread and a great profit frames, back to reality this week with a tenth of the liqiudity hey. I hope i'm wrong but I din't think it will be long before betfair re locate the goal posts to include those who have cut down on market numbers back in the PC net.


Alfie Green    20 Jul 19:35

A very interesting and informative thread with many insightful contributions. I got lucky in that I basically started off in the opposite fashion to Frames by backing Tiger big for me , about 5k at 3.7, but after watching the dross he was producing, I bailed fortuitously at just about the last opportunity I could get my stake back at 3.7. I think he was halfway through the first round.

From then on, I really struggled to read the numerous players as they came through, I guess in retrospect Watson, Westwood and Fisher were always big threats in my mind.

I rated Watson's chances heavily as I knew his previous experience in links golf was crucial. I felt that Westwood and Fisher were too short throughout, never more so than Fisher at 2.2 and Westwood at 1.83 early in the final round.

I feel sorry for Westwood, his bunker shot on the 18th was the shot of the tournament, his long game is peerless, he is just pedestrian around the greens sadly.

Fisher, who knows, he was so unlucky to find that spot of rough, he may well have gone on to win but I suspect there were still many twists and turns.

I won 10k essentially because I backed Watson on a hunch at huge prices and then kept topping up on him safe in the knowledge that I could let him go for no loss even with a couple of mistakes.

Sunday morning, my book read

Watson +100k
Goggin +12k
Goosen +2k

Field -7k

I also had about seven snipers who each could win me about 30k with a late run, people like Jaidee, Molder, Aitken etc. coming from 6 off the pace.

I sold about 50k of Watson before the start at 8.0 to equalise the book. I figured I had Goggin and Goosen to protect Watson.

Watsons's start nearly did for me but he fought his way back in.

5 hrs of furious trading later, I stood to win 13500 Watson and 11500 Cink prior to the playoff.

I decided to back Watson with 1500 of my Cink's profits and the rest is history.


Alfie Green    20 Jul 19:58

I should add that I elevated my Watson position overnight to +100k because he was available to back at 9 and I thought I could back him to sell at 8 the next day which is what happened.

The thread illustrates that its all about how you read the game, you need some luck, it looked like Westwood's tournament until he put it in the bunker on the last par 3, lots of twists and turns.

As someone else noted, its irrelevant knowing what trades were done, you can play it well and lose. This week, I was lucky.


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Report Lucky Sod July 13, 2010 5:33 PM BST
makes it feel like the old days with some of those forum names
Report frames July 13, 2010 5:56 PM BST
Thanks Lucky Sod.SJP has not been seen on here for a long time.
Report Mighty Whites 2008 July 13, 2010 6:37 PM BST
just read through last years thread a great read.

Look forward to this years with anticipation
Report Back High Lay Low July 14, 2010 1:38 AM BST
Did you have that saved Lucky Sod or is there some place old threads can be dug up?
Report Lucky Sod July 14, 2010 5:13 AM BST
I had it saved, to try and learn how other people approached golf betting.
Report Back High Lay Low July 14, 2010 7:18 AM BST
ta, i was hoping the old forum was living on somewhere in cyberspace.
Report a bitofinterest July 18, 2010 10:47 PM BST
Report donny osmond July 16, 2012 8:00 PM BST
Report a bitofinterest July 16, 2012 8:19 PM BST
whatever happened to "old thicko" Blush
Report denno July 17, 2012 6:34 AM BST
Fascinating reading.
Report donny osmond July 16, 2013 12:09 PM BST
Report donny osmond July 18, 2014 7:03 PM BST
old favourite

hows everyone doing this year ?
Report frames July 18, 2014 7:24 PM BST
Rory -3.9
Sergio -3.7
Dustin -4
Adam -2.7
Fowler -5.2
Charl -4.1
Louis -3
Furyk -6

Field 21
Moore +17
George +65 Gutted about the ease in conditions but had a cracking day 2 after a truly awful day 1.Will be happy with a small loss.
Report Lucky Sod July 18, 2014 7:28 PM BST
Good to see some of the old forum nick namesExcited
Report a bitofinterest July 18, 2014 11:56 PM BST
you can almost smell the committee naked group hug sunday afternoon on frames allotment

me and Donny will be there Blush
Report Chosen® July 19, 2014 6:51 AM BST
"George +65 Gutted about the ease in conditions ..."

Indeed, Georgy boy had me briefly dreaming. Then Rory and the weather went and spoiled the weekend's fun somewhat. Even the rearranged draw is in his favour--no discernible adv/disadv with respect to the times, and arguably less moving day pressure by not hanging around while the field comes at you. Nothing against the man--he's supremely talented and a genuinely nice guy: I just wish he'd win by one shot and not ten!
Good to see that you still find it worthwhile to trade, frames.
Report xmoneyx July 19, 2014 7:08 AM BST
yeah weather forecast sucked

an Rory gets earlier time today

who can save ya?
Report Total Bosman July 19, 2014 9:08 AM BST
Bad luck there Frames, I kinda got caught with a George position along with a few others - hate it when someone roars clear and kills your good positions on other guys going well, it always seems to feel worse than actually watching your guys chuck it. 

Think the -5s still have a good chance as if Rory chucks in one of his bad ones it's wide open.  Price on Coetzee and Warren looks tasty, although they're already two of my better results.
Report frames July 19, 2014 9:37 AM BST
Took a chance backfired big time ,to think George is 140 now and I could of layed mid 20's.Thought he might be overnight leader.I also backed a few other early finishers.How you looking overall so far ?
Report Total Bosman July 19, 2014 9:46 AM BST
OK, I kind of rescued things by laying Adam big at 10 as the birdies were starting to drop.  Got a good position on Dustin and a few others around the -5 mark, a predictable loss on Rory but nothing too disastrous.  All fairly so-so, just hoping for a competitive weekend.
Report xmoneyx July 19, 2014 1:59 PM BST
is position worse?
Report frames July 19, 2014 4:00 PM BST
Rory +1.4
Rickie -1.1
Sergio -8.1
Dustin +4.

Cracking day.
Report frames July 19, 2014 4:02 PM BST
A lot down to Ed Mol ,Lowry,Coetzee and Furyk.
Report donny osmond July 19, 2014 4:05 PM BST
well done

Report xmoneyx July 19, 2014 4:08 PM BST
nice recovery
Report donny osmond June 17, 2019 11:29 PM BST
looks like the thread is lost, but somebody saved it onto here ...

think so anyway...

Report Catch Me ifyoucan June 17, 2019 11:32 PM BST
tia Devil
Report frames June 18, 2019 9:02 AM BST
Cheers Donny ,easier to skip through on this.As TB said on the other thread an awful lot of regular posters back then now gone.BF have done a good job of decimating the exchange to promote the sports book.
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